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Strip That Fat

Strip That Fat

Posted by hbs3900
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Strip That Fat

Fat is...
A mixture of lipids, chiefly triglycerides, that is solid at normal body temperatures. Fats occur widely in plants and animals as a means of storing food energy, having twice the calorific value of carbohydrates. In mammals, fat is deposited in a layer beneath the skin (subcutaneous fat) and deep within the body as a specialized adipose tissue.

The best overall approach involves three components:

(1) Eating the correct foods(

Avoid eating spicy snack, In your diet must include healthy foods only vegetables,fruits
Every Morning Take a piece of lemon with water which help
you to reduce fat.

(2) Weight training(

(3) Cardio exercise(

Medical studies have shown that generally, weight just gained in the middle area (ie- abs), is due to your insulin levels. This means that it is caused by too much sugar/carbs. Decreasing your sugary carbs decreases spikes in your blood sugar levels, which decreases your waistline.

A) Reduce Belly fat...
It is not possible to tell you how to lose belly fat because it is not possible to spot reduce. The way to learn how to lose belly fat is by learning how to lose fat from all over your body. In short, cut out refined carbohydrates, eat several small meals per day that include eat quality fat burning protein. Eat low carbohydrate non-starchy vegetables, and low carbohydrate fruits such as berries. Drink more water. Cut out sugars and empty calories. In addition, exercise.

B) Reduce Hip fat...

If you are going to lose hip fat, it is important to get exercise, or the plan just won't work. Make an effort to sit around less and move around more. Spending more time sitting instead of laying and standing instead of sitting will (on a small scale) raise your metabolism. You will also have to move your body more.

Workout your whole body.If you want to lose hip fat you can exercise your hips and gluteus.Losing weight will take muscle burning all over your body. Exercise your arms and abdominal muscles, as well as your legs. You can do exercise that isolate muscles, like sit-ups and bicep curls, or you can do exercises that work your entire body at once, like swimming. The amount of exercise that you do has to be proportionate to the amount of calories you intake. In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

C) Weight lose...

You cannot selectively lose weight in one area and not another. Do weight lifting exercises that are specific to that area to bulk up the muscles.

Unfortunatly, when you lose fat, it goes from everywhere. You should do cardio exercises that lose the fat. But if you want a big rounded bum, do a lot of squats and bum-toning exercises.

D) Muscle( Leg, Hand) Fat lose...
A combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

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If you follow all the steps,i can make sure you that you really reduce your fat within 1/2 months.

I learned the hard way and am extremely happy with this one -
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