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Real Greeting Cards At Half The Price

Real Greeting Cards At Half The Price

Posted by drinkjus23
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Thomas loughran
[email protected]

Here's The Truth They Don't Want You To Know About!

Why are people trying to keep this hidden from you?

Imagine if there was really a way you could get more respect and become more appreciated by your friends, family, and business associates while enhancing who you are and what you do for a living.

In the paragraphs below, I'm actually going to show you how you could actually get paid while doing something you'll love. But what's remarkable is the fact that from now on, you're going to be one of the most respected and well thought of people in your circle of friends, relatives, and business associates.

Yes, the words I've carefully written below are about to reveal something that up until now has been a mystery to you. I'm about to uncover a major part of your life that you didn't even know you were neglecting!

Imagine if there were so many new people in both your business and personal life wanting to meet you and spend time with you that you actually had to turn most of them down. Imagine if your own business had so many new people wanting to send you money that you actually needed help collecting and counting it all. Well, if you play your cards right and read every word written below, that's now going to be a "REAL" part of your life!

You're just moments away from getting you're own website that does everything listed above for you. The best part is this: The website I'm about to give you is mostly automated so there's very little for you to do. You can literally be gone all day while this thing does the heavy lifting for you.

Ok, now I'm going to explain how this is going to fit into your life.

As you continue down below, I'm actually going to reveal some shocking news that's purposely being kept from you!

There's a new internet-based company that might make greeting card companies like Hallmark think twice about ever charging you $5.00 for a card again! This company is like RobinHood because it's going to take from the rich, fat, money-grubbing corporations, and give to you! Yes, right now a new movement is taking place. Americans and Canadians are changing the way they buy greeding cards and this brings a shocking new opportunity right to your doorstep! I'll explain below how this new trend in the greeting card industry could make you the most popular person in your neighborhood!

What I'm describing is a new internet-based company that provides postcards, greeting cards, thank you cards and basically cards for all occasions. So what could possibly be new or exciting about that? Well, here's what's new and unique, and here's what could be that "Opportunity" or "Big Change" you've always been looking for:

This company allows you to save time and money by sending people "Real Paper and Ink" greeting cards and post cards right from your computer. Yes, these cards are all personally picked out and ordered online by you! Now here's where this thing begins to get very interesting... These cards you choose online are physically delivered the old fashioned way The post office delivers these cards directly to the "REAL METAL" mailboxes in front of your recipient's home.

Anyway, this company has gone and done something completely insane by mixing the hi-tech internet with the good-old-fashioned paper and ink cards we've all come to know and love. This isn't one of those insensitive "E-Cards" or email cards that nobody reads or even cares about. Those cards make it seem like you didn't even care enough to take the time to go down to a store and pick out a "Real" card. Those cards probably do more harm to your relationships than good. No, this is completely different. That's what makes it such a juicy little secret. With this system, each time you send a card, the recipient will have no way of knowing you didn't take the time to get in your car, go down to a store, pick out a card, write something inside it, sign your name, stick a stamp on the envelope and drop it off at the post office. Yes, you're about to look like a "TRUE" professional in more ways than one!

This new affiliate system lets you choose from the same amount of cards you'd see in a retail store such as Wal-Mart except you don't have to waste your time, effort or gas going to the store because these guys have figured out a way to put the store on your computer. You just pick out the card on your own computer screen and with one click of a button, a multi-million dollar computer system in a factory signs the card with your "REAL" signature. How can this company put your signature inside the card? Simple, you just mail them your signature or scan it into their website one time. After that, it's in their system, ready to go on any card, at any time with one click of your mouse.

Plus, their new handwriting scanner will scan your "Real" handwriting into their system so you can write inside the card with your own "Real" handwriting." Imagine how authentic and sincere all your cards are going to look with a P.S. added to the inside of your cards in your own handwriting! Whether you're sending a card to a potential customer, friend, or a relative, can you feel and comprehend the powerful impact you're about to make on the various people you'd like to make a good impression on? How real can you get? This all equals more customers and more friends in your life! I've personally got all the friends I can handle so I'm mostly into the money-making aspect of this whole thing. I'll be happy to show you exactly how I do it.

At this point some of you may be asking: How does my own handwriting get inside a "Real" paper and ink card by typing on my keyboard?

This isn't one of those goofy deals where you use a pen attached to a wire to write on a "doodle pad" like you do when you sign your credit card receipt at Wal-Mart. No, this is a brand-spankin' new technology that actually scans your "Real" handwriting into one of the most expensive computers in the world and magically transforms each stroke from your keyboard into your "Real" handwriting in front of your very own eyes. I could try to describe the intensity of this to you all day long, but you'd still never fully understand or appreciate how awesome this technology is by reading my words alone. So rather than trying to describe how this computer does its magic, I'd like to give you a free gift account so you could try it out for yourself on my dime!

