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Mini jaw crusher is a crusher concept which is opposite to large scale crushing plants. It is welcomed with similar capabilities such as low power consumption, uncomplicated maintenance and installation. Mini jaw crusher is extensively applied in small rocks crushing method, little quarry processing and tiny stone breaking stages. Jaw crushers are ideal machines for secondary and tertiary application in quarrying, mining, recycling, infrastructure and construction. Our company’s mobile tracked and semi-mobile jaw crushers are designed to crush millions of tons of rubble annually including: coal, aggregate, sand, construction and demolition, waste, mine ore, blasted rock and river gravel. Our mobile jaw crusher is a heavy duty, track mounted, jaw crusher that is ideal for operators demanding high production rates and excellent reduction ratios for smaller compact operations. It is perfect for contractor, recycling and quarry applications. It features the powerful single toggle jaw crusher. The extended main conveyor can be raised or lowered, making it the ideal solutions for rebar clearance in recycling applications.Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make Fote Heavy Machinery become the exporting base of jaw breaker, jaw breaker and famous grinding equipment in China. What Hongxing has done is for the clients and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market. The other kind of mobile jaw crusher is powered by a 200kW engine and features the powerful single toggle jaw crusher. It utilizes the latest technology, including finite element techniques to minimize stress levels within the frame itself. The machine is equipped with a magnet, natural fines conveyor and remote control as standard. The semi-mobile jaw crusher is fitted with jaw level sensor, speed wheel on the main conveyor and engine load control system, which allows the machine to monitor and regulate its own feed, resulting in a continuous and uninterrupted crushing process and ultimately higher productivity. All our company’s mobile jaw crushers are heavy duty, track mounted, jaw crushers that are suitable for operators demanding high performance matched with reliability and ease of operation. They are the machines of choice whether it is recycling, quarrying or aggregate production.   jaw crusher machine:
Indirect heat dryer is widely used in industries like the building materials, metallurgy, chemical engineering and cement to dry limestone slag, coal powder, slag and clay. Indirect heat dryer is made up of rotary part, raising board, driving device, supporting device and seal ring, and the dryer is with reasonable structure, well-produced, high yield, low energy consumption, easy operation, etc. The slime dryer, chicken manure dryer is the direct heat dryer,what is different of indirect heat transfer dryer? Henan Fote,a professional dryer manufacturers serve it for you. Operating principle of dryer of direct heat transfer is the hot air directly contact to materials eventually actualized rapidly drying, the problem is that hot air mixed with impurities such as dust, and it does not meet the requirements of the high purity materials,indirect heat dryer arise at the historic moment. Indirect heat dryer, as its name suggests, hot air and material indirectly contact,thus avoid pollution. Common indirect heat dryer is of sleeve form:hot air flow in the annular space leaving the heat on the inner cylinder wall,then the wall transfer heat to materials so that achieve function of drying. The hallmark of this technique is that hot air temperature is relatively low, the required drying time is long,and drying efficiency is not high compared to the direct. However, precisely because of the special working mode lead to the relatively small mechanical loss,good insulation effect,low air temperature and long serve time of the equipment.Unsurprisingly it is loved by customers once it was launched. The indirect heat dryer has compact and simple structure and reasonable composition which increases the heat exchange rate between the materials and the heat energy and realizes good drying effect. The little basic investment reduces the one-time input. It works reliably with low energy consumption and high heat efficiency. In the mean time, it’s easy to realize automation control, reduce labor staff and save labor resource.   fluorite ore dryer:
The industrial dryer with many types like slag dryer, triple drum dryer, river sand dryer and rotary dryer is usually used in the industries of ore processing, metallurgy, construction and road repairing. The industrial dryer can be used to dry materials with certain humidity or with certain particle size in the industries of ore processing, metallurgy, construction and chemical engineering. Now, people’s life is good, and have extra money for investment, many people choose investment inindustrial drying machine, Fote Machinery remind you that there are risks of investment, do not blindly follow the trend. Not only slime dryer need safe production, sawdust dryer, manure dryer, sawdust dryer dryers and other equipment also belonging to large machinery, they also focus on safe production target, but also focus on environmental protection object. Because the work page dryer, and are based on the rotation and heat exchange, temperature and air pressure inside the cylinder huge explosion caused by improper operation dryer is what is likely to happen. So, dryer manufacturers in the time of manufacture, each of which must be in strict accordance with the standards of production, you know, a small part may cause major accidents; customers to buy the dryer needs to increase the maintenance of the dryer in the production process maintenance, identify problems and timely correction, the most important is the production process in the dryer, the dryer always pay attention to the operation of the major components and ancillary equipment. Investment is a risky action, before you invest in industrial drying machine,you must consider the necessity of investment, the proportion between cost and profit,to ensure the normal operation of the whole upstream and downstream. If you have considered well, Fote Machinery specialized in the R & D and production of drying machine including industrial dryer, fly ash dryer and sawdust dryer, etc.   clay drying machine:
