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After years' exploration in mining industry, the technology of flotation has been more and more professional. According to the changing of market conditions, Hongxing brand flotation cells has been changed from single cell type to open flow type to meet modern requirements. Flotation cells is mainly used for mineral separation of the non-ferrous metal like copper ore, zinc ore, lead ore, nickel ore, gold ore, etc. It can be also used for the rough concentration and selected concentration of ferrous metal ore and nonmetallic ore. Hongxing flotation machine is designed on the basis of principle. It is an ideal self-inspiratory mechanical agitation type flotation machine.  The machine has the following features: inspiratory capacity is relatively stable; solid particles suspend better, Impeller installation is shallow depth, Stator has long life, Liquid surface is balance and high Sorting Efficiency. It is composed of the dosed double section cones and it can produce strong slurry cycle downward; capacity of air suction is large, the power consumption is low; With the development of mining industry, investors present various requirements of the features of flotation machine. Now there are many kinds of flotation machines, such as agitator flotation machine, pneumatic flotation machine and pneumatic- agitator flotation machine.  And different mineral ores have different hydrophilicity, so the final configurations greatly depend on the professional designs. On the one hand, the machine inhaled enough air mixed with slurry, on the other hand, stirring the mixture of pulp and pharmaceutical. At the Hongxing time, refinement of the bubble, the particles adhere to the bubbles on the role of reagents and float to the slurry surface. So it the formation of mineralized froth layer and scraped by the scraper. Tank gas three functions of air suction, slurry suction and flotation simultaneously being unique in flotation return circuit; Circuit change is convenient for horizontal position without need for any supplementary equipment; slurry cycle is rational, the settlement of coarse sand can be reduced into full play. Regulation is convenient to equip auto and electro-controlling arrangements for slurry level.   ore processing plant:
Material from the upper part of the machine vertical fall into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, high-speed centrifugal force , and another part of the umbrella form of triage in the material of the impeller around high-speed impact and crush the material after the impact each other again in the impeller and to the material between the chassis the formation of vortex repeatedly hit each other, friction and grinding, straight from the lower part of the discharge, the formation of the closed-loop recycled many times, finished granularity reach the required screening device control.stone production line' align='left' width='320' /> Reduce stone crusher plant cost, savings construction cost. And it configuration impact sand maker's greatest feature is the ability to be shaped sand and gravel In addition to sand-making functions, let procreative machine-made sand Uniform particle size, grain shape is good, with reasonable level, in line with national standards for construction sand.The fundamental goal for the design of a crushing plant is an installation that meets the required production requirements, operates at competitive cost, complies with today’s tough environmental regulations, and can be built at a reasonable price despite the rising costs of equipment, energy and construction labor. Design criteria's are also the kind of crusher feeding (direct dumping, apron feeder, pre screening) and the kind of equalizing of material flow for conveyor transport (internal steel or concrete bin under the crusher, discharge conveyor with external bin). The crushing plantdesign capacities ranges form 3600 t/h to 8800 t/h according to customer's requirements. Generally the achievable capacity will be determined by rock strength properties, material and product grain size distribution. Ideally, the consultant combines his knowledge and experience with an understanding of all parties’ needs, to provide a balanced, workable, safe and economic plant design.   crushing and screening line:
When combined into a closed circuit with the third generation air classifier, the grinding plant equipment enhance drastically the plant performances, even for modernization or up-grading projects. Grinding equipment from Industrial Solutions is used in the minerals & mining industry throughout the world. The reasons for this are low operating costs, robust design and outstanding availability, even when grinding extremely abrasive materials. Our wide range of different mill types offers the right system for every job. The design is energy efficient due to the basic operating principle whereby the rotating rolls compress the feed and achieve breakage through inter particle compaction. The Hongxing HRC takes HPGR technology to the next level by providing a simple design that offers increased availability, component longevity, ease of maintenance, circuit capacity and safety. High Pressure Grinding Roll has been acclaimed as one of the most energy efficient mining solution when used in the right application. Fuel handling and delivery to the hongxing Systems is achieved using high reliability Systems. From mechanical equipment to complete turnkey supply, including upstream and downstream packages, Fives designs, supplies and manages the whole project to meet Client's satisfaction. Uneconomical plant components can then be shut down, slashing operating and maintenance expenses. The mill feed material can be dry or moist. If necessary, the material can be predried. When the polycom is used solely for grinding granulated blast furnace slag with a high moisture content, the drying can be carried out in a separate. The pressed material can be fed directly to a given size ball mill, making it possible to increase the throughput of a given size ball mill and reduce the specific power consumption of the whole mill system. At the present, Hongxing Machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of barite grinding mill, raymond mill and free service for assembling various kinds of production line. Send us an email into for more details? high strength grinding mill:
