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Turn $3.00 Into $10,000 In 30 Days Using Paypal

Turn $3.00 Into $10,000 In 30 Days Using Paypal

Posted by genesis
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If you are interested just follow the instructions.

This is staggering. It actually works. The info below is not from me,
it was given to me, and I followed it for a laugh, but it realy does work do it!!! Earn money in your sleep!

I have to say even after reading the statements below, I was at first
very sceptical, but it occurred to me that the small investment of $3
required is less than I usually pay for my lunch, so what if it doesn't work out? Well, I guess I might have to make sandwiches tomorrow!

That's the reason why I would urge you to give this programme a chance, because you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Please read the free information below, and decide for yourself.

This is what one promoter from South Wales said about this fabulous


Over the last few years I have received loads of emails telling me how to make a fortune, but none of them have ever delivered. So when I saw this opportunity to make over $10,000 at a time I ignored it because of course, I was sceptical. However something about this one rang true to me, and I was desperate to know whether it was possible to make that amount of money in such a short space of time. I realised that I had absolutely nothing to lose by having a go at this plan. And apart from that, I just couldn't stop myself from thinking "What if it actually works?"

Therefore, I put my doubts to one side and I went ahead and followed
the simple instructions given in that e-mail. It took me less than 30
minutes to complete and it cost me no more than $3. When I think back to all the similar offers I had previously deleted, it makes me shudder, because now I know just how close I came to missing out completely.

So just what is this offer I found? Well, read on, all will be revealed!

The business plan I am about to share with you works perfectly every
single time. Let me assure you that this is a LEGITIMATE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, a perfectly legal moneymaking enterprise. It does not require you to sell anything. It does not require you to speak to anybody(unless you want to). Anyone with a pulse and a computer can become successful and make their fortune with this system. If you do this and this alone, within the next 30 days you will receive over $10,000 in cash via your PayPal account.

This programme works no matter what country you are in, or what currency you use. It doesn't matter how old or how young you are. And you certainly won't need any special knowledge or talent. You won't need to run a web site, or make phone calls, or make photocopies, or send out letters through the mail, or pay for advertising, etc.

The only things you will need are:

1. An e-mail address (many are available for free).

2. A Premier PayPal account (free to sign up for) with at least $3 deposited in it.

3. 30 minutes of your time

Here are just 3 testimonials from the countless individuals who decided to invest nothing more than $3 and half an hour of their time to participate in this programme:

"What an amazing plan! I followed your instructions just 3 weeks ago,
and although I haven't made 10 grand yet, I'm already up to $6,135. I'm absolutely gob smacked." Alan Humphries , Leicester

"This is Lisa. Well, what can I say?... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I sent 40
e-mail's out like you said and then I just forgot about the whole thing. To be honest, I didn't really think anything would come of it. But when I checked my paypal account a week later, there was over $3,000 in it! After 30 days I now have over $11,000 to spend! I can't thank you enough!" Lisa McDonald, Northampton

"I was shocked when I saw how much money came flooding into my paypal account. Within 3 weeks my account balance has ballooned to $7,449. At first I thought there had been some sort of error with my account!" Richard Barrie , Cirencester

Just a few months ago, each of these people were doing the same thing
as you are at this very moment - reading this! But because they decided to follow the simple instructions given below, they are now considerably better off as a result. And there's no reason whatsoever why you can't share in this success. You've got nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!

Let's get started, just follow the instructions exactly as set out
below and then prepare yourself for a HUGE influx of cash over the next 30 days!Here's what you need to do. . .


OK, if you're not already a PayPal user, the very first thing you need to do is click on the PayPal link below and SIGN UP. It takes just 2 minutes!

Here's the link below:

Be sure to use this link so you can sign up for a free PREMIER or
BUSINESS account. You'll need to have a PREMIER or BUSINESS account (and not a PERSONAL account) otherwise you won't be able to receive credit card payments from other people.


It is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give in
order to receive. So the first thing to do when you have your Business PayPal account is to IMMEDIATELY send a $3 payment from your PayPal account to the FIRST e-mail address in the list below, along with a note saying: "Please add me to your mailing list"

Be certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS THIS PROGRAMME
LEGAL. Instructions on how to send a payment are under "SEND MONEY" at the Paypal site. It's so easy!!

When you send your $3 payment to the first address in the list, do it
with a great big smile on your face because "as you sow, so shall you reap!”


1) [email protected]

2) [email protected]

3) [email protected]

4) [email protected]

5) [email protected]

After you have transferred a $3 payment to the e-mail address at the
top of the list, something very eerie happens. It gives you an indescribable, overwhelming sense of certainty, belief and conviction in the system. You've just proved to yourself that, because you have done it, there must be a great number of other people ready to do exactly the same.

Thus you have now seen for yourself, first hand, that this business
actually works!


Once you've sent a $3 payment to the address at the top of the list
(along with your note - this is VERY important!), the next thing you need to do is to obtain a copy of the contents of this page, as you'll be sending it out (as an e-mail message or by advertising your page) to at least 40 people (keep in mind that 40 is a good number of people to reach, but with all the different ways of advertising for free on the Internet the amount of views and sign-ups under you could well exceed into the hundreds or thousands if you wish....the more people who join the more profitable for everyone on the list, including you). The copy that you will send out will contain YOUR unique PayPal referral URL and YOUR e-mail address at number 5 in the list -having deleted the address at Number 1 in the list, and moving the others up a position.

