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  We all know that ball mill, which can also be called ball grinder, ball mill grinder, is the most widely used. The main part of these ball mills is a cylinder rotating slowly and inside the cylinder, there are grinding media. As ball mills have such advantages of simple and solid structure, reliable operation, simple maintenance and management, ability to run for long time, strong adaptability to materials, big crushing ratio and high production capacity, they can satisfy the needs for modernized and large-scale industrial production. And if you want to improve efficiency of ball mill grinder, you need to ensure proper cylinder speed, make raw materials and grinding medium form falling movement. Too slow speed makes centrifugal force and the friction force small, and grinding body cannot follow up the cylinder wall, it is impossible to form into the falling movement. On the other hand, too fast the speed will make big centrifugal force and the frictional force, the grinding medium turns against the cylinder wall, also can’t form falling movement. There is no collision for raw material from grinding medium, and only grinding effect, and efficiency is lower, so too slow or too fast the speed of cylinder is not desirable. What's more, need to select the appropriate lining and grinding media. The lining has the two roles, one is to protect the cylinder not to be worn, on the other hand to prevent the material from contacting with the iron and avoid material contamination. Use more general wear and rules of the lining to ensure durable. While increasing the effective volume of the formulation, on the premise of the same feed volume, You should choose high density, high hardness, reasonable grinding body size ratio to shorten the milling time, while reducing the wear rate of grinding.   Contact Phone Number:+86-371-67833161   disk granulator:
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