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Texas, Eagle Pass, Charles D. Butts - The "lone Wolf" - Texas' Super Criminal Defense Lawyer

Texas, Eagle Pass, Charles D. Butts - The "lone Wolf" - Texas' Super Criminal Defense Lawyer

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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE. From CHARLES D. BUTTS (the "LONE WOLF"). Dear prospective client and all who may read this message, LET ME ADVISE YOU UP FRONT that I do not have a huge, multi-offices Law firm. I do not have a huge "army" of lawyers or employees working for me. I do not have offices in other cities or states (where all-too-many attorneys simply use "call forwarding" from their ONE and ONLY office, thereby misleading you and other unsuspecting public into thinking they are dealing with a BIG TIME law firm). I do not have any so-called "celebrities", movie or TV stars, sports figures, or slick PR people boosting my practice with a bunch of expensive "canned" commercials, claiming they are my representatives or otherwise boosting my credentials or expertise. I do not believe Attorneys should engage in such misleading advertising but sincerely believe it more right and ethical to TELL IT LIKE IT IS ----- thus, when you retain the services of Charles D. Butts that is who you get, Me, Charles D. Butts, the "LONE WOLF". That being said and made clear, I respectfully submit that I have many years of extensive and successful State and Federal trial experience in both criminal and civil cases. I devote and give my own personal attention to each and every client's case. I have been spotlighted in numerous magazines, books and on national television. I sincerely believe I can and will help you with your legal problems with the CRIMINAL LAW in both Federal and State courts, should you retain me and should I agree to accept your case, I say "should I agree to accept your case" because I do not accept every case or potential client but carefully analyze and screen them before doing so. Experience in the practice of law, both Criminal and Civil, is critical in the courtroom before both Judge and Jury. I have that experience. The Grey Wolf, Silver Fox, Lawyer from Witchtaw, Mr. President and Lone Wolf are some of several nicknames I have been called because of my courtroom successes and manner of trying a case, especially before a Jury. "Lone Wolf " is my favorite. Therefore, throughout my website there will appear many helpful comments and suggestions under the heading: "The LONE WOLF" that will be of interest and help to you to understand various points of law and court procedures perhaps relevant to your case and other issues. These should help you retain the right CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER for you. It is respectfully suggested that you retain the "LONE WOLF". I have successfully tried numerous Criminal and Civil cases in both State and Federal Courts, covering a wide spectrum of the Law . everything from simple assault and DWI through Capital Murder, as a dedicated Criminal Defense Counsel, vigorous, fair-minded Prosecutor, and Protector of the Constitutional and Civil Rights of all my clients regardless of their age, race, sex, national origin, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation or any other discrimination. My many years of trial experience before Juries and Judges as Assistant Criminal District Attorney in Wichita Falls, as First Assistant Criminal District Attorney and Chief Prosecutor in both Fort Worth and San Antonio, and my known record as a successful, respected Criminal Defense Attorney in Texas and Montana in fraud and white collar cases, murder and capital murder, rape, robbery, DWI and numerous other criminal cases, distinguishes me in the legal profession. When I was Assistant D.A. in Wichita Falls, the District Attorney and I investigated, removed from office, prosecuted, convicted for Forgery, and sent to the penitentiary the local Sheriff (President of the Texas Peace Officers Association at the time). Despite many accusations against us of "Playing Politics", personal threats and unprintables, we doggedly hung in there and got the job done. When I was in the District Attorney's office in Fort Worth, Texas (Tarrant County) I took the lead in successfully prosecuting, convicting and sending to "Death Row" the infamous serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff, and have appeared several times on national television on the Discovery, A&E and other channels in related documentaries. When I was in the District Attorney's Office in San Antonio (Bexar County) I successfully prosecuted, among others, the notorious "Thief of Baghdad" for murder and armed robbery. Also, I was hired by Live Oak County as a Special Prosecutor and successfully prosecuted and convicted two other vicious killers, Skillern & Sanne, of capital murder for assasinating an undercover peace officer in a "drug scam". The list of those whom I have successfully defended for a variety of alleged crimes is too long for here. You will read about several on my website at I served as legal advisor for a book about McDuff's reign of terror, "The Bad Boy from Rosebud". Considerable portions spotlight my prosecution and conviction of him in Fort Worth. The Author Gary M. Lavergne wrote in his Acknowledgments: "It was a joy to meet and become friends with Charles Butts of San Antonio. Charlie read each chapter and provided written, very insightful suggestions and observations. I shamelessly exploited his brilliant legal mind.". I also served as legal adviser for another book about a mass Dallas night club murder entitled "Worse than Death", also Authored by Gary M. Lavergne, published by the University of North Texas Press. "No Remorse" by Author Bob Stewart is another book about McDuff's reign of terror, murder and rape. Published by the Pinnacle Press (Kensington Publishing Company) it also gives generous credit to my advice and assistance. I was honored and privileged to edit and update at the request of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) a valuable book entitled "Criminal Trial Strategy" written by my longtime friend Charles Tessmer (deceased) a distinguished member of TCDLA's "Hall of Fame", re-published by that outstanding organization. The San Antonio Lawyer magazine published a series of ten (10) articles of mine highlighting my career as a Prosecutor, Criminal Defense Counsel and Courtroom Lawyer. The San Antonio Defender magazine, published by San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, also published some of my several articles on the trial of criminal cases.". I was privileged to serve on the 3-Man Editorial Committee for the publication of the "Federal Criminal Practice Manual", a joint project of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Project. My years of experience, dedication to my clients and honor of the legal profession, I respectfully submit, eminently qualify me for any legal task I choose to undertake. I say this because I do NOT accept just any case that comes along and do NOT take any that I do not sincerely believe to be within my area of experience and expertise. IN THIS CONNECTION: For many years I have successfully represented clients in a wide variety of both Criminal and Civil cases. NOW, however, I limit my practice exclusively to the Defense of Criminal Cases in all Federal and State Courts . LET ME REPEAT: My practice is NOW limited to the Defense of Criminal Cases in all Federal and State Courts . Study carefully the above information and my website listed as: . and after doing so should you believe I can help you, give me a call at 210-240-8239 (night or day 7 days a week) or e-mail me at: [email protected] . WHAT TO DO ABOUT YOUR CRIMINAL CASE : If you, a relative or friend have a criminal case please call me at 210-240-8239 or e-mail me at [email protected] giving me as much detailed information as you can, including what you or they are charged with, case number, if you know, which court, date of any court setting, nature of the case (i.e., murder, capital murder, burglary, DWI, rape or whatever), the facts (be absolutely honest and remember that what you tell me will be held in confidence ) your/their name(s), address, phone, date of birth, names and phone numbers of any witnesses for you, whether or not you/they have any prior offenses and if so what, when and where, and any additional information that will help me evaluate the case and give you the help you need. When I receive the information you send me I will study it, give you a phone call and/or an e-mail, possibly set up an office visit and do my best to advise you as to what can or should be done to give you the Justice you deserve". There is no charge for the initial consultation. In the event you should want to retain me and should I accept your case, at that time we can agree upon the terms of our contract. In this connection let me advise you that I always require a written agreement in order that we both know exactly our mutual responsibilites. WHAT ABOUT BAIL BONDS?. I do NOT write bail bonds for anyone, clients or otherwise. WHY? Because I believe to do so creates a conflict of interest or at least a potential conflict of interest. HOW? Because there is sometimes created a fear in a lawyer's mind of the bond being forfeited if the client fails to make his or her court appearances. There is just too big a temptation to protect the Lawyer's own "pocket book" by "going off" the bond. Obviously, this does not happen to many clients or lawyers but it is my firm practice to avoid all appearances of a conflict or other problems that very well might not be in my clients' best interest. Even though I do not write bail bonds myself I know of several reputable professional, licensed Bail Bondsmen to whom I feel comfortable in referring you. CHARLES D. BUTTS (the "Lone Wolf"). E-Mail: [email protected] Phone 210-240-8230 Fax 210-979-7430. NOTE: OFFICE VISITS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Petroleum Tower 2, Suite 510, 8626 Tesoro Drive, San Antonio, TX 78217-6217

