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  1, the machining process of ring Imports of bearing inner ring and outer ring processing varies according to the difference of the raw materials or blank forms, including car before machining process can be divided into the following three, the whole process is: the bar    stock or tube (some bar need to the forging, annealing, normalizing) - car processing, heat treatment, grinding, grinding or polishing parts - final inspection - rust - storage - (it can be set of assembly) 2, steel processing Imported bearing steel ball processing also varies according to the status of raw materials, with sharp cutting or ball in front of the process, can be divided into the following three, before the heat treatment process, and can be    divided into the following two kinds, the whole process is: bar or wire cold blunt (some bar after cold blunt still need band and annealing),TIMKEN Roller Bearing sharp cutting, coarse grinding, hard or soft grinding ball - heat treatment - grinding, fine    grinding, lapping and grinding - final inspection group - rust, packaging, warehousing < to sets of assembly >. 3, roller machining process Roller processing varies according to the difference of the raw materials, including heat treatment process can be divided into the following two, before the whole process is: stick the skip processing or wire cold heading after string    band and soft grinding, heat treatment, series of soft point, coarse grinding, coarse grinding diameter end - the end face grinding, fine grinding diameter - end mill diameter - final inspection group - rust, packaging, warehousing (sets    of assembly). 4, imported bearing cage machining process Imported bearing cage machining process according to the difference of the design and raw materials, can be divided into the following two categories: (1), sheet to shear to cutting, stamping, shaping and finishing to pickling or shot peening or string light, final inspection to rust, packaging, warehousing (it can be set of assembly) (2), entity cage processing: processing of solid cage, varies according to the difference of the raw materials or bad MAO, the car before the processing can be divided into the following four kinds of blank type, the whole process is:    bar, pipe material, forging, casting, car inner diameter, outside diameter, end face, chamfering, drilling (or pull holes, boring), pickling, final inspection, anti-rust, packaging, warehousing < to sets of assembly >.        
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Energy-saving ball mill for sale: Energy-saving ball mill has made a great improvement in the structure compared to the traditional ones. Its cylinder and supporting fame compose an integral system, thus when it is being fixed, Energy-saving ball mill will be hung on the foundation once. Equipped with double-tiered centripetal roller bearing, its power consumption will be reduced by 30%. The intrinsic grill pattern forcing discharge is replaced by overall pattern controlling discharge, which enhances the fineness of final product, and meanwhile increase the capacity by 15-20%. The characteristics of the ball mill is low speed, large capacity and because the movement of the raw material and the liner plate, depends the characteristics of the ball mill, then there are some ask for the rolling bearing: 1:the use year of the rolling bearing should keep same with the ball mill, at least 8 years. 2:the rolling bearing should be the automatic self-aligning bearing,and compensation axial and radial beat ball mill produced drift angle main journal. The working principle:when the oil pump motor have some wrong, even the oil tank of the oil pump stop working, but the oil tank have the oil left, the oil can keep the ball mill working when the worker can give maintenance to the ball mill,even the maintenance time longer, basicly, the ball mill can working normally. Cone ball mill with a certain velocity, so that powder generated during grinding can be taken promptly airflow, do not spray the following hongxing 1000°C. In addition, based on the amount of water spray into the grinding clinker temperature dependent, accounting for about 1% to 2% of the amount of cement, and make the water completely evaporated sprayed into the mill, the ball mill structure is simple because the rugged, reliable operation, easy maintenance management, energy long-term continuous operation, the material adaptability, large crushing ratio (up to 300 or more) and large production capacity, they are able to meet the needs of modern large-scale industrial production. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing of coal mill, flotation concentrator and other commonly used mining equipment, welcome to visit and cooperate with us. Good luck! stirring tub:
Henan Hongxing hydraulic cone crusher is produced based on absorbing advanced foreign technology, with world-level technology. Its hydraulic discharging port adjusting for coarse, medium, fine and extra-fine crushing on each crusher, being an ideal equipment for quarries and rock crushing. As a support of national infrastructural construction, crushers have won great reputation and attention in mining machinery. It has been an important emission to produce energy-saving and environment-protection crusher machines in crusher industry. Henan Hongxing, professional crusher machine manufacturer in China, has successfully produced SC energy-saving compound cone crusher. It has promotes green development in crusher industry with excellent quality and high efficiency. As for the readily-processed tailings, diversified functioned crusher machines are needed. Henan Hongxing SC compound cone crusher is of the features of reliable structure, high working efficiency, convenient adjustment and economic application. Spring lock device provides stable crushing force and iron release protection. The mounting faces of moving and static gear plates are subjected to finish machining, and fillers are not used, so that their replacements are convenient and quick. Also, each model has four cavity types for coarse, medium, fine and extra fine crushing. Generally speaking, iron ores whose grade is less than 50% can be extracted irons only after being crushed, grinded, magnetic separated, flotation and gravity flotation. Since the equipment investment, production fees, power consumption and steel consumption are very large in the crushing and grinding in the process of iron ore beneficiation, quality of the crushing and grinding machines play a vital role, which determines the economic interests of the concentrating mill. SC compound cone crusher is widely used in mining industry, cement industry, construction, metallurgy, road-building and chemical industry. It is suitable to crush hard and medium-hard rocks, like, iron ore, limestone, copper ore, quartz stone, granite, sandstone, etc.. Crusher machine enterprises should improve and perfect cone crushers. At the same time, they should also research and develop more new crushing equipment with the characteristics of energy saving, environment protection and high efficiency. At the present, Hongxing mining machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of teeth roll crusher, hammer crusher machine and free service for assembling various kinds of production line. jaw crushing plant:
