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Ad Posting Problems

In most cases if you post an ad it will be live within about 90 seconds. Sometimes the moderators will send ads

for checking and this process may take up to 7 hours for ads to go live. If you do not see your ad after 8 hours,

please email us as there may be a problem.


Whynotad reserves the right to delete any ads that are not in compliance with our ad posting rules, or ads that

are not family-safe or ads that are considered spam or spammy in the content of the ad.


If your ad has been removed from site, it is generally because we considered it a breach of the Whynotad rules.

This includes but not limiting to: non family-safe, porn or porn photos, spam, or spammy content, posting

duplicate ads, posting ads in the wrong category, or wrong category specific rules.


Please check out our posting rules section to see where you may have gone wrong.


Look below for some of our top questions and help topics in relation to posting problems.