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Biomass pellet machine is mainly used in processing agricultural residue like straw, rice straw, peanut shell, corn cob into solid briquettes in advanced technology. Biomass pellets have become a very popular choice among those in need of easy to use, eco-friendly fuel. With the great development of biomass pellet machine market, there are illegal businessmen who damage the benefits of customers by gaining profits shoddily. At the same time, some customers just take the price into consideration without paying enough attention to the quality of pellets when they buy the biomass pellets. Below are some tips for distinguishing the good pellets form the bad ones. 1. ask. You can consult the manufacturers or suppliers about the raw materials of pellets. Of course, you should make your own judgment in case there are dishonest businessmen. 2. touch. You should touch the pellets by your hand to identify the quality of pellets. If you can feel that the surface of the pellets is smooth, there is not crack in the pellets and the hardness of pellets is high, you get fist-class pellets. 3. smell. You can smell the biomass pellets. Because it is forbidden to add any additives to the material during the pelleting process, most kinds of pellets keep their raw materials’ smell, such as the wood pellets have the odour of wood, the straw pellets have their unique straw’s smell while the household garbage pellets throws off the same offensive smell as the stinking sewer. 4. observe. You should observe the color, gloss, purity, and ash content after burning. The color of wood pellets and straw pellets is typically light yellow or brown, while the household garbage pellets are black. Purity refers to the pelleting condition: the length of pellets is long and fines is little, then the pellets are first-class. The higher the gloss of pellets is, the better the quality of them is, while the household garbage has no gloss. The less the remaining ash content after the biomass pellets burning, the cleaner the raw material is, and the quality of pellets will be good.   Welcome to contact or visit Fote Machinery:
Wood sawdust pellet mill mainly takes the processing remainder of furniture factory or wood processing plant as the main raw materials, and the produced sawdust pellet can replace coal for combustion. This machine is also called wood sawdust fuel pellet mill or wood sawdust pellet making machine ( Bearing is an indispensable part in wood sawdust pellet machine. All the bearings adopt sealed structure to prevent the dust, change their work environment and extend their working life. However, there are some factors resulting in the early damage of bearings. The reasons for the premature failure of biomass pellet mill bearings are various. Improper installation, pollution and fatigue are the common ones. Therefore, correct selection of bearings, lubricants and lubrication method, proper installation and clean working condition ensure the normal work of bearings for a long time. Here are main reasons: 1. Fatigue Fatigue damage is the common bearing failure mode. The common reasons for the fatigue failure may include long-term overload operation, late and improper maintenance, aged equipment, etc. It is advised that choose the proper bearing type and change the fatigue bearings at regular and frequent intervals are required. 2. Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill Bearing Pollution Another reason for the premature failure of bearings is pollution, which means dust, metal filings entering the inside of the bearings. Open the package early before use, install the bearings in dirty working environment and work in the uncleanly condition are the causes of pollution. You had better not open the package of bearings before use. Besides, ensure the clean installation environment, clean the bearings to be used and enhance the sealing device are necessary. 3. Improper Installation There are two reasons for the improper installation. First, install the bearings with brute-fore, which is the primary cause of bearing deformation. Hitting the bearings directly with a hammer hurts the bearings most. The other reason is the installation deviation. The bearings must be mounted to the place where they should be. If not, the clearance between each bearing will be too small, which leads to the inside and outside circle being in the different center of rotation. It is suggested that install the bearings with proper and professional tool, and check the result with the dedicated measuring instrument after the installation.   Welcome to contact or visit Fote Machinery:
The main function of coal briquette machine is to press the spread coal powder and coal dust into briquettes, and add a certain amount of adhesive in the necessary time to improve the burning heat value of briquettes. Coal briquette press machine can save energy and protect the environment and the final products are convenient to be transported, thus improving the utilization of the waste materials and have excellent economic and social benefits. The coal briquette machine price changes all the time, some customers said some time ago they asked the price is cheaper thousands yuan than the price now .Indeed, the price of coal briquette machines are constantly changing, however, which factors influence the price of coal powder briquette machine? The coal briquette machine price is mainly affected by the raw material prices, steel prices, bearing prices as well as various materials price on the market changes. Such as the price of steel in the first half of 2009 has been