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Do’s and Don’ts

General do’s and don’t’s relating to ALL categories.




Keep it family-safe

We like to keep things family safe, so post family-safe content. If your ad has content which you wouldn't be

comfortable viewing at work or with family members present, then it probably isn't appropriate.


Post in the most relevant category and sub-category

Please choose carefully the category and subcategory that fits closely to your ad. People want to search and

find what they’re looking for by browsing within the categories, so posting your ad in the correct category

will increase the chances of your ad being seen and responded to. All categories have a subcategory with

either “Other” or “Miscellaneous” for good and or services that you are sure do not fit with the current category



Write in English

On Whynotad we ask users to post in English.


We have country specific sites for free classifieds in the following countries:


Canada - Free Ads Canada (English and French)


United Kingdom and Ireland - Free Ads United Kingdom (English Only)


Australia - Free Ads Australia (English Only)


Denmark - Gratis Annoncer Danmark (Danish)

Norway - Gratis Annonser Norge (Norwegian)

Sweden - Gratis Annonser Sverige (Swedish)


Poland – Reklama Gratis (Polish)


China - Free Ads China (Chinese)

India - Free Ads India (English)




No duplicate ads

Only 1 ad per item / job / flat / service in one category is allowed. Don’t re-word your ad and post it in multiple

categories. We do not allow duplicate content ads or titles.


Title and Description

Do not put your websites address, phone number or your email address in the title of your ad. Users who do this

will have the ads deleted and will be prevented from using the site. Users can enter this information in the body

text “description” of the ad, as long as it is not considered spam or spammy. Making ads look good is a quality

experience for the Whynotad users and this we consider as beneficial as well as increasing your ads response



No links to other websites

Your ad should contain all of the information and details a reader needs to know, so there’s no need for you to

send them elsewhere to view more information. If you would like to include a single website then we allow this

in the text “description” of the ad, formatted as


Your ad can:


use as much space as you like

edit your ads at anytime

include photos

include contact information


No keyword spam


Users who post ads that we consider spam or spammy or that have lots of irrelevant phrases or words will be

deleted and the user blocked. Whynotad does not allow keyword spammers because it makes searching for and

reading ads very frustrating.


No ads for items on the 'not allowed' list

There are some items we do not allow users to post on Whynotad. See the 'items not allowed' list.


No offensive/ adult language or images

Whynotad is a family-safe site. Ads reported to us as offensive or of an 'adult' nature will be removed and the

user will be blocked.


No discrimination terms

Whynotad is a family-safe site. We do not allow users to use discrimination words, terms, either offensively or

generally. Do not ask for ladies only to work in a bar. Do not post jobs or ads that are gender specific in such a