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As a leading briquette machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Fote Machinery’s quick lime dry powder briquetting machine has been a famous brand on the market. The reason why our lime briquetting machine has been popular among customers for years is that Fote equipment possesses six unique structure designs. Today our experts will share these advantages of our lime briquette machines with you: The forming rolls of Fote lime briquetting machine adopts the latest embedding structure which makes users complete the installation and replacement work in only less than three hours. This design also helps to cut out the troublesome dismantling process of the components like press rolls, thus saving much production cost, transportation expense, labor and time. The roller surface of the machine is made of premier alloy steel through complete quenching treatment, so it owns high hardness, strength, wear resistance and long service life. The feeder of the briquette machine adopts the mechanical briar dressing device and high wear resistance lining plate in order to solve the bridging problem resulted from piling materials at the feeder corner. There is an adjustment board installing at the feeding port which can adjust the feeding quantity of the raw materials. This design guarantees the briquetting and compression ratio within a proper range. Our quick lime dry powder briquetting machine can make products with different shapes and types which are smooth and easy to be separated from the mold. Fote quick lime dry powder briquetting machine is pressurized by a hydraulic cylinder inside which there is an energy accumulator that can guarantee the standard briquetting pressure value and working safety. If you are interested, you can have a field visit or just visit our official website:   briquette machine manufacturer and supplier: briquette machines:
Fote Heavy Machinery, located in the Central China, is a professional mining machinery manufacturer and supplier with the biomass briquette machines like wood pellet machine as its star product. We have been successful in developing many series of biomass briquette machines. In the low carbon economy age, all industries and departments are struggling to transform their research and development paths from the traditional types to the new green or environmental friendly ones, so are the biomass briquette mill manufacturers which have taken the responsibility of environment protection and economic growth at the same time. The biomass briquette machine has much to do with many other departments in different industries such as biomass fuel production and pellet fertilizer production etc. In order to realize the sustainable development of the above departments, the biomass briquette machine industry has made much contribution to promote the green development concept. We can see that the biomass briquette production line has become the representative and role model of the other industries. Compared with other pellet machine or briquette machines, the biomass briquette mills own higher pelletizing rate, higher yield, more uniform grains, more reliable formation, low energy consumption, simpler structure and more convenient maintenance. It is a high efficient pellet machine which not only realize energy saving and environment protection, but also takes little wear and maintaining expense. It is the real green machine on the modern market. If you are interested in our biomass briquette machine, visit our official website: We’d like to provide you with high quality biomass briquette machines and service!   Fote Heavy Machinery: briquette machine:
If the biomass briquette machine industry wants to make a difference in the long term, it should find out effective ways to solve the development issues: talent problem, brand effect problem and technology problem. 1.Technology problem We all know that the biomass briquette machine industry is a combination of machinery design and making, wood pellet processing study, electric control system design and software development etc. The technology development has become the most difficult problem for the entire industry. Compared with large scale companies with long operating history and rich research and development experience, new biomass briquette machine manufacturers will be harder to find inroads into the market with advanced technologies in a short time. 2.Talent problem The talent problem must be paid attention to in the biomass briquette machine. Only through long time training, a company can get enough skillful production staff and qualified professionals. For the briquette machine manufacturing industry, the shortage of talents who own high research and development technology and advanced maintaining ability has become a serious industrial problem that needs solving urgently. 3.Brand effect problem Brand effect in the biomass briquette machine industry also needs people attention. The brand represents many factors of a company including sales status, product quality, maintenance technology, management service and market network etc. There exists a big gap in different pellet mill brands, so to change a brand will take extra cost. Most customers are quite loyal to the product brand they are used to applying, so new biomass briquette machine investors will feel hard to expand their market. This forms the brand effect dilemma in the biomass briquette machine industry. You can visit our official website for more information:   biomass briquette machine industry:
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