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10to00 hour rule to And where that came from isotherm studied professional athletes to world class musicianstochess grand masters to All of this ultra competitive folks in ultra-high performing fields to And he tried to figure out how long does it take to get to the top of those kinds of fields to And what he found isotherm more deliberate practice to the more time that those individuals spend practicing the elements of whatever it is that they dote the more time you spendtothe better you ghetto And the folks at the tippy top of their fields put in around 10to000 hours of practice to Now to we were talking about the game of telephone a little bit earlier to Here's what happened to an author by the name of Malcolm Glad well wrote a book in 2007 called"Outliersto The Story of Success “to and the central piece of that book was the 10to000 hour rule to Practice a lot to practice welltoand you will do extremely well to you will reach the top of your field to Soto the message to what Dort Ericsson was actually saying into it takes 10to000 hours to get at the top of an ultra competitive field in a very narrow subjecttothat's what that means to But here's what happenedtoever since Outliers came outdo immediately came outtoreached the top of best seller lists to Addium stayed there for three solid months to All of a sudden the 10to000 hour rule was everywhere to And a society-wide game of telephone started to be played to So this message to it takes 10to000 hours to reach the top of an ultra competitive field to became too it takes 10to000 hours to become an expert at something to which became too it takes.  
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