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Subsidized Charges $495   734-846-0966 WWW.SOBEROOMS.COM Since 2004 Zero Tolerance - Gender Specific - Male & Female Sober Homes. Structured Living LLC, Ann Arbor, Michigan Is A Recovering Alcoholic's Successful "Giveback" Venture.  The Immediate Period Following The Completion Of A Drug Treatment Is Perhaps The Most Critical In The Path To Recovery. It Is A Sensitive "Crossover" During Which The Body, Mind And Spirit Of The Recovering Individual Is Put To Test As One Begins To Meet Life At Life's Terms , Without The Crutch Of Using, With The Help Of Group Support.   There Is No Better Source For Support Than A Halfway Or Three Quarters Transition  Home, Among Other In Recovery. Residing In A Structured Environment, With Roommates That Actually Can Relate To The Consuming Power Of Addiction,  Provides One With A Subtle, Yet Profound And Sustained Therapeutic Healing.  The Founder Of Structured Living LLC, Himself A Recovering Alcoholic Since 1995 Could Not Think Of A Better Way To "Giveback" To The Fellowship From Which He Has Benefited So Much, Than To Dedicate Nicely Furnished Comfortable Sober Homes At Subsidized Charges With Financial Backing  From His Personal International Businesses. According To Him " Good  Physical Living Condition(s) And Pleasant Surroundings Are Downright Essential To Help Any Recovering Individual To Regain His Or Her Self Esteem - An Absolute Priceless Asset For Combating Addiction."   All Reasonable "Creature Comforts" Are Afforded To The Residents Who In Return Are Required To Observe A Healthy Personal Hygiene And Maintain A Tidy Organized "Home".  This " Giveback” Venture With  Its Eight Gender Specific, Well Furnished Sober Facilities Located In "Clean” Ann Arbor, Michigan Neighborhoods Has Emerged As A Prominent Quality Sober Housing Provider In The Midwest. Its 63 Beds House Clients From Treatment centers Nationwide Including :- Betty Ford Center, Rancho, CA, Brighton Hospital, Brighton, MI. Caron Addiction Center, Warensville, PA, Dawn Farm, Ann Arbor MI, Havenwyck Hospital, Auburn Hills, Hazelden, Center City MN, La Hacienda Treatment Center TX, Nova Counseling Services, WI, Maple Grove, West Bloomfield, MI,Sacred Heart Memphis MI, The Ranch, Nunnelly, TN, The Retreat, Wayzata, MN, Timber Knowls IL and Watershed Fl.  All Homes Are Conveniently Located On Bus Lines With Short Ride To IOP, Hospitals, AA/NA Support Meetings, Schools, Work Places & Shopping.  Nationally Recognized,  Reputable Local IOP, Therapy & Counseling Services Available. Most Of The Residents Qualify For A "Bridge Card” From The State For Free Groceries. WWW.SOBEROOMS.COM
24x7 Learning's LearnTrak LMS is an award-winning learning management system that has been redesigned to meet the newest global training challenges faced by corporates. This Next Generation Learning Management System software embodies the SI CLO MO concept of eLearning. This means that it is simple to use, on cloud and promotes mobile learning – the three essential features required by a modern learning management system to cater to global corporate training needs.LearnTrak’s preview at ASTD Tech Knowledge 2014 at Las Vegas earlier this year was a grand success, and it was formally launched in Bangalore.Over the last few years there have been changes in the types of training challenges that organizations are faced with. As talent, skills and capability needs cross all boundaries and become global, organizations are faced with the challenge to train a globally dispersed workforce, and provide access to training, to employees who are deployed in remote areas that have a low bandwidth or lack internet connectivity.“In early 2014, 24x7 Learning introduced the Beta Version of the All-New LearnTrak LMS at ASTD Tech Knowledge 2014, held at Las Vegas. Out of the 100+ stalls, the 24x7 Learning stall was one of the top 4 most visited (as shared on social media site, Twitter). The All-New LearnTrak LMS was an instant hit even in its nascent stage.” commented Karthik K.S. – Founder & Executive Chairman, 24x7 LearningFrom an employee perspective, organizations have to meet the increasing demand for a better work/life balance. With more than 60% of today’s workforce comprising of Gen Y employees who are used to instant gratification and suffer from a shortened attention span, organizations are faced with the challenge to provide up-to-date knowledge and immediate answers via training. “A geographically-dispersed workforce, diminished dependence on classroom-based training, a short attention span, and training of a workforce that is located in remote locations are just a few of the pressing problems that LearnTrak helps organizations to address. Student involvement in training increases 250%, thus increasing peer discussion around learning topics in LearnTrak, as in social media” explains Karthik K.S.SI ClO MO – Simple to use. On Cloud. Mobile Learning.SImple to UseLearnTrak is designed for easy use by administrators and employees. “Administrators will have complete control over the creation, integration, delivery, and management of training programs, and will be able to create and deliver knowledge nuggets, how–to videos, podcasts, custom elearning solutions and other learning materials to an organization’s mobile workforce” commented Anto Valan, Head –Products and Innovation at 24x7 Learning.  With LearnTrak, administrators will also be able to create several training sessions, learner groups, configure courses, enroll learners and generate reports, instantly. It has an easy user interface that allows employees to access training immediately.On CLOud“The LearnTrak LMS is on cloud for organizations to take advantage of its secure server to store their company’s training data,” commented AntoValan. He went on to say that, “The LearnTrak LMS server provides extensive storage space, reliable backup and recovery of data. The ‘global content distribution’ feature enables employees to access information from anywhere.  Software updates are automatic, and hardware and software requirements on the user side are decreased”. Regarding future plans he added that the ‘On premise’ feature would be available by September this year.MObile Learning57% of Indian companies have made the switch to the BYOD policy. With the global trend leaning toward this policy, 24x7 Learning made the conscious effort to make the latest version of the LearnTrak LMS, mobile LMS (the LearnTrak Application is available for Android and Apple users, presently), so that users have access to training and business-critical information on their own mobile devices at all times. According to Karthik, this feature will allow employees to experience five times faster learning, enhanced retention and higher engagement. Increased Learner InvolvementKarthik also added, “Multiple Push Notifications provide learners with continuous involvement and guarantees an experience that can be likened to that which is experienced when engaged on social media sites, which is what our Gen Y employees have grown up with; thus LearnTrak LMS reaches learning to employees through a medium that they are familiar with.”“Since 2001, LearnTrak has been successfully used by companies across Retail, Banking, Pharma, IT and FMCG verticals. While in the past, employees at offices with good internet connectivity benefitted from eLearning, field sales teams and others deployed in remote locations were deprived of such trainings. With the new LearnTrak, information can be accessed even in areas that have low bandwidth or no internet connectivity, providing instant access to training, even in the most remote areas” added Manish Sharma, Vice President – Sales at 24x7 Learning.LearnTrak provides:  • An organized approach for learners to access learning• Mobile learning• Extends learners’ access to business critical information and performance support material beyond the office environment• Provision for administrators to create and deliver knowledge nuggets, how–to videos, podcasts and other learning materials to a mobile workforce – anywhere and anytime• Heightened security• Better management of space on employee devices• Provision for administrators to bundle all learning materials (including courses, podcasts, videos, flashcards, etc.) pertaining to a topic in a Learning Plan, which can be assigned to learners• MIS and Reports• A comprehensive support packageLearnTrak is a Next-Gen LMS that embodies on-the-go learning and brings the best of self-paced online, mobile, and instructor-led learning experiences.To know more about the solutions offered by 24x7 learning, visit
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