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AMP protein kinase nucleotide dependent conformational change Adenosine monophosphate activated protein kinase is an exercise in intracellular protein kinase regulation of energy metabolism. Its main features can be combined with the AMP AMP receptor cells energy state to maintain the balance of the ATP generation and consumption of the eukaryotic cell, that means the energy homeostasis. Meanwhile, AMPK in the regulation of cell growth and proliferation, the establishment and stability of cell polarity, regulation of animal life, the regulation of circadian rhythms also play an important role. As has long been engaged in biological macromolecular structural biology, microtubule structure of protein molecules on the basis of studies of the regulation mechanism, provides a solid theoretical foundation for drug development. The researchers resolve two AMPK fragment containing the kinase domain structure, and detailed study of the kinetics of the process of the adenosine monophosphate (AMP) to regulate AMPK kinase activity, and proposed a new regulation of AMPK vitality model. This study provides a strong theoretical foundation for the research and development of new drugs for type II diabetes. The researchers confirmed that the energy sensor AMP activated protein kinase by AMP combined gamma subunit allosteric activator formed a heterologous trimer complex. Mammalian AMPK core co-crystal structures reveal the γ subunit of the nucleotide binding locus 3 is covered in the case of the presence of ATP. However, the presence of AMP binding to nucleotide binding locus. Mutagenesis studies have shown that locus 3 and 4 allosteric activation is essential for AMPK. New research about protein kinase reveals the AMP on AMPK may combine the position and the corresponding physiological significance, for in-depth understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of APMK important. antibody drug
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