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Autel Maxisys Elite Description: The MaxiSys Elite, the newest addition to the MaxiSys line of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools, is based on the fast and intuitive Android operating system. Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra® 4, the world's fastest mobile processor, its visually stunning 9.7” Retina display offers ultra-high resolutions up to 2048x1536 and an optimized array of sophisticated and powerful applications. The MaxiSys Elite rapidly performs every job from comprehensive vehicle diagnostics & analysis to advanced ECU programming. 2x faster than any comparable device, the MaxiSys Elite provides extended battery life and intelligent power saving. The MaxiSys Elite offers a super-sensitive capacitive screen able to respond to gloved, moistened, and even greasy fingers! The ergonomically angled docking station provides optimum visibility and  convenient charging that eliminates power concerns. Why buy Autel maxisys elite: 1.Genuine Autel top scanner , 2 years free update online  2.The top diagnostic techniques, support almost all car brands, workshop Standard diagnostic equipment  3.not only easy to use by own diagnostic software, but also works on OEM software like xentry odis do special setting 4. Language: English and Spanish AUTEL MAXISYS Elite itself has already supported ECU programming function for BENZ and BMW cars, if you need to get support for more car models, you must use J2534 device along with OEM software to implement this function. J2534 DEVICE can not only use with AUTEL MAXISYS Elite, but also can work on other OEM software.  Using additional OEM software, the MaxiFlash Pro can be used as a Pass-Thru diagnostics tool as well, which allows users to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and data log PIDS, collect sensor data and log generic OBDII data etc.  NOTE: When reprogramming onboard, always make sure the vehicle battery is fully charged and in good working condition. During reprogramming there is a risk of having the operation failure if voltage falls below the proper operating voltage. Sometimes a failed operation can be recovered, but there is a chance that failed reprogramming could ruin the control module. We recommend connecting an external battery charger to the vehicle to ensure a successful operation. Powerful and Efficient The MaxiSys Elite sets a new global speed standard for diagnostic scanners, The uncompromising  NVIDIA Tegra 4-PLUS-1 qual-core 1.8GHz processor and 32GB solid state hard drive provide unsurpassed boot up times in today’s diagnostic market. Autel’s MaxiSys Elite is the most efficient scanner featuring progressive technologies like the Auto VIN Scan & Wi-Fi Data Logging inside a very intuitive and user-friendly interface design.  Mobile-So You Can Be Free The MaxiSys Elite is mobile perfection. Autel’s newest 9.7inch powerhouse offers a streamlined unibody design and the world’s mostadvanced BT to handle. Using Ver.2.1 3Mbs BT, the world’s most advanced wireless technology, and the newest 802.11ac Wi-Fi at 3X the speed of the previous generation, the Elite seamlessly and simultaneously performs vehicle diagnosis and service, while providing remote-control tech support access 24/7. Additionally, the Elite brings cloud data to your fingertips via the unique MaxiFix platform, allowing you to work more quickly and with greater freedom than ever before.
