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The development and application of new technology and new products of mechanical vibration, is still very worthy of attention. Such as high performance controllable soft start technology, dynamic analysis and monitoring technology, to further improve the performances. The adoption of new technology and new materials, especially the high performance materials used to further study, in order to reduce the mechanical vibration of the weight, improve the quality of its products, using non-metallic components, such as rubber spring, spring, spring composite glass, greatly improve the operation stability of mechanical vibration. Application status of domestic circular vibration screen feeder, and above all kinds of feeder of the history and current research status, Henan Hongxing summed up the development trend of domestic vibration feeder mainly has the following several aspects: Improve the performance and reliability of components, reduce the maintenance quantity, sand making equipment operation rate mainly depend on the performance and reliability on the components. Vibration feeder has the possibility to large-scale development direction, but in a period of time, will focus on the research and development of novel structure by gold jewelery making machines in south africa force well, break through the traditional design mode vibration feeder structure. Due to the needs of economic development, will force people to develop a large vibrating feeder, to improve the processing ability, adapt to high yield intensive production needs, but the development of large vibration feeder, are explored in greater depth in the structure strength is required, in order to improve the reliability of its operation. To the standardization, seriation, universalization development. This is to facilitate the design, organization of specialized production, ensure quality and reduce the cost of the way. To high efficiency high quantization, industrial modernization to promote enterprise scale, production capacity greatly increased, need high capacity feeder with matching, to promote enterprise development and other equipment supporting the special vibration feeder, to meet the production requirements for material.   ore feeding machine:
China's mining machinery industry is in the late stage of development, fixed asset investment will continue to maintain rapid growth, the market demand is exuberant, mining machinery industry is gradually to the 'from big to strong' forward, the next five years the average annual growth rate of main business income of at least 15%, among them the high-end equipment growth rate is expected to reach more than 25%, a huge space for development. Henan Hongxing 10 years to rely on scientific and technological development, to provide the quality of the products by science and technology, such as sand making equipment, the third generation of sand making equipment technology is at a higher level. Mining machinery industry is a need to dig gold, in the next ten years the huge development space, which is China's National Day felt, mining machinery industry is the first big China industrial sector, its total output value, industrial added value, the main business income of the average annual growth rate maintained at about 12%, high-end mines equipment: crusher, crushing machine, sand making machine, growth is higher than the industry average growth rate more than doubled.With the increasing demands of construction aggregate, Hongxing sand making machines, bucket sand washer has made an rapidly growth in technology, and has made great contribution to development of many mines in the world. Send us an email into for more details? For the upgrading of products, import substitution to create market demand, strengthen the foundation and the energy conservation and environmental protection are raised to new heights is one of the two major driving factor to promote the development of the industry. In the ensuing development to strengthen the foundation and the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, the energy saving for parts in equipment production: energy-saving motor, fan, pump, air compressor, high efficiency and low emission diesel and other products, environmental protection, but also led to the development of other industries also benefit from the country 'energy-saving emission reduction' strategy forward.   sand making plant:
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