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Guelph, Oct 10th; Vrinda Inc. releases a new product; the trackless folding gate. It is being released in late October in Ontario, Canada.   The company's goal is to help customers by reducing the installation time and make it easier to install for maximum satisfaction. The trackless folding gate is described as a trackless gate that folds one side it is made of steel and has a hard core. It is good for residential, commercial, industrial applications and retail store fronts local community places and hallways. The gates are used by manufacturing and warehouse facilities, retail and distribution centers, education and health care institutions and in homes and offices. By installing this product you could increase safety and security in your building without sacrificing visibility, ventilation and access.   Folding Gates were installed before by either top and/or bottom tracks increased installation time and a required a skilled person to perform the job. The new trackless folding gate by Vrinda Inc. is mounted with just the help of hinges. No obstructing track or fittings required for installation of these folding gate for simple application. The folding gate will collapse and fold in the side. The folding gate closes to 15% of its opening size! It requires minimum time (less than 30 minutes) and effort; it delivers highest security and satisfaction. The gate can be mounted directly on any type of window and door frames, to lock left or right. When expanded this folding gate provides a lockable barrier in closed position. This folding gate locks with slam type lock specially designed for this application. This trackless folding security gate stands up to four seasons of weather, shrugging off blistering heat, icy cold, snow and rain. This folding gate won't be harmed by harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners. These folding gates are made of powder coated 13MM X 13MM square tubing and heavy duty aluminum rivets. This folding gate feature folds away easily on the back at 180 degrees. These trackless folding security gates can be installed virtually anywhere and any way you need it, including inside door jambs, outside door jambs, between posts or bollards, attached to pallet racks, between walls and even on windows. When not in use, these folding gates store out of sight. They can be made to fit uncommon sizes. In late October the trackless folding gate designed by engineers at Vrinda Inc. will be released for the North American market. The price of this product varies from 150 to 500 dollars depending upon the opening size and. Vrinda Inc. stocks sizes of expandable folding gate for immediate applications and delivery to their valued customers. This type of folding gate comes in black and white colours. This quality product will be available at a competitive price in the market.   For more information about the new Trackless Folding Security Gate, please visit or contact Chirag Shah at 1-877-874-6321.
Management PractisesSubasi Security Services believe management is important in successful services delivery to our clients. Client communication is critical in the process.Subasi Security services believe that client feedback is critical to establish whether the delivery of service is up to expectations .Our managementCommunicate with our client on a weekly basis even if there are no issues to attend to.Subasi Security Services are ready and able to liaise with our clients any 24 hours a day .The security industry requires 24 Hour commitment.Subasi Security Services Site Management Process.·         Regular Client Communication via our management or Supervisors·         Reporting of Incidents via log book, fax, e-mail·         Constant Site Supervision·         Ongoing Training / site Specific training·         Officer evaluation (compliance to KPI,S)·         Service evaluation·         Management / Supervisors available 24 hours a day for all our client's needs.Management StructureSubasi security Services Have a simple management structure. This enables the company to give efficient personalised services, make the right decision without losing focus, because of our own bureaucratic processes which is a problem other Companies have.1.          Managing Director2.          Operations Managers3.          Financial Controller4.          Field Supervisors5.          S.S.S  operatives Subasi security Services Pty. Ltd Subasi Security Services employs Female and Male trained and uniformed security operatives.SELECTION PROCESSSubasi Security services use an eight (8) step recuitment process in the selection Of casual personnel and the development of permanent personnel.Should the applicant fail any of the steps they are immediately not considered or if appointed have failed the initial three month probationary development period.Subasi security Services Recruitment and Development Stages.(1)    Basic phone Interview to establish basic requirements & Communication Skills(2)   Completion of application form(3)   First Interview with Subasi Security Services Supervisor(4)   Second Interview with operations manager & S.S.S. Supervisor(5)   Appointment - Induction(6)   Assigned to casual jobs under constant supervision(7)   Three (3) month probationary performance evaluation(8)   Ready for appointment to permanent site We Provide:·         Incident reporting via fax, e-mail, mail and phone·         Incident follow-ups, tracking and investigations·         Written documentation and recommendations·         Written policies and proceduresSubasi Security Services provides services for all types of security needs which vary from client to client. Subasi Security Services is able to provide the following Subasi Security Services.o   Retail Centres                                          o   CCTV Monitoringo   Industrial & Construction Sites             o   Loss Preventiono   Mine Site Security                                o     Bank Securityo   Venue Protection/Crowd Control        o   Private Functionso   Concierge  /reception                          o    Gatehouse Dutieso   High Rise Complexes                              o   Hospital Security Please Contact Ismet on 0431540753
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