The crawler type mobile crusher as a high efficient mobile crushing station is more advanced than the traditional jaw crusher and the ordinary mobile crusher. The crawler type mobile crusher can work under any circumstance at any position of the work site, which reduces the labor for handling materials and makes it easy for all accessory machines to cooperate with each other. Through the wireless remote control, users can drive the crusher onto the trailer and then transport it to the work place. The crawler type mobile crusher needs no installation and allocation time, so it can start to work immediately once it comes to the work site, which removes the limit of the coarse and fine crushing processes. The main characteristics of the crawler type mobile crusher are: 1.The engine of the crusher can be armed with the military low temperature pre-heating starter which will makes it easy for the crusher to start up in cold weather with the temperature below 25 C°. 2.The crusher is equipped with the large pulling torque featuring high driven power and reliability. 3.Its walking system adopts the total power variable open hydraulic system which features good performance and can make full use of the engine’s power. 4.The imported service guiding operation system makes the crusher not only easy to be operated and controlled, but also to realize the infinite speed change walking. When we design the crawler type mobile crusher, we put customers’ benefit in the first place and think of the removal of problems caused by the crushing site, environment and complex foundation arrangement as the primary task. We aim to provide users with simple, efficient and low cost project operating hardware facilities.   wheel mobile screening plant:
With the development trends of coal slime dryer, there will be some second hand coal slime dryer, and their prices are various from each other. When buying a secondhand dryer, customers should pay more attention to the quality rather than the price. We know slime dryer is use of the principle of thermal equilibrium which require tightness space, but how to deal with it when having a gas leakage of long-running slime dryers? The most concerned problem to customers include the influence on the thermal efficiency and the phenomenon of Leakage. Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd answer it for you. First, the air leakage of slime dryer and its impact Hot air doors, hood, cylinder of slime dryer are prone to have leakage, leading fuel consumption increases, not to mention air temperature. If do not solve the leakage in time, you will not only wast more fuel, increase CO emissions resulting the chimney pipe condensation, but also reduce thermal efficiency affecting the quality of the finished slime. Second, the reason of air leakage 1,leakage of the feed end : it is the most common cause of the leakage for dryer slime: a. Caliber of feeders and the feed end does not match. b. Seals between the feed end and the feeder badly worn with the long working. c. sealing device of the feed end burns by high temperature cylinder and cracks. d. Overabundance feeding clogs the feed end. 2, cylinder leakage: cylinder barrel weld of slime dryer is a common leakage way mainly caused by not standard welding. 3, the leakage of discharge end a. discharge excessive at discharge end b. precipitator is corrosion lead leakage occurs   industrial drying equipment:
Metal crusher with motor drives the rotor, the basic principle of extrusion its core principle is to use a hammer hit the basic principle of feeding mouth with filter type conveyor belt, under the drive of high speed high torque motor, the rotor of the host of the hammer head struck into the chamber should be broken by turns, through the space formed between the plate and the hammer head, to be broken apart into accord with specifications of the broken objects.Metal crusher according to the working condition of crusher, can be divided into dry type system, wet type system and half wet type system. And the features of scrap metal crusher mchine are as follows: 1, large torque, high yield, no manic, resistant to wear, etc. 2, scrap metal crusher mchine can to sharply reduce chip processing of iron filings volume. 3 chip, horizontal double roller crusher can make the chip drying, briquetting, smelting, and broken, in the early period of the chemical fire prevention materials handling and pneumatic conveying becomes easy. 4, scrap metal crusher mchine has big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, and the advantages of small discharge granularity 5, electrical machine drive device is equipped with safety protection, which can effectively prevent accidental failures result in equipment damage. 6, the chip can be continuous feeding, also can be intermittent feeding.7, the use of horizontal chip mill, convenient and the subsequent processing chip, effectively reduce the volume of chip, saving storage space. Most of the metal in the world can be recycled, metal production scale of developed countries and developing countries is very large. At present, utilization of scrap metal is paid more and more attention to. In our daily life, scrap iron, cable, paint bucket, ring-pull can and old sheet-iron all can be recycled and reused after being crushed and screened by metal crusher. Hence, metal crushing machine is widely used in recycling scrap metal. And we also have other mining machines, such as stone crusher plant, granite crusher and sawdust rotary dryer, hammering machine and so on. If you have any other question or have an interest on our product ,you can write to us:   shale ceramsite production machine:
Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine high moisture content of desulfurization gypsum can be pressed into the ball, do not add any adhesives, purity guaranteed, direct forming, into a ball high strength, Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine is suitable for all kinds of transportation, reduce packaging costs, improve product transportation ability; After forming of desulfurization gypsum into put after the mill don't glue grinding, such as impact mill production problems; Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine has compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process, low energy consumption, low failure rate, but do you know How does Gypsum Briquetting Machine Prolong Lifetime? Pressed into pellets of between 20-80 - mm in diameter, and the percent of pass is 85%, the compressive strength of 30 n, pellets formed process of desulfurization gypsum belongs to the material of products, its chemical composition and the wet desulfurization gypsum powder are exactly the same, change is not just some of its physical properties, such as the liquidity of pellets desulfurization gypsum is very good, it won't happen again adhesion and plugging material, easy to transport and the application of the cement production process. Therefore, the successful development of the spherical desulfurization gypsum for desulfurization gypsum in cement production application opens a new route. Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine has compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process, low energy consumption, low fault rate and main roller part adopts high quality alloy steel material (patent), greatly improving the wear resistance and withstand voltage ability, make the Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine has long service life. And we also have other mining machines, such as stone crusher plant, ceramsite sand production line, granite crusher and hammering machine and so on. If you have any other question or have an interest on our product ,you can write to us:   mineral powder ball press machine:
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