at a low price, relatively the price of coal briquettemachine is low.However, this factor is an important aspect to affect the price of coal briquette machines, the most important thing depends on the production of coal briquette machine equipment factory the size, the plant equipment is mass production, wages and other costs will be a little low, so production cost will be low relatively, but compared with generally small factories, big factories's raw materials, manufacturing processes and other aspects equipment can't cut corners,so good quality machine cost is higher on the manufacturing materials and people, its price is higher relatively. Here, we tell each customer who want to buy the coal briquette machine, for the same type of the coal briquette machine, many factories offer a large gap, but coal briquette machine can't be determined in terms of price, customers should select good quality briquette machine, in order to create greater wealth for you. Welcome to contact or visit Fote Machinery:   main function of coal briquette machine: briquette machine price:
Mineral powder briquette machine is used to suppress coke powder material mechanical equipment. Due to the different processed materials, mineral powder briquetting machine ( is also called phosphate ore powder briquetting machine, nickel ore powder briquetting machine, laterite-nickel ore briquetting machine, etc.the body materials used mainly steel, iron products the most easy to rust maintenance and maintenance should be paid attention to, lubricant is widely used in the device, both bearing and roll need, even the host external iron can use the qualities of lubricant to rust-proof. Good lubricant can reduce the wastage of the equipment, prolong service life, its specific function has the following points: 1. Clean rinsing: Mineral powder briquette machine and other equipment in the process of work will produce certain wear particles and foreign media, if you don't clear in time will accelerate the wastage of the friction surface, the use of lubricant can take advantage of the liquid flow away friction surface grinding grain, to reduce the briquette machine wear condition, but also can keep the machine clean. 2. Reduce the abrasion: the lubricant used for frequent friction on the surface of the body, can reduce because of hard material equipment wear and tear or corrosive materials on the surface corrosion, can also feed the bit welding between metal surface and tear caused by the loss, and good lubrication effect, to avoid damage to the oil film, can keep the parts with precision, prolong the mineral powder briquette machine ( the overall use of time. 3. Reduction of temperature: In cold rolling, hot rolling, cutting, grinding, drawing and so on processing technology of the lubricating oil can have the effect of temperature drop and cooling, and in fluorite powder briquette machine used in the corresponding lubrication measures, also can reduce the friction coefficient. Liquid lubricant circulation lubrication system can take away the body produces heat in the process of doing work, to reduce the friction, a sharp rise in temperature, to control the equipment required temperature range, thus reducing the possibility of equipment damage caused by temperature rise.   Welcome to contact or visit Fote Machinery:
brautkleider mit spitze Schick, stylish, sexy: Umstandsmode gibt es mittlerweile in vielen Farben und Formen. Doch mit ein wenig Kreativität können Sie sich den Kauf von Schwangerschaftsmode sparen und trotzdem schön und modisch aussehen. Die Tricks zum Stylen finden Sie hier. Umstandsmode muss nicht sein Gerade zu Beginn der Schwangerschaft ist es kein Problem, ohne Umstandsmode auszukommen. In den ersten Monaten sehen andere ohnehin kaum etwas und sobald das Babybäuchlein anfängt zu wachsen, können Sie damit beginnen, sich die Kleidungsstücke einfach eine Nummer größer zu kaufen – und dann später zwei oder auch drei. So können Sie ohne große Probleme Ihrem Stil treu bleiben. Darüber hinaus gibt es unzählige Kleidungsstücke, die keine Umstandsmode sind und sich dennoch ideal für Schwangere eignen, da sie genügend Platz für den Babybauch bieten. Zum Beispiel Kleider im Empire-Stil. Ob elegant, sportlich oder lässig, die Auswahl an solchen Kleidern ist groß. Ebenfalls wunderbar geeignet, um dem Bauch genügend Platz zu lassen, sind Blusen oder Oberteile in Trapezform. Im Sommer bietet es sich außerdem an, sich ein schönes großes Tuch zu kaufen und sich dieses als Rock oder Kleid zu binden. hochzeitskleider günstig Aber natürlich müssen Sie in der Schwangerschaft nicht nur weite Sachen tragen: Solange Ihr Bauch nicht gequetscht wird, können Sie auch wunderbar enger anliegende Sachen tragen, die Ihre Figur betonen. Oberteile oder Kleider aus Stretch sind dafür eine gute Möglichkeit. Eine weitere Möglichkeit, ohne Umstandsmode durch die Schwangerschaft zu kommen, ist ein Blick in den Schrank Ihres Partners. Wer weiß, vielleicht finden Sie dort ein schönes Hemd, das Sie mit unten geöffneten Knöpfen zur Jeans tragen können? Was ist mit Hosen? brautkleider online kaufen günstig Viele Frauen möchten in der Schwangerschaft auf eine Hose nicht verzichten. In diesem Fall gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten, ohne Umstandsmode schick auszusehen. Am Anfang der Schwangerschaft können Sie einfach ein Gummiband durch das Knopfloch und um den Knopf Ihrer Hose ziehen und sie so schließen. Einfach ein langes und weites Oberteil dazu kombinieren, dann sieht es keiner. Ebenfalls geeignet sind in der Schwangerschaft Stretchhosen.
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