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Items Not Allowed on Whynotad

Items we do not allow on Whynotad


Or various reasons the following goods / items are NOT allowed on Whynotad:


Goods prohibited by general laws

Adult only goods and or services

No pornography, adult videos/DVDs or adult sex toys are allowed on Whynotad.

No ads offering prostitution/escort services.



We do not allow any alcohol to be sold directly on Whynotad.


Prescription Drugs / Botox

We do not allow prescription drugs to be advertised on Whynotad.


Counterfeit, replica and trademarked items

Counterfeits, unauthorised replicas, such as counterfeit watches, handbags, or other accessories or

unauthorised copies, such as copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television

programmes, or photographs are not permitted on Whynotad. Unauthorised copies include but not limiting to

copies that are pirated, duplicated, and backed-up. Remember that it is illegal to sell unauthorised copies of

such goods and media.


General guideline: If the product you're selling has a name or logo of a company, but it was not made or

endorsed by that company, do not post it on Whynotad.


Drugs and drug paraphernalia

We do not allow drugs banned under legislation, or any paraphernalia.


Endangered or protected animals or animal parts

The sale of animals that are protected species are not allowed on Whynotad. We also don’t accept the sale of

any animal parts, whether a protected species or not.


Stolen goods and items

The sale of stolen property on our site is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to assist police and local

authorities in any matter we see that involves fraud or theft or law breaking.


Tobacco and tobacco products

The sale of cigarettes, cigars or loose tobacco is not allowed on Whynotad.


Used underwear


Used underwear (briefs, knickers, thongs, boxer shorts, nappies etc) is not allowed on Whynotad.


Weapons and Knives

No weapons or knives can be sold on Whynotad.


We also reserve the right to remove any ad that we feel is not fitting to the Whynotad site.