DSP III DSP3 Odometer Correction Tool for AUDI/VW/ SKODA/SEAT/BENTLE/MERCEDES/LAND ROVER/JAGUAR/ VOLVO/ PORSCHE 2010-2017 Super DSPIII Odometer Correction Tool Super DSP3 Mileage Programmer fully supports newest high-end Car DSP III work for AUDI/VW/ SKODA/SEAT/BENTLE/MERCEDES/ JLR/ VOLVO/ PORSCHE 2010-2017 years of models Mileage Programming via OBD adapters. Introduction: super dspiii on is the most complete programming device for digital odometers,  It is a high-quality embeded system, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort. Technical reference: 1.Powered by industrial grade core board with Freescale i.MX28x processor, speeds up to 650MHZ, 800*480 TFT LCD and touch screen(7.0″.16:9). Convenient keyset. USB host and USB device. SD card interface. 128MB NandFlash, 128MB DDRII. 2.We use industrial grade components to ensure the stability and reliability under a wide temperature range, from -40℃ to +85℃. 3.Whole machine passed EMC industry 4 grade quality assurance and durable performance, the product stability greatly improved. 4.The Wince6.0 operating system can ensure the software platform reliability and compatibility. 5.Self-check function integrated in system. Enhanced OBD functions, including CAN-BUS / J1850 / CCD-BUS / ISO9141 / SPI protocols. 6.Intuitive operability by full menu and picture guidance. All data can be edited, stored and loaded. 7.Color connection picture is on the screen whenever you need. The stored data can be transferred to a PC by USB port or SD card, and also can be transfer to wherever you want directly by internet. Mileage Correction Tool Super DSP3 full odometer  : AUDI/VW/ SKODA/SEAT/BENTLE/MERCEDES/ LAND ROVER/ JAGUAR/ VOLVO/ PORSCHE  
This is a how-to guide of wiTECH MicroPod 2 Chrysler diagnostic tool setup. If your dealership purchased a new microPOD and you would like to convert your existing microPOD for using with wiTECH 2.0 System, you need to download and install the microPOD Setup Utility to configure/setup your microPOD for wiTECH 2.0. NOTE: microPODs with a serial number beginning with “WFP” should NOT be used with this utility. PROCEDURE If you have a restricted network, you must first make sure that all sites listed below are enabled to be able to successfully use microPOD Setup Utility and the wiTECH 2.0 System. Note: Please disable any Anti-Virus software that you have on your computer in order to allow the microPOD Setup Utility to install and run properly. How to download and install the microPOD Setup Utility IMPORTANT: Once the microPOD is configured using the  auto scanner diagnostic tool microPOD Setup Utility, all the microPOD Wireless Settings will be deleted. You will be required to follow the instructions from the KB link titled “How to configure a Wireless Profile on a microPOD II”. To download the application, please login to DealerCONNECT > Service > wiTECH Information > microPod Setup Utility Step 1 Click on “Run” to begin the downloading process of microPOD Setup Utility. Step 2 The install wizard will appear to install the wiTECH Driver x64 onto your computer if your PC has not been installed with wiTECH 1.0 application. If the PC has been installed with wiTECH 1.0 App, you will not see the screen below and proceed to Step 6. Otherwise, click “Next” to proceed. Step 3 Read the License Agreement carefully, and accept the terms in the license agreement. Then, click “Next” to continue. Step 4 You are now ready to start the actual installation of the driver. You now need to click on “Install” for it to start. Step 5 This will now install the wiTECH Driver x64. Once complete, the program will automatically proceed to the next step. Step 6 Once the installation has completed, click “Finish”. Proceed to the following section, “Using the microPOD Setup Utility”. Using the microPOD Setup Utility NOTE: Please make sure that your computer is connected to the internet and the microPOD is connected to the computer via USB before starting this process. This application will help you configure your microPOD for wiTECH 2.0 from Step 1 Start microPOD Setup Utility by clicking the icon on the desktop: If the microPOD Setup Utility that is installed is out of date, you will be forced to update to the newer version of the application. Step 2 Please make sure your microPOD is connected to the PC via USB. Step 2a If you see the following screen you may not be connected to the internet, or have a firewall that blocks 1 or more of these websites. Select “Continue” on the next screen for wiTECH 2.0 Device Setup and Configuration. NOTE: If you only want to configure the wireless setting on a microPod device to use with wiTECH 2.0, click “Wireless Configuration” and follow instructions. Select “Continue” on the next screen to begin attempting to connect to the microPOD device. Step 3 Once your microPOD II is recognized by the utility, select “Continue” to proceed with the configuration. NOTE: microPODs with a serial number beginning with “WFP” should NOT be used with this utility. Step 3a If the utility does not find the microPOD device, please assure that the microPOD is connected via USB and click “Refresh” Step 4 The following screen will appear for up to 15 minutes while the microPOD device is being configured.