Fax: (210) 979-7430 (7 days/24 hours)

Telephone: (210) 240-8239 (24 Hours)

Texas, Eagle Pass


CRIMINAL DEFENSE ALL COURTS, Driving While Intoxicated ( DWI & DUI ), White Collar Crimes (Federal & State), Major Felonies (Federal & State), Murder, Robbery, Assaults & Burglary, Civil Rights Violations by the Police, Elder, Spousal, Child & Other Abuses, Litigation - All Federal & State Courts, Honors and Awards, Life Fellow, Texas Bar Foundation, Texas Super Lawyers (Criminal Defense), 2003 - 2008, Best Lawyers of America (20 Consecutive Years), American Board of Trial Advocates, Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, 2006 - Present, Fellow of the Texas Bar College, Past President Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Past Chairman Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Educational Association, Past President San Antonio Bar Association, Past Director State Bar of Texas, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Classes and Seminars, Adjunct Professor, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, St. Mary's University School of Law, 1975 - 1976, Presented Numerous Lectures on Criminal Law, Cross-Exami nation, Juery Selection, Jury Argument, Legal Ethics, Demonstrative Evidence, "The Law" and others to Bar Associations, Service Clubs and Other Organizations, Texas State Bar, TCDLA, SABA, Optimist Clubs, Retired FBI Members and Schools, 1971 - Present, Representative Cases, List furnished upon e-mail request, Same (State & Federal), References, I suggest you ask your local Judges about my reputation., Ancillary Businesses, Public Speaker & Legal Writer, West Practice Categories, Police Misconduct, Search & Seizure Protections, Criminal Law, Criminal Fraud, DUI/DWI, Drug Violations, Federal, Felonies, Misdemeanor, Sex Offenses, Victims' Rights, White Collar Crimes, Computer Crimes, Federal Trial Practice, State Trial Practice, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, US Supreme Court, Sexual Abuse -- Plaintiff, Whistleblower/Qui Tam

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