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Sawdust dryer is also called wood chip dryer, wood dryer or dryer for sawdust, which is designed for drying wood chips, sawdust, wood powder and wood particles, so it is also called wood sawdust dryer. After being dried by the sawdust dryers, the dried sawdust can be used to produce biomass fuel such as wood pellet, etc. Rotary sawdust dryer has the features high drying ability, and the wet sawdust in the rotary dryer is mixed with the hot air sufficiently by lifting plates, and make the heat exchange sufficiently, compact structure, short drying time, covering small area, easy for installation and maintence, large pcocessing capacity and high thermal efficiency. Sawdust dryer for sale mainly includes the screw conveyor, hopper , feeder, sawdust dryers, induced draft fan, air duct tube, hot ait furnace, electric control box, etc. The key equipments of the sawdust dryers system is the dryer machine which mainly consist of a big round drum. On the inner wall of the drum, there are many lifting boards in certain angle. The motor and gear makes the sawdust dryers rotating slowly, meantime, the sawdust and hot air mix sufficiently under the function of the lifting boards. Finally the moisture in the wet sawdust is evaporated into water vapour. The working principle of the rotary dryer is to use high temperature air to dry the wet sawdust fastly. In a short time, the moisture in the wet sawdust is heated and evaporated into water vapour. Under the function of the high pressure draft fan, the water vapour goes out of the sawdust dryers in time. Another important part of the sawdust dryers system is the hot air furnace. The fuel for the hot air furnace can be waste wood, coal, diesel, natural gas, etc. The clients can select the suitable fuel according to the local situation. If you are interested in dry mining equipment, you can visit Hongxing Machinery:   rotary drum dryer:
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