Here’s the customer solution to make Clone wiTech Micropod 2 Chrysler diagnostic tool work with DRB Emulation. Intention: Trying to find one micropod II that would work properly with DRB Emulation. Especially with Chrysler Crossfire. Credit to Radius from Mhhauto. You are at your risk. Test procedure: Test 3 different micropod interfaces. 2 devices did not work with DRB III emulation at all, no matter which vehicle. The 3rd device worked and it worked on Chrysler Crossfire – access to ALL modules. I think the 2 devices which did not work are missing hardware for K-Line or some such. The device verified working is an OFFLINE ONLY version of Car Diagnostic Tool witech micropod 2 , but I only use it for diagnostics, not for programming as I do not have a TechAuthority account. So if you need one for online use this is not the unit to buy. clone micropod 2 purchase: How to get witech to work with Enhanced DRB III Emulator: 1: Make a backup copy of the partition from the hard drive included with the micropod! 2: Install HDD in laptop 3: Set date to 01/01/17 BEFORE booting from laptop 4: Boot to HDD 5: Allow windows to install drivers, etc, as needed for your laptop and reboot as needed. 6: Once all of that is done, do NOT run WiTech yet! 7: Turn OFF internet! 8: Navigate to C:\ProgramData\wiTECH\jserver\data\core\stubs 9: Install DRB Emulator stub 10: Install DRB Enhanced emulator stub 11: Install K-Line stub 12: Reboot computer 13: ALLOW internet access 14: Run Flexnet software updater. Do NOT update WiTech!!! 15: Flexnet will find updates for enhanced DRB and K-Line 16: Install K-Line update first 17: Install Enhanced update next. 18: Once updates and downloaded and installed, turn OFF internet and NEVER turn on again! 19: Reboot computer 20: Attach Micropod to car. When green LED turns on, turn on car ignition 21: Attach USB cable to PC and witech Micropod 2 22: When Windows is done installing drivers, etc, you should show a network connection in the tool tray with no internet access 23: Run Wi-Tech 24: Press “Launch DRB III” button in lower right hand corner 25: Accept EULA 26: DRB Emulator will launch. 27: Enjoy. Here is a Mega link to a backup image of working installation. Link to HDD image/backup file of working OFFLINE WiTech installation with working DRB III Emulation:!gYMC0axD!kicw9OQ9iAF5fK7JAJSUDUR-V5Ujj4DXzT6URGPL7iQ HDD Partition backup made using Image for Linux from Terabyte Unlimited. You can download trial version here: Follow instructions to make bootable USB thumbdrive. Copy image file to spare HDD and connect to laptop with USB adapter. Boot laptop to USB thumbdrive Follow prompts to restore backup to laptop HDD partition.
Porsche piwis II from 100% work for online coding server, Porsche piwis II with V18.100 piwis 2 software available. Customer can order Porsche piwis II with Laptop installed Piwis 2 software ready to use for Porsche piwis 2 online coding. Below share Porsche piwis 2 Cayenne 2010 Change Engine Control Unit Online Coding Cases as following. Porsche PIWIS 2 Online Programming Backgroud: A customer from Cameroun need Porsche online programming for Porsche Cayenne 2010, the car have been changed a new engine model, so need Porsche online programming for new engine module adapting. Below information from customer, which have show all Porsche PIWIS 2 online programming preparetion: 1. Porsche Piwis 2 Original Plan Device, 1:1 as Professional Diagnostic Tool Porsche Piwis 2 from 2. Porsche Piwis 2 software installed on laptop show the PIWIS 2 diagnostic result 3. Porsche Diagnostic Tool Porsche Cayenne 2010 VIN number and car informations 4. Order the One Time Porsche Online Programming Service from, and finish payment. 5. Then send us the Porsche online programming order number or transaction ID with car information. 6. Then we will help customer appointment for Porsche Piwis Online Programming. Kindly Note: make sure you have stable and fastest Network for Porsche PIWIS 2 Online Programming, otherwise it will take long time. 7. Car charger connected 8. Porsche Cayenne Key on, Network fast for Porsche online programming, then our technician will star Porsche piwis 2 online coding for you. 9. Then Send the teamviewer id and password to our sales once appointment time arrived 10. Pls beside the car when Porsche piwis 2 online programming doing,  sometimes need you corporation help for Porsche online coding. 11. Porsche piwis 2 online programming finished, check the car within half an hours and feedback to us, we will default this Porsche online programming service from be finished. Do not support refund any more. Porsche Piwis 2 Online Programming may finished within 1 hour( Under network good performance). It’s available for all Porsche Online Service application car. Any need for Porsche Online Programming Service or Porsche piwis 2 with Porsche piwis 2 software installed on laptop for Porsche diagnostics just contact us freely.