The purpose of the refractory lining is to insulate the steel shell from the high temperatures inside the Rotary Kiln, and to protect it from the corrosive properties of the process material. It may consist of refractory bricks or cast refractory concrete, or may be absent in zones of the rotary kiln that are below around 250C. The refractory selected depends upon the temperature inside the rotary kiln and the chemical nature of the material being processed. In some processes, such as Cement Kiln , the refractory life is prolonged by maintaining a coating of the processed material on the refractory surface. Feed the limestone and fuels into the lime kiln, after preheating up to 850℃, the limestone and fuels begin to decompose, when the temperature reaches up to 1200℃, calcination is complete. After cooling, the lime products will be sent out. This is the lime production. Different Rotary Kiln shapes have different ways of preheating, calcining and cooling. Although their process principles are the same, such as the raw materials quality, lime quality and consumption etc, these equipment values have a very great distinction. If you want more information, welcome to consult us ans we are wholeheartedly at your service. Rotary kilns started to be used for lime manufacture at the start of the 20th century and now account for a large proportion of new installations. The early use of simple Rotary Kilns had the advantages that a much wider range of limestone size could be used, from fines upwards, and undesirable elements such as sulfur can be removed. Hydraulic couplings are also used in some fan applications where speed control is required. Hydraulic couplings are not used as much due to their size and inefficient characteristics. The simplest drive components are belt drive systems. Belt drive systems are used mainly on fans and screw conveyors; however, direct coupling the motor to the unit will reduce the rotary kiln maintenance. The modern way of control is to use a variable speed drive. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing of raw material mill, rotary cement kiln and other commonly used mining equipment, welcome to visit and cooperate with us. Good luck! clinker rotary kiln:
The Rotary Kiln produced by us consists of Rotary Kiln cylinder, transmission device, riding wheel and catch wheel bearing set, kiln head and kiln end sealing, kiln head hood and the combustion appratus. It is aslo widely in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, environmental protection industries. We can design the whole cement production line, including making the clinker from crushing, powder concentration, calcinating of raw material and milling by Cement Mill and packing. During the whole process, there will be cyclone for dust collecting. The rotary kiln tyre works under great force and high temperature . Therefore, the machine has serious requirement on oil . Now , we choose synthetic lubricating oil as the carrier of HF-high temperature tyre lubricant , this kind of oil is lower than 100℃, its viscosity is above 100 centistoke , and flash point is higher than 320℃. At the same time , we choose composite high-temperature lubricate grease with dropping points more than 300℃. Cement kiln refers to the revolving clinker calcining kiln, which is a crucial equipment when producing high quality cement in the cement factory. It is composed of cylinder, supporting roller and foundation devices, Race Ring and Flange, Gear ring and Flange, Shifting Wheel Device, Movable kiln head, Sealed device of kiln tail, Burner Barrel and etc. Our Lime Kiln features in,convenient and reliable control of the production process, less wearing parts, high rates of operation, The Lime kiln also has strong structure, stable operation, low energy consumption, high-quality products,large capability from the kiln and so on advantages, we can also offer advanced efficient shaft preheater, five grade Cyclone Preheater. Actually , the choices of Rotary kiln Tyre’s maintenance work should based on practical situation , different types of rotary kiln equipment have different choices on lubricant , their maintenance also have different advantages and disadvantages . The above are only several methods , if you want more detailed information , please contact with our Website service , We wholeheartedly at your service. At the present, Hongxing mining machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of ore rotary kiln, complete equipment for cement plant and free service for assembling various kinds of production line. cement machinery:
    Mining enterprise should introduce the mature technology and production and then build the domestic brands with independent intellectual property rights on the basis of independent research. Nowadays, the latter way is the trend of domestic mining industry. The series screen machine works in a re-circulating network with ball mill, which can upgrade the fineness of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Its efficiency is twice that of spiral classifier. It adopts the high frequency and low amplitude vibration for the processing of powder in coal, metallurgy, electricity, construction and chemical industry. In 20 century, people cannot satisfy with the simple screening machine, they need some machines which can screen the material itself, so where is a will, there is a way, the vibrating screen is spring up, we are a leading manufacture of that, there are two kinds included, the series vibrating screen. The series vibrating screen adopt a new style of eccentric block which can produce great force make the screen frame vibrating so screening the material on the screen machinery, it is soft connection, easy to repair and during, it can equip 1~4 deck on one machine in this way there will be five kinds of final products. Main parts including screen frame, vibrating device, supporting device and transmission device. The large heavy duty vibrating screen have set the standard on most primary screening and scalping applications through exceptional reliability and high productivity in the toughest industrial environments. The adjustable counterweights of vibrating screen ensure optimal stroke for each application. The patented counter weights also help the Superking screen to keep its composure during start-ups and shutdowns. The vibrating screen are capable of a wide variety of applications from heavy duty scalping behind large primary crushers to final sizing down to 4 mm.With one of the largest and most modern facilities, we also offer installation, commissioning, spares, reconditioning and after sales service, plus the capability to supply the right unit for any type of inquiry. At the present, Hongxing mining machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of vibrating screens, vibrating screens and free service for assembling various kinds of production line. high frequency mineral screen:
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