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Fote scrap metal crusher makes full use of the impact, shear, blow and grinding force to get the waste cans grinded. It is a new type efficient and environmentally friendly metal crusher in which scrap cans can get fully crushed. Fote can grinder has the features of high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, even crushing, etc. The basic principle of electric can crushe lowes is using motor to drive wind wheel extrusion. With high-speed high-torque motor driving, broken objects in crushing cavity may be fully effective crusher until they meet the specifications of the detritus. After broken material through air maneuver sorting system, the metal and nonmetal will be left. Also the whole system is equipped with a dust removal device to minimize dust pollution generated in the production process hazards. Tire strip cutter mainly used to cut the sidewall of steel wire tire, and then to the next step of segmentation. First, put the tire on the platform, then rotate the hand wheel, the three claws will stick the inner tire firmly. Second, starting power, work platform will rotation, cutting tool according to need to cut tire slowly step by step until the tire side cut off. Scrap metal crusher (metal crusher), also known as cans crusher, waste metal crusher, bucket crusher and other different name. Now, scrap metal crusher machine is more popular in the field of metal crushing equipment. In the process of crushing, scrap metal crusher machine squeeze the material under the external force with rolling, cutting, impacting and grinding. Scrap metal crusher machine is suitable for crushing hard material and bulk material. The final product of scrap metal crusher machine. The fineness can be adjusted by the client's requirement. Waste metal crusher is more popular in the field of metal recycling mill metal processing equipment, the machine can crush materials include waste pop cans, thin scrap metal sheet, scrap metal slag, beer cans, metal bottles,cola cans, beverage cans, paint bucket, tin can and so on. As long as the metal can be crushed, pulverized material is very easy to carry out transport, easy to feed steel, also reduces the number of feed lot. Fote scrap metal crusher is mainly applied to the large-scale reclamation depot and used to break the cans into ideal pellets, so that the transport cost can be reduced. The users of Fote metal crusher can adopt different allocations according to material species, scale and requirements of the final products. 
Scrap metal crusher in Fote has a lot of features like low energy consumption, low investment, low noise, no pollution, high yield, high efficiency, discharge finely uniform, etc. Selling well in all cities and provinces around China, our products are also exported to clients in Malaysia, India, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Congo and Tanzania. Welcome to visit our factory. Fote metal crusher is a special type tire recycling machine for crushing the whole waste steel wire radial tire under normal temperature. The tire rubber chips are less than 50x50mm. Fote scrap metal crusher adopts hard alloy steel as its blade, high rigidity and wearable, repeating and wearable, repeating repair use poling use life. Circle mesh screen is steel is steel girding structure, big area for material dropping is good for production of eligible rubber material. In modern society, metallic packaging is widely used in almost all the aspects of human life such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals packaging, daily necessities packaging, industrial packaging, etc. The metallic package can be aluminum can, box, bucket, film, thin steel plate, etc. Recycling of metal package is becoming important for resource reusing, environment protection and economic benefits. For metal crusher can be a necessary equipment. Electric metal crusher from allance can crush sprite cans, coke cans, beer cans, iron bucket, oil barrel, paint cans etc. Electric metal crusher machine can crush the can into small pieces through external force according to the requirements of users. Electric metal crusher is good to reduce transportation cost and improve the efficiency of the cast iron furnace. Electric metal crushing machine plays an irreplaceable role in the steel mills or metal processing enterprise. Fote Machinery is a well-known fiber separator manufacture. We design fiber separator by our own innovative ideas, innovate fiber separator, improve design process, greatly improved the production capacity, thus provide cost-effective fiber separator and professional technical guide of scrap metal crusher to our customers. metal crusher machine:
As we all know, the sense of environmental protection is widely accepted worldwide. More and more new concepts spring up in the field of environmental protection. Now I will take cable recycling machine as an example. While protecting the earth has evolved from ideology to real-world regulations, scrap copper recycling becomes an important way to reduce waste of resources and environment pollution.     Overloading is a mistake the operator always makes in the production process. In this case, we usually have to stop to deal with this problem, which is a waste of time and troublesome. The generously dimension design can make this problem get better solved. It leaves power in reserve for cases of overloading, e.g. if foreign mater enters the unit. Blade, an easily damaged part, needs our more concern. To make our copper cable granulator always have good performance, we put up a new method to protect the blade. The blade can be removed to be sharpened. A shining blade gives you a shining copper granule. The [url=]cable recycling machine[/url] is also an indispensable machine in copper recycling. The range of [url=]copper recycling machine[/url] is suitable to process, single core or double core, is from 1mm to 90mm, but one point you should notice is that the wires should be straight without knots. What I really want to tell you is that all its models are CE certificated. You may safely rely on our equipment. In comparison with dry-type, wet-type adopts wet separation, having good performance both in recovery result and recovery rate; however, it has low production and expands labor, and the recovery copper chop is easy to change color. Besides, since it needs water in the production process, it will cause a little environmental pollution. Therefore, it does not represent the future trend of copper recycling machine as a whole. Recycling is a good way to make full use of the limit natural resources on earth and improve environment. Metal recycling and salvage companies buy copper wire scrap and send it for re-refining or smelting. There is a market for recycled copper wire almost in every country, thus the market of cable recycling machinde has a bright future in the world.
A leader always concerns about the new trend of his industry. Do you know about cable wire recycling machine industry? It attracts more and more people to join it; therefore, various new technologies of copper recycling equipment and copper recycling methods spring up. Double cross cutting technology, a most up-to-date technology, is welcomed with open arms for its numerous advantages.<p style="text-align: center;"><img src="" alt="Cable Wire Recycling Machine" width="550" /><p style="text-align: center;"><img src="" alt="Cable Recycling Machine" width="550" />Fote, a top manufacturer of copper cable granulator and cable wire recycling machine, has revolutionized the wire stripping process. If you are the type of person who throws away unused wires because you feel it is not worth the effort, you can try the machine of Fote. All its models are CE certificated and easy-operated. The wire stripping machine of Fote has many its own features, such as single or three motors to choose from, two or four adjusting handles and simple knife change .All these features make the operation of wire stripping machine easy for you. An ace copper cable granulator certainly comes out of a distinct manufacturer. Fote is a professional maker of copper wire granulator and cable wire recycling machine with 12years’experience.It has its own research, design, sale and service team, which guarantee standardizing product and “one-stop” service for you. Fote have devoted itself to environmental protection for 12 years and adheres to offering quality cable recycling machines for its customers and ensuring its customers get maximum profit in every possible way. Fote has its own professional team in product design, supplying and installation, which satisfies you in timely delivery and good service. At present, it mainly has two kinds of <a href="">copper recycling machine</a>s: cable wire recycling machine and copper recycling machine.As we know, mechanical blade is the soul of cable wire recycling machine. Using the damaged blade or the blade not in accord with wires, all these will do harm to metal core. We will patiently know about what material you will deal with and offer the best solution for you. More importantly, we will give you detailed guide and consistent service. The only object we do these is to ensure the <a href="">cable recycling machine</a> we provide can work efficiently for dozens of years without trouble. copper wire recycling machine:
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