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Q1: FGTech Galletto 4 can cancel EGR gestion via OBD? A1: Sorry, at present it still can not do this function, it just can read and write the Data of Engine ECUQ2: I have got my package. but the CD is broken, where and how can i get the software? A2: I am really sorry for this. Please download FG Tech Galletto 2 V54 SoftwareQ3: Can Fgtech V53 update directly to Fgtech Galletto 4? and use Fgtech Galletto 4( software?A3: Sorry, it can not update directly. If you want fgtech v54, you need to buy new fgtech.Q4: Can Fgtech V54 do this ecu Bosch EDC16 BMW(P3)?A4: Yes, it can do.Q5: After i install the software. it ask me to update it. can i ?A5: Please do not update it. just close that notice.How to install 2014 V54 FGTech Galletto 4 (, insert CD in the package to PC (Support windows xp, vista, win7, friendlier than Fgtech v53, much easier to operate)Secondly, run FGtech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galleto setup—step by step (tips: create a desktop icon and a quick launch icon; select Install from a list or specific location (advanced); put the installation file on the fgtech new driver file.Thirdly, run Galletto on the desktop and reinstall FGtech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galletto Setup again.Finally, finished! Select languages, cars, and driver and so on as software prompts show.
Compound crusher is the best equipment to crush the coal gangue. The equipment with good feedback is created throught our company's long-term research. It features in long service life, convenient maintenance, easy operation and good finished products. As other materials simultaneously fall around the rotating impeller, the two kinds of materials join together and are crushed by each other. The materials are crushed many times in and around the impeller of the crusher, and are finally discharged from beneath the machine. Face with the harsh environment, compound crusher is bound to go wrong sometimes. How to repair and debug the fault? If you are confronted with such issues, you can ask the professional compound crusher manufacturer for help. The professional technique from FOTE is ready to be at your service. During the process of the maintenance and debugging, if there is machine vibration phenomenon, FOTE Mining Machine will help you to find out the reasons. (1) First of all, you should check the concrete foundation is horizontal and firm or not; whether the anchor wire is loose or not. (2) The electric wheel and main engine wheel swings or not, the degree of vee belt is proper or not. (3) Removing all of the hammers, and then you can have a trial on the machine. If the vibrating phenomenon disappears, it proves to be the problem of hammer hole in rotor disk. As the new type crusher, compound crusher has favored by old and new customers. Considered as the leading enterprise in Henan crusher manufacturing industry, FOTE Mining Machine has been always in the forefront of the crusher manufacturing. The major object of compound crusher is hard rock and iron ore. Via a closed loop and controlled by screening equipment, the product achieves its required final size. Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-sized company specialized in manufacturing impact breaker, tertiary crusher and other products with various specifications, Fote Machinery wins customers with best quality and top after sale service! mobile jaw crusher:
According to the requirements of different materials, different particle fineness and different production output, the Raymond mill can be divided into 3 series, namely high pressure Raymond mill, high pressure overhang roll mill and ordinary Raymond mill. After the grinder roll device is used for about 500 hours, it should be changed and updated. Then, the rolling bearings must be cleaned and the broken parts must be changed. The manual operating gasoline pump and the grease gun can be used as fueling vehicles. During the using process, some problems must be paid attention to in order to ensure the normal use, safe production and constantly high production ratio. After many years of practice and improvement, its structure is getting perfect day by day. Due to low consumption, low investment, environment friendliness, small occupation area and more efficiency than the traditional mill, it is widely used in the field of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mining to process powder. Raymond mill is one of the most commonly- used mill which is widely used in all kinds of preparation of mineral powders and coal powders such as the processing of material ores and gypsum mine. Thus, the Equipment Maintenance and Safe Operation Regulation should be formulated and implemented, and at the same time necessary checking tool and the lubricating grease and other homologous parts should also be equipped. During the using process, professional workers must be around in order to watch the operation of the machine. The operators must know some technologies about the Raymond mill. Before the installation, the operators should be trained to know more about the principle and performance. After a period time of using, the Raymond mill should be checked. At the same time, the quick-wearing parts such as the grinding roll, ring, and relieving knife should be checked and changed. The connecting bolts and nuts of grinding roll device as well as the lubricating grease should be examined carefully both before and after using. The products like powder grinding plant, slag-power processing line produced by our company have best quality and reasonable price. Fote Machinery won't disappoint you! clinker grinder:
