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Trailer Flex Air Suspension System replaces the Trailer leaf springs, improving towing, handling and ride qualityStandard suspensions on trailer and fifth-wheel chassis have looked the same since they first hit the road. Typical configurations enlist leaf springs, shackles and equalizers to tie the axles to the frame. In the last few years, computer technology has helped raise the bar using sophisticated programs that have the capability of simulating the actual movement of components. This allows for detailed “testing” without the need of physically fabricating parts and running trial and error stints on the road. The result has been a number of advanced suspension components that improve ride and handling.Begin the installation process by removing all parts from the existing trailer axles for reuse on the Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension System.Begin the installation process by removing all parts from the existing trailer axles for reuse on the Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension System.Thinking outside the box, two brothers from Canada, Dereck and Paul Legros, have invented an all-new air ride configuration for trailers that could very well set a new standard for trailer suspensions. The Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension System is not just an add-on to the trailer’s existing suspension; it completely replaces the standard components and delivers an ideal ride height, under any payload, resulting in dramatically improved handling, increased safety and reduced driver fatigue.A big benefit of an air ride suspension that works properly is the elimination of chucking, the front to rear motion that is commonly associated in part with traditional leaf spring suspensions. The adjustable ride height provided by the Trailer Flex Air Ride allows for aRemove the axles and leaf springs prior to prepping the spring hangers for the new system.Remove the axles and leaf springs prior to prepping the spring hangers for the new system.more balanced attitude based on loading distribution and eliminates the side-to-side motion that often occurs with traditional leaf spring suspensions. Once the driver experiences the improvement realized by the advanced Trailer Flex design, he/she will never look back.Trailer Flex’s patented Air Ride Suspension kit includes four heavy-duty commercial air bags and four hydraulic shocks designed to bolt on to the trailer’s existing spring hangers. In addition, the air compressor and 5-gallon air storage tank allow the user to control the inflation of the air bags via the automatic leveling valve that mounts conveniently between the trailer’s two axles.Start the installation of the Trailer Flex axles by bolting the axle assembly to the front spring hanger.Prior to installation, the distance from the ground to the bottom edge of a side molding on the outside of the trailer was measured. The new suspension was installed on a 36-foot fifth-wheel that measured 9 inches lower at the rear than at the front when attached to a four-wheel-drive Ford F-350 dually truck. Ideally, the traveling attitude of the fifth-wheel should be as close to level as possible, something the Trailer Flex components were designed to do.With the trailer on frame jack stands, the tires and wheels, axles and leaf springs were removed. The test trailer had disc brakes, so the calipers were removed and tied up to the frame. For electric brakes, simply mark and cut the wires. Next, all the parts from the axles were transferred to the Trailer Flex assembly.Using two floor jacks, the Trailer Flex assembly was raised into the existing spring hangers and bolted into place. The final steps included mounting the air storage tank, compressor, leveling valve assembly, and all valves and air lines onto the Trailer Flex assembly. Each trailer install will be slightly different, and in this case the compressor on/off switch was mounted near the batteries, the air pressure switch was installed next to the on/off switch and the wiring was routed to the compressor.After double-checking the installation, an angle iron cross member was welded from one side to the other near the axles. Tires and wheels were reinstalled and the jack stands were removed before lowering the trailer to the ground.The first step in activating the Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension System is to turn on the compressor and fill the air bags and storage tank. Keeping a close eye on the ride height, the level control valve is adjusted so the air bags settled with 11/2 inches of clearance above the bottom plate. Make sure to check for air leaks at all fittings prior to preparing to hitching up for a test ride. A test drive should be performed before making final ride height adjustments.Trailer Flex’s air suspension is a far cry from riding on leaf springs. The improvement in ride comfort, handling and safety is light years ahead of the standard setup and your trailer will thank you for smoothing out the bumps.
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