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Spiritual Healer Clairvoyant Tarot Pyschic Love Spell

Spiritual Healer Clairvoyant Tarot Pyschic Love Spell

Posted by zane
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I know exactly what and how it's like...

The feelings of humans are universal. What you feel inside yourself - all the hurt, pain, anger, jealousy, depression, disappointment, melancholy - when you are in a failing relationship, is exactly the same as that experienced by someone else who has been in your shoes and goes through what you have gone through right now.

Years ago, the love of my life was involved in an extramarital affair, and he wanted a separation. So I had been ‘there', gone through ‘it', and lived through what I would call "a living hell".

I was full of anguish and disbelief when it happened. I couldn't believe my eyes and my ears. I must admit; I had been a good girlfriend to him for years; giving him the greatest care and love I could give. In fact, I almost gave him my everything!

When my relationship failed, I wanted to bring back my lover, as I felt deep in my heart that we should be together. But I did not know what went wrong and why things happened the way they did!

The heartache and pain I went through could literally tear me apart!

Well-meaning friends, family members and close associates of mine tried to counsel me, did everything they could to help me, even trrid to talk me out of having him back by my side.

I searched every books and treatises I could get a hold of, all of them were written by ‘experts' and ‘professionals' who claimed that they had the solutions to my problems and could help me get rid of my pain and heartache permanently.

It all ended in disappointment and more frustration...

• They did not answer my most pressing question - WHY? Why on earth is this happening to me? I had been a good lover all the time I had been with him. I could scream to Heaven and Earth for the answer and it did not come to me. This book has the answer to that question.

• They did not tell me how I could stop the separation or how to re-unite with my loved one. Instead, most encouraged me to go ahead with the separation. "You are not suited for each other.” "He/She is heartless. He/She is not worth your love.” "You just have to learn to let go.” Does all of this sound familiar?

• They did not tell me how to stop all that pain and hurt. You know what I mean if you have experienced it before. It really could tear you to pieces. "Go on a vacation.” "Be a volunteer, you will forget the pain when you are busy.” "It will pass. Time will heal it.” It never works. What I wanted was to get rid of the heartache, frsutration and pain - at that precise moment!

• They did not tell me how I could achieve a harmonious and fulfilling relationship, for as long as I wished and exactly as I wanted it. "Life is impermanent. Life is unpredictable.” ”People change, things change; you just have to accept it.” That is all they could say.

Mr Mungo

House No.9 kings avenue,

Cresta Randburg,

South Africa,2000.


Email;[email protected]

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