To clean off the dirt and dust, Get the best vacuum cleaner for your car - Bravo Han sung Bravo realizes the public design thinking of the scenic Beauty of a city as a Global self-car Washing system Specialized Company. Enterprise where breaks the stereotype with continuous technology development and creative thoughts! With continuous development, Hansung Bravo leads the carwash market from the new foam car wash in 2012.We will be a company who pays back customers with consistent research development and the best quality. Hansung bravo, the best car vacuum cleaner supplier in Korea. The different kind of car vacuum cleaners are available here. Choose the opt one and make your car as so clean. Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner BRAVO-1 (1Boom) FEATURES ·         Perfect design of high performance, Realization of low noise·         360°rotation, Flexible movement to up and down·         Installation of digital counting and displaying window·         Usable coins: 100/ 500 won·         Separative garbage can (Patent)Model / BRAVO-1·         Output- 220v/60Hz·         Motor - 1,200Wx2·         Vacuum motor- 2,500W/L·         Waste volume- 20L·         Size (L.W.H)- 530 x 550 x 1,530mm·         Hose + Length of boom- 7mVacuum Cleaner BRAVO-2 (2Boom)FEATURES·         Installation of digital counting and displaying window·         Two inhaling holes, Realization of low noise·         Excellent inhaling power by the installation of super motorModel / BRAVO-2·         Output-220v/60Hz·         Motor- 1,200Wx4·         Vacuum motor-2,500W/Lx2·         Waste volume-20Lx2·         Size (L.W.H)- 530x995x1,530mm·         Hose+Length of boom-7m x 2Vacuum Cleaner BRAVO-3FEATURES·         360° rotation·         Installation of two vacuum motors·         Semi-permanent filter method·         Built-in garbage can·         Realization of low noise  Are Looking for Car Floor Mat Dryer Korea? Visit our website to get more details.
2017A Version CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter III PLUS DELLd630 laptop (Real Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III) we will install the software before ship, so you can get it work directly after you receive it. 2017A Cat ET software as Cat Caterpillar ET 2015A Software update version, 2017A Caterpillar Electronic Technician softwarer With CAT ET 3 Cat caterpillar adapter 3 support caterpillar diagnostic till 2017. Cat et Caterpillar Electronic Technician Software 2017A V1.0: Type of catalogue: Caterpillar Electronic Technician Diagnostic Software Make: Caterpillar Region: WorldWide all region Inclusive languages: English, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish   Caterpillar ET Software 2017A Function: This diagnostic app allows you to: View active and logged diagnostics. View events where irregularities occurred and were logged by the ECM. View the status of a group of parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc.) simultaneously. Record and log performance data. Graph a group of status parameters. View the current configuration of an ECM. Change ECM configurations. Perform diagnostic tests. Perform calibrations. Print reports and diagnostic results. Please keep in mind that some ecm settings for example, speed limit requires factory password. The factory password generator is not included in this application Package : 1.Used Dell D630 laptop  2.Real CAT et3 Comm Adapter III(it's best quality cat et 3,not adapter 2,please check Communication port) 3.USB Cable (From device to your computer) 4.J1939/J1708 Cable (from device to your truck)    Original Factory Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III Compare With OEM Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adpater III 1. Original Factory CAT ET can use once pluged, no need install the USB drive, the software can automatic realize it for ET3 Adapter, and the machine can automatic weld the high quality Circuit board, quality will be more reliable. 2. The OEM Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter III need use USB Drive to install, and need choose the COM Port, and  in the software ET also need choose ET2 then can be used.
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