The series sand washing machine is a kind of wheeled washing equipment , and can remove dust and silt . The new seal structure, reliable transmission ensures an efficient cleaning effect of sand washing equipment and sand horses. Sand washing equipment is mainly used for construction sites , gravel plant, concrete dam building site of hydropower station, etc., and high cleanliness, with reasonable structure , large capacity, low power consumption, sand loss during the washing process is small, especially sand washing machine drive parts are water and sand separation. Therefore, it is low than the average sand washing machine malfunction.Spiral washer is widely used in sand quarry, mine, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station and other industries in the material washing, can also be applied in construction sites, gravel factory, glass factory, hydropower stations and other units used by the smaller particles of sand required washing, grading and dehydration. It can remove the impurities on the surface of the covering sand, while destroying the coated grit vapour layer, in order to dehydration, the efficient sand washing cleaning effect. After this motor and impeller with reduction by the slow running , speed reducer and gear wheels. Sand, stone sink from flowing into the trough, and the impeller roller mill, one another. Impurity covering the sand washed away. Meanwhile, add more water, the strong water flow will take away waste and low weight of the waste from the sink .Through the above process, completion of washing functions. Clean sand and stone is lift blades. When it rises slowly , the water begins to drop through the mesh down the sink. On the one hand, water is removed from the stone sand; on the other hand, the water can be fully utilized. Finally, the sand from washing to complete the rotation of the impeller outer cleaning tasks. If you need to sand washer, or similar products, please contact the professional sand washer supplier—-Henan Hongxing Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.: .   sand washer supplier:
The mobile vertical shaft impact crusher is also called mobile VSI crusher. Mobile VSI crusher is a most part in artificial sand making line, a series of mining equipment are required, such as vibrating grizzly feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher or impact crusher, vibrating screen, VSI sand maker, sand washing machine, etc.Mobile Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers (wheel mobile vertical shaft impact crusher) is applied to multistage crush large materials, and then screen the discharges according to their different specifications. The whole set plants is widely used to mine, building material, highway, rail way and hydropower industries, etc., finish crushing and screening operations at one time, produce required size and output for consumers. It is widely used in the field of mining, coal mine and construction waste recycling, and performs well on the site of earthwork, urban infrastructure construction, road construction and construction field. 1. High output and wide utilization ratio: compared with traditonal machinery under same power, its production capacity increases 30% and structure is stability. 2. Over-vibration device is equiped to protect the machine when vibration surpasses a stipulated figure. 3. The adjustable feed hopper guarantees the best quantity of material. 4. Lubrication system ensures reliable operation. 4. Low comsumption of easy-wear parts. 5. Excellent shaped final products. Mobile crushing machine is composed of primary crushing and screening station and secondary one, belt conveyor, etc. Every mobile crushing station is an independent working unit, they can respectively assume their different responsibility, and the belt conveyer is responsible for material transmitting and piling up between each crushing station . Henan Hongxing Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has rich experience for producing the impact stone crusher, so can provide the best quality and safety equipment, and always gives the customers first-class before-service and after-service. So you want to buy the impact crusher, please come here or call us in time, we will do our best to help you. Meanwhile welcome to your visit:   mobile jaw crusher:
Kia Has Become One Of The Fastest-Growing Car Company In Houston. We provide a wide range of today’s top Kia Car Used Condition. To identify kia car prices based on your budget you have to look up for the budget cars in online then best solution with our dealer.See under the car-check the ground for any oil and coolant leaks. Lift the hood. Look for signs of leaking. Check the fluids in the radiator. If either is low, it could be due to leakage.If you tap and it sounds like it's aggrandized, Then There is a chance it has been Repaired. While some body work should not be an aftereffect, there is a lot then it might indicate a serious accident. There could be more wrong with the body than meets the eye.If it is possible, ask a qualified mechanic to look at the car. Maybe these persons can accompany you when you go look at the car or maybe you can arrange ahead of time to stop when you test drive the car. While a used car is not going to be as perfect inside as a recent car, you will want to be sure to take a good look at the interior. Look for any serious deterioration. This could include torn seats or holes in the floor. Hatch sure that there are no odors inside or stains that you can't live with.Taking second hand automatic cars out for a test drive is one of the most important things to do. Drive the car for a reasonable amount of time, but incessan enough to allow the engine to amiable up fully so that you can hear if the engine knocks. Pay attention to the way the car handles and how the steering and suspension feel and if the transmission shifts smoothly.
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