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For NTN bearing equipment preventive maintenance, and peripheral parts replacement operation were removed, NTN bearing to check to determine whether NTN bearing parts in turn can be used again and record the usage of good from bad. Will carefully investigate and record the NTN bearing and the appearance of being removed. In order to explore the residual amount of investigation and lubricant, after sampling, to clean the NTN bearing well. Second check NTN bearing raceway surface, rolling surface and cooperate with the surface condition and wear conditions of cage with and without damage to watch the race and abnormal situation especially the running track. Judgment NTN bearing can use again, and the extent of the damage to considering the NTN bearing, machine performance, importance, and operation conditions, such as inspection period to decide later. Test results, if found damage and NTN bearing abnormal situation, please according to the NTN bearing damage phenomenon to find out the reason, to develop countermeasures. In addition, the test results, there are some defects, if can't use the NTN bearing, need to replace new NTN bearing. A. the inner and outer ring, rolling body, to keep any of them are cracks and debris. B. the inner and outer ring, rolling body any one strip. C. raceway surface, guard, rolling elements have a significant injury. D. cage badly worn or loose rivet badly. E. raceway surface, rust and roller has a scar. F. had a remarkable indentation rolling surface, rolling body and make a mark. G. inner ring on the inner Dynamic Load Rating Of SKF Bearings or outer ring diameter of creep. Discoloration of h. overheating. I. seal NTN bearing grease sealing and dust cover damage to serious.  
compared with westerners is wide, so industry by storm the running shoes, shoe previously width is often wide nails running friend most headaches problems, if failed to swimsuit the appropriate here wide, jogging on a treadmill friend often at the end of the important, face besides toes subject to blisters, also will be unable to experience the limitation of long distance chasing, so wide feet energizing friend picture when choosing running shoes, choice of running friend a lot less than ordinary foot. Mizuno Influx Alchemy 12 provides the design of a few e ultra wide at this site, in size US 10 stance width measurement is Over a hundred.40 mm, than Tide are the same as series (Laser) that takes place 117.48 mm, 9.89 mm width, more so when considering wide feet of facing friend Wave Alchemy 12 is certainly an suitable choice. The suggestions runners itself is also a much wider foot of runners, within wearing Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 during the course of running, said can feel the most important intimacy of forefoot may not be tight, at the same time also can openly found that the stability of the heel arch has a particularly huge, so the Wave Alchemy 12 containing wide here with foot posture stability enhancement, run-up friends could perhaps because here before wide, lower running full heel unstable situation. Bottes Timberland After runner said PU runways stiff road feeling when connecting, adjustable, convert to hard asphalt road running test must be followed by the obvious, but can truly asphalt rebound strength keep in mind, but avoid vibration is not obvious, before and after running touching followed by poor stability, the item can clearly defined Surf Alchemy 12 belongs to control means shoe. Cladding for running shoes, in addition to because the Wave Alchemy 12 is owned by super wide width these, although the arch stability seems to have strengthened, while in the root discount package recurrent occur easily insured effect is insufficient, and so the Wave have special inside comfortable shoes ankle increase Alchemy 12 DYNAMOTION In good shape function, the participants as the runner (to wear thin socks) for root package recurrent not obviously feeling, nonetheless match with runners wear have now effects on the thickness connected with a sports socks; After athlete and said when standing in front of sharp turn sections need to have to large Angle to run, that lateral foot slightly external migration will happen, so runners donned Wave Alchemy 12 during giant Angle turning, can by reducing the speed in order to strengthen the stability of steering control. 17 the measured Wave Alchemy true weight is 358 grams (North america), as a whole is very suitable for wish to practice running friend need to stabilize the speed, at the same time performing friend itself if digital injuries or sports injuries, considering the stability of running shoes and thus sensitive control, Wave Alchemy 17 is a very suitable shoes. 
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