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These years, an increasing number of people want to engage in locksmith industry, many civil locksmiths also want to join. I summarize 6 pieces of advice to the locksmith who wants to step into car key programming, in the aspect of invest, key programmers and cutting machines and some more attentions. Firstly, how much money and what ways to invest, it depends on your professional skills and budgets. Better ask for advice from the elder master and the experience locksmith. No device can do all, High price not means good quality, and not all machine is suitable for you. In order to avoid broking vehicle or making the vehicle can’t start, advise you choose the machines which have been proved that can work for a long time in the market, and among the same products which sold by many sellers, not the cheaper the saver, some sellers sell the products at a lowest price, but they don’t provide essential technical support, when you encounter problems they will not answer you, the money you save is meaningless. The more technical support you get, the more function the device can realize, therefore, the cheapest one is not suitable. Then what about the high-end tools, I have proved the most expensive tools Is not necessarily the best, such as the expensive Tango key pro, original AVDI, key pro M8 and more, they are all international tools and also very expensive, but actually the most expensive is not necessarily the best, the update operation is neither suitable for the junior locksmiths, the locksmith who has not enough budget will not afford to the update fee or the adapter fee. The freshman is not advised to invest the newest machines, for the senior locksmith they are experienced when they meet any problems and find the solution, but for the junior locksmith, when they meet any problem, they will have no any idea, if wrongly solved, the vehicle may be broken or can’t start, then you will be frustrated and lose confidence to program key. Therefore, if you are a junior locksmith, just wait until the senior locksmith prove the newest machines can work well. And you are suggested to start from the easier steps to the difficult steps, for example, firstly use the tool that needs not to remove the chip before use the tool that needs to remove the chip. Secondly, one customer’s demands to the consumables is different from that of the other, some customers prefer to the cheap one, some to the original one and some to the easier one, therefore we need to supply the original products, the reequipped products and cheap products. But you are not suggested to deal with too many inferior products; otherwise the customers may less trust you and you lose the reputation Thirdly, a grade store design will impress the customers, and the store with bad display will give the drivers bad impression that less profession and less reliability, then they are not willing to let you program his car. And you are supposed to be familiar with most brand car models, it is very bad to ask others or search the materials only after the driver drives the car to you, the more you know the more customers trust you. Fourth, Inform and explain, clarify responsibilities. Avoiding unnecessary trouble Take the battery change for example, when the car owner give us remote key and ask us to change the battery, usually we will directly change the battery and return to the driver, it seems to be easy, right? But, some auto locksmith react they encountered these incidents: after the battery changed, the remote control does not work, or the driver say the remote control distance is too short, even can’t start the vehicle. Why? There are three reasons: 1) the remote key code is lost and need to match again. 2) The remote key is damaged for the unprofessional operation by the locksmith. 3) The remote has problem before the driver gave you to change battery. As for the reason three, I advice after you get the driver’s key, the first thing to do is to test whether the driver’s remote key can work or not and the remote has frequency or not. Or you have better change the battery within sight of the owner, and the driver will believe you do nothing accept change the battery, although it is the phenomenon of lack of trust between you and the driver, but it will avoid some unnecessary troubles. Besides, before copy the new key you have better do the following work: 1) check if the key can work or not by inserting it into the car and try to start the car; 2) check if the warning light flash on the dashboard; 3) check if the light flashes when you use remote key to open or close the door; 4) if necessary, check the glass lift. To do the 4-steps work can avoid the misunderstanding between our locksmiths, according to my experience the car driver maybe thinks it is caused by our locksmith improper operation. Fifth, In order to peacefully deal with the locksmith industry for a long time, please strict compliance with the law, because car decoding involve motor vehicles identity, the vehicle that lost all keys is required to record and verify identity, It is easy to check if any future problems. Do not trap into vehicle robbery and property dispute because of immediate benefits. Finally, advice you make some locksmith friends, one good locksmith friend prior to ten key programming machines, as long as you are willing to learn and keep passion, your friends will help you when you