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The X431 Pad is a completely wireless piece of equipment. It can connect to the internet and to the Launch server through a VPN, and it has a Windows 7 operating system for ease of use – this really is just like a tablet computer.Through this connection, MENS allows you to communicate with other X431 Pad users all over the world. You can share real-time information, screenshots of your live data streams, photographs and video from the camera, and get assistance all through the cloud-based system. Other users or brand specialists can offer help and advice where needed and users can become a paid technician by advertising services through the network.Do you have a vehicle (typically an SUV) with four-wheel drive? If so, you know this can work in your favor if a snowstorm hits your area。 While some people know the ins and outs of four-wheel drive, others don’t know the first thing about what this system can do for them or how it works. Here are three tips to keep in mind:1. Know your options. Four-high, for example, allows you to travel at normal speeds. When you kick it into four-low, however, you should keep your speed to a minimum. This is designated for the most serious of situations, such as deep snow or mud.2. Set it and forget it? Most of today’s vehicles with four-wheel drive have an auto setting. This allows you to set it and forget it. If your vehicle can maintain traction with two-wheel drive, it will do so. If four-wheel drive becomes necessary, your vehicle will make the change on the fly. Easy enough, right?3. Don’t use four-wheel drive on dry roads. Doing so can damage your drivetrain and lead to costly repairs.I bought my launch x431 pad in October 2014. It originally came with what looked to be new Bridgestone Duellers. After taking the car home, the ride became very rough – especially at highway speeds. For whatever reason, the tires had cupped and we’re extremely uneven. Thankfully the dealership replaced the entire set of tires of my choice. I chose the Michelin and so glad I did. With over a year with these tires and 10,000 miles, the ride has remained smooth and quiet, has never hydroplaned or ever squealed while driving through sharp curves. Tread is still like new. I am so glad to have Michelin’s on this car. If you can afford it, I would choose the Michelin’s over the bridgestones.
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