The easiest way to do this is to:

A. Go to the toolbar at the top of the window and select "Edit" and
then "Select All".

B. Go to the toolbar again and select "Edit" and then "Copy".

C. Start (compose) a new e-mail message (PLAIN TEXT so everyone can
view it!).

D. Fill in your e-mail address and subject line, and then click in the main message area.

E. Go to "Edit" and "Paste" to paste the text into your new e-mail
message. Now you can edit and format the message text in any way you want!

The only thing you need to make sure of is that YOUR e-mail address is at Number 5 in the list in STEP 2.Be sure to use your e-mail address that is associated with your PayPal account.

A word of warning! Don't be tempted to add your e-mail address to
position 1 in order to earn money fast! It doesn't work like that! If you do that, you will ONLY reach the people you directly send mails to, and then your address will be immediately removed from the Number 1 place and you won't reach thousands of people! But, if you add your name to the Number 5 position, there will be literally tens of thousands of people receiving and sending emboli's later - when your name is at the Number 1 spot!!!

F. Once you've got your e-mail message ready, send out a minimum of 40 copies of the e-mail - but only to people you know, or to people who respond to MLM offers, or to people who've sent YOU offers. By sending this letter and the payment via E-MAIL, the response time is EXTREMELY fast.......... ELECTRONIC TRANSFER INTERNET FAST!!!

Within 30 days, over $10,000 cash will pass through your PayPal
account. In fact, you can expect to receive a substantial number
of $3 payments within the first few days! Keep a copy of your e-mail
safe so that you can use it again whenever you need more cash!

Here's how it works:

When you send out your emails, your e-mail address will initially be at Number 5 in the list. As long as you send your emails to people who are likely to be interested in this program, on average, you can expect a response from about 25% of the people you send to. But let's be extremely conservative here and assume that you receive an average response rate of only 12.5%. . .

If you send out your e-mail to 40 different people, you can expect at
least 5 of those people to do exactly what you did (12.5% of 40 = 5). By this time, your e-mail address will have moved up to Number 4 in the list, and this list will now have reached around 200 people (5 x 40).

Out of those 200 people, you can expect at least 25 of them to
participate (12.5% of 200 = 25), so that's a further 1,000 emails (25 x 40) being sent out and your e-mail address will have risen to Number 3 in the list.

Out of those 1,000 people, you can expect at least 125 of them to
participate (12.5% of 1,000 = 125), so that's a further 5,000 emails
(125 x 40) being sent out with you now at the Number 2 position.

Out of those 5,000 people, you can expect at least 625 of them to
respond (12.5% of 5,000 = 625), so that's 25,000 emails (625 x 40) being sent out with YOUR ADDRESS at the Number 1 spot!

Now, out of those 25,000 people, you can expect around 3,125 of them to respond (12.5% of 25,000 = 3,125). And since you will now be at NUMBER 1 in the list, you will receive: $9,375 (3,125 x $3).

So, when your name starts to hit the Number 1 position within the next
few days, it will be YOUR turn to collect the money! The first payments will arrive within a few days, and they will continue at the rate of about 100 payments per day for about 30 days. After that time, the volume of payments begins to taper off as your e-mail address vacates the Number 1 position.

That's all you need to do! There will be around $10,000 in $3 payments waiting for you in your PayPal account within the next few weeks. $10,000 for just 30 minutes work! It's just that easy!!! I think it's WORTH IT, don't you?

Remember, the 12.5% example above is assuming that 35 out of the 40
people you send your e-mail to will do absolutely nothing except delete your e-mail. However, if you follow the plan correctly and send your emails only to people who are likely to want to participate, you can expect a typical response-rate of around 25%. Hence, the 12.5% example is only given as a worst-case-scenario. Additionally, the above example assumes that each participant will only send out 40 emails. Imagine what would happen if each participant sent out 1,000 emails instead of just 40! Believe me, many people will do this and much more by using free online advertising. For example, visit: (copy and paste into address bar)

4 factors that make this programme so successful. . .





Because of the VIRTUALLY ZERO INVESTMENT, SPEED, and HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL, this programme has a VERY HIGH RESPONSE RATE! And all from just a simple email and one simple $3 PayPal transaction!

UNLIMITED income potential!

This programme is structured for everyone to send only 40 e-mail's each to start. However, you are certainly not limited to 40. Send out as many e-mail's as you want. Every 40 e-mail's you send has a return of AT LEAST £10,000 WITHIN 30 DAYS. So, if you can e-mail 50, or 100, or whatever, GO FOR IT! THE MORE YOU PUT INTO IT, THE MORE YOU GET OUT OF IT!

However, you MUST remember that sneaking your name higher up on the list will NOT produce the results you think, and it only cheats the other people who have put in the effort and have earned the right to be there. So please, play by the rules and the serious money will come to you!

To get started, just click on the link below:

But please play by the rules! This programme doesn't cost anything but $3 and about half an hour of your time, and if everyone plays fair, everyone WINS!!

So there it is. You now have the knowledge that will enable you to make over $10,000 within the next few weeks. The only thing that can hold you back now is a lack of faith or a lack of self-belief. However, any doubts you may currently have will disappear within a few days of putting this plan into practice. Trust me on this! You certainly won't regret it.

Thank you, and good luck in your ventures

Take the time and do it today!
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