have troubles during daily work. According to my years of experience, I suggest you some Obd2 Key Programmers(http://www.cnautotool.com/category-8-b0-Auto+key+Programmer.html) according to different car models and key chip. 1)Remote key programmer: H618 and KD600 2)Decoding machine: CI-PROG 300+, A168, key pro M8, X100 3)key programmer for 4th immobilizer system: VVDI2, DATA Smart3, original AVDI(http://www.cnautotool.com/category-165-b0-AVDI+ABRITES+Commanders.html) 4)chip read and writing machine: AD900, 884 and Tango(http://www.cnautotool.com/goods-5027-OEM+Tango+Key+Programmer+with+All+Software.html) 5)BMW key programmer: BMW OBD, AK300, BMW AK91 Mercedes Benz key programmer:  AK500, MB2 6)the key cutting machine: cheap working Condor XC-007 made in China, original expensive 994 or VIP In conclusion: which one tool to buy, it depends on your budget and needs, wish you earn more profits with less investment. http://autotool.biz/2017/09/13/advice-to-the-locksmith-who-wants-to-step-into-car-key-programming/
DESCRIPTIONCRP 329 is a Comprehensive Diagnosis Instrument. It Includes full function of OBD11/EOBD, and supports more functions of the full system (Engine, Automatic Transmission, Airbag, and ABS etc.) of certain models of caar, such as read and reset code, multi language, data stream picture display, storage and playback of dynamic data stream, as well as reset function (Reset Brake, Oil, SAS, Battery, DPF, TPMS, etc.) It has touch screen, Android system, wifi communication and powered by a battery.FEATURES1.Reads & clears codes on full systems2.Reads live data stream on full systems3.Support all 10 test modes of OBDII Auto module search4.Supports vehicles 1996 & newer (OBDII & CAN) 5.Retrieves generic PO, P2,P3 & UO codes, along with manufacture specific P1, P3, & U1 codes-both permanent & pending6.Read & clear check engine lights7.Turn off MIL & reset monitors displays DTC definitions right on the screen8.View freeze frame data & I/M readiness monitor status9.Display Live PCM data stream & 02 sensor test data10.Graph, record & replay data in full color11. Code Cause/solution tips guide users to the root cause of trouble codes faster12.Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN, CVN)13.Support reset function of certain models of carSpecificationAndroid 6.01.0GHz Quad-Core Processer1G Memory16G HD, Extended Micro SD(TF)Card up to 32G.3450mAh Polymer Lithiumlon Battery7’’ Color Capacitive Touch ScreenSupport Wi-Fi NetworkSupport BT 4.0, GPSSupport Camera Shootinghttp://www.cnautotool.com/goods-6537-New+Arrival+Launch+x431+Creader+CRP329+CReader+full+systems+Diagnostic+tool.html
  BMW ICOM diagnostic and programming scanner for BMW, MINI Cooper and Rolls Royce has upgraded to third generation-ICOM A3. Then what’s the difference among ICOM A, ICOM A1, ICOM A2 and ICOM A3? 6 major differences are listed below: 1.Appearance: ICOM and ICOM A share the same appearance. ICOM A3 designed with light weight and smaller size All BWM ICOM system comes with three modules ICOM A, ICOM B and ICOM C ICOM A – main adapter with OBD II connector for MOST, KCAN, DCAN ICOM B – additional adapter for optic line, use USB connection with ICOM A ICOM C – adapter for old vehicles with round 20-pin connector. ICOM Firmware/Hardware ICOM A and BMW ICOM A2+B+C share the same firmware. Four firmware version optional: V1.1.8, V1.33 and V1.36, and new V1.38. Each version firmware update tool can be downloaded free here: 1.18 firmware update tool 1.33 firmware update tool 1.36 firmware update tool 1.38 firmware update tool Best quality BMW ICOM A2 PCB display ICOM A3 comes with firmware version: V1.37 The new ICOM A3 has a better built firmware which supports better heat dissipation feature and able to receive a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity. A3 comes with robust aluminum box will help to avoid damage in harsh environments when using. 3)ICOM Software: ICOM A and ICOM A1 software: ISIS (ISTA-P) and ISID (ISTA-D), the latest version is: 2013.01. ICOM A2 and ICOM A3 software: ISTA-D ISTA-P (or Rheingold version). ICOM A2 current version: 2015.6V ISTA-D 3.49.30 ISTA-P 55.4.000 ICOM A3 current version: 2015.2V ISTA-D 3.48.10 ISTA-P There will be newer software version released continually in the future. ISIS/ISTA-D=diagnostic software ISIS/ISTA-P= programming software Function: ICOM A and ICOM A2 perform same function. But due to the old ICOM A module have problem in the cooling and protection design, ICOM A2 adopts the whole aluminum shell body, using aerial explosion-proof connector; and it use the joint connection line which similar to the Mercedes-Benz SDCONNECT COMPACT 4. BWM ICOM A2 comes with Network cable, can do Fiber optical programming, but ICOM A3 does not contain Network cable, can not do Fiber optical programming. Operating system: ICOM A: support Win XP O/S only. ICOM A1: Win XP and Win 7 64 bit O/S ICOM A2: Win XP and Win 7 O/S ICOM A3: Professional Win7 64 bit (NO Win XP) 6) Vehicle support ICOM A2 and ICOM A3 from CnAutotool.com cover the same BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce models. In conclusion: 1.The newest version ICOM A2 works better in cooling, runs faster and works more stable, not easier broken than older ICOM. 2.ICOM A3 can program all units for all BMW series expect media system. 3.ICOM A3 work more stable and has stronger compatibility than ICOM A2, A1.
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