Domenica, Dic 2021
Ciao Mondo 3!
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Ancora polemiche su Assassin's Creed e le DX10.1

Riportiamo un'articolo apparso su HardOCP e ci limitiamo a riportarlo per intero e ci asteniamo al momento da qualunque commento a tal rigaurdo:

Kyle’s note: We think we have done our homework here and don’t see any reason for DX10.1 support to be taken away from Radeon 3800 series owners. This is the first time we have seen the ATI Radeon 3870 benefit from the heavily marketed DX10.1 support. To simply take that away is a travesty and we think that Ubisoft should at least leave the choice up to the end user. Obviously you don’t have to patch the game, so Ubisoft can’t really take it away from you, but don’t expect continued support for the DX10.1 version of the game, at least not for the time being. And that time being is very likely till NVIDIA gets its own DX10.1 GPU considering it has a reported US$4,000,000.00 in deals invested with Ubisoft at the moment. Time will tell.



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