Because of the high efficiency of milling and low heat generation, the solids will not be exposed to high temperatures. For extremely heat sensitive products, cooling jackets can be provided on the mill cylinder. Solids are sealed and contained inside the mill, protecting the environment and operators. Scale up from small to large mills is very predictable. Ceramic ball mill is one of the few unit operations that actual improve in performance and efficiency with increasing size. The ceramic ball mil is the Hongxing as the product mill and can replicate all mill operating parameters but with very little product. Ceramic ball mil have been used for decades to grind and mix materials used in the ceramic industry. Hongxing's heavy duty ball milling machines enable very precise milling, in porcelain jars, even for relatively tough materials, wet or dry. Hongxing ball mills have a compact design that is ideal for small-scale production and is constructed using powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability.Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make Hongxing Machinery become the exporting base of rod grinder mill, grinding rod mill and famous grinding equipment in China. Interested in our products? Send us an email into for more details? Ceramic ball mil jars need to be heavy and thick to withstand use. They are expensive, a 1 gallon jar typically costs about $100 US. These jars are not easy to make. They must have a water tight lid. A jar must be a true cylinder or it won't rotate without jumping on the rack. Jars are not glazed on the inside. Lighter duty jars are best made by casting a low shrinkage porcelain, heavy duty ones must be made using some type of turning process that produces an accurately vertical and round sidewall. It would be extremely difficult or maybe impossible to dry and fire a suitable thick jar made by throwing a cylinder shape from a plastic porcelain. Plastic jars are an option for studio use.   coal mill:
Stone production line is widely used in the stones factory, mining, metallurgy, building materials, road , railway , water conservancy , chemical and wait until the department . Production capacity to 50 - 500t / h, the particle size of the finished product can be combined and graded according to the different needs of users . In recent years, with the country's infrastructure continues to develop, concrete use sand demand proliferate, as the existing natural sand resources almost exhausted and short of non-renewable, Therefore, machine-made sand's status of engineering is becoming increasingly important, become an important source of sand for construction. But relevant data show, there are still many problems in China's current production and application of machine-made sand, hindered the popularize and apply of concrete with artificial-sand, especially in large-scale, focusing on engineering.  A strong belief in the European Directives of environmental respect, according to the location where the firm stands, leaded us to invest resources in order to develop new technologies about the recovery and recycling of demolished materials, about the dehydration of sludges and the contaminated grounds' processing. These can include the owner’s engineering staff, safety personnel, operations and maintenance personnel, equipment manufacturers, and the engineering consultant. According to the different technical requirements, the various types of equipment combinations, can produce a different particle size of sand and gravel. Stone production line working close to the excavation site onto the working bench. After drilling and blasting the shovel excavator and the crushing plant travel to the blasted heap. The shovel loads the material into a hopper. An apron feeder transfers the material into the crushing machine. One or two short discharge conveyor transport the crushed material directly onto the shiftable bench conveyor or to mobile transfer converyor.   crushing equipment:
Slag dryer or slag drying equipment belongs to rotary dryer. It is widely used in a variety of materials drying operations. As reliable operation, convenient operation, strong adaptability, large capacity, it is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mining industries. distillers' grains dryer is suitable for drying granular materials in general. It can also be mixed with some materials by drying sticky paste materials or materials with higher water content. It is commonly used in dry sand, slag, coal, animal waste and so on. Slag drying system mainly consists of the rotating slag dryer, high-speed breakup equipment, lifting plate, self-cleaning device, gear transimission device, hot air furnace, reducer machine, supporting device, sealing device, air duct system, dust cyclone separator,etc. Performance Characteristics of Slag Dryer 1. This dryer machine in the design in order to achieve the best drying effect, use downstream dry mode, and the material and heat flow is composed of the same side into the drying equipment, slag dryer outlet temperature is low, high thermal efficiency. 2. A new generation of slag dryer equipment use new feed and discharge device, to eliminate the slag drying equipment feed jams, discontinuous, uneven return product wait for a phenomenon, to reduce the dust removal equipment load. 3. Slag drying equipment in the internal structure to realize innovation, strengthen the already scattered material cleaning and heat conduction effect, thoroughly solved the cylinder body wall caking phenomenon. 4. This type of drying equipment can meet different users for a variety of slag class materials after drying material size and water content requirements. 5. Slag drying equipment throughput is bigger, resistance to overload ability, fuel consumption, can directly reduce the cost of drying. As a professional drying equipment manufacturer, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. produces various dryer machine, such as lignite coal dryer, energy-saving sleeve dryer, coal slime drying machine, river sand rotary dryer and so on. Welcome to visit and purchase:   sawdust dryer:
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