Oh, and by the way, did it cross your mind that the only way you can ever get seriously wealthy in life is to tap into something people already need and use regularly? Ok, so did you realize this is already an "In-Demand-Product" we all need and use at a price that beats the pants off the old fashioned, brick and mortar store prices? That's not something all companies can claim. Not only does this company beat the price of Hallmark, Wal-Mart, or other retail stores, but those places aren't going to actually custom print your card, insert your signature, stick it in an envelope, paste a stamp on it and go drop it in the mailbox for you. All this for less than half the cost of a Wal-Mart or Hallmark card? Yes, it saves you time, money, and the gas it would take you to drive to the store, as well as the frustration of parking and long lines.

Oh, and did I mention that you can click on any picture on your computer and it will automatically print the picture of your choice on the inside of your card? You can even make it print the picture on the front of the card!

Plus there's another huge benefit I haven't even told you about yet...

This mystery company actually gives you an online calendar so it reminds you when it's time to send the people in your life that special card. You can even skip the reminder feature and just tell the system to automatically print a "Select Group" of cards to a specific list of people on the exact day you specify. All of the cards are quickly printed and inserted into envelopes with a "Real" postage stamp and dropped off at the post office by a massive truck. I use this feature to help build and maintain personal relationships as well as business relationships. You haven't experienced lead building and lead generation until you've tried the power of "Thank You Card Marketing."

Since it was Henry Ford who invented the assembly line back in 1913, it's too bad Mr. Ford can't be here today to see how his assembly line is changing the way people send cards. I'm sure a forward thinking person like himself would have been one of the first people in line to use this and profit from it as well.

You can even tell the system to automatically send all your cards on the correct dates without you even having to lift a finger. All this for less than half the price of a Wal-Mart or Hallmark card? Yes...And of course it gets even better when you look at the fact that you can get paid by simply sharing this incredible new technology with others! This is so hot right now, you don't even have to do any "selling." It only takes about three minutes to describe it to people and they immediately have a major light bulb go off in their head about how big this is going to be for the people who get in early! I feel very certain this will become totally saturated two years from now when the whole world finds out about it. That means you've probably got about two years to get your piece of the pie! What ever you do...don't be the last one in line for this!

Do you understand how few people know about this opportunity right now?

Some states have as few as 200 distributors! It's growing so fast right now I don't even want to freak you out by telling you how many people joined last month. But I've got some inside information that proves this is still nothing compared to what's about to happen to this during the next two months! Yes, I know a secret about this that makes all other affiliate programs and money-making systems look like paper airplanes! Don't just stand there watching and waiting while others get on board and sign everyone up! Last time I checked, waiting doesn't get you anywhere in life. Do you want to be one of those people who kicks yourself when you look back at this a year from now?

Each person I've told about this company has instantly began to see all the various ways this can be used to enhance business and personal relationships in their lives. This affiliate program puts all others to shame and I'm certain this will be the bench-mark all other affiliate programs will strive to become. Who's kidding who? What other company is ever even going to pay you to do something this simple? Seriously, don't kid yourself and don't wait another minute to get in on this one!

What about support? Take your pick...You can call me direct for support or you can call the company at their toll free number. I've personally never had to call for support simply because this system is close to perfect! I'm so certain you'll make a serious income with this and enjoy using the service for both business and pleasure, I'm willing to pay for your own temporary account out of my own pocket. This way you'll be able to experience everything I'm telling you about in this letter for yourself and you'll have proof that what I'm telling you is true. So don't take my word for it, try it yourself right now! You won't even need to provide any personal information. The company won't ask for your credit card number and won't ask you to commit to anything. You can use your free account to confirm and prove everything I'm telling you! If the response to this letter is as huge as I think it's going to be, there could end up being a waiting list to get one of these accounts (I'd like to give you an account as soon as possible but the first people to call me will obviously get faster service than those who wait until the line grows.) Every minute counts! Don't let too many minutes tick by or you could end up at the very end of the line!

And again, this system is the perfect way for anyone to send a sincere card, including those who don't own their own business. But if you do happen to run any sort of business or promotions, this system is a must for you. Why? Simple, you can use a new marketing technique called "Thank you card marketing" to stand out from everyone else who's competing against you to get their message in front of some serious-curious eyeballs. "Thank You Card Marketing" is actually not all that new. Individuals and companies have been doing it for years, but they've been lazy about it because it normally takes so much money, time and labor to get all your cards delivered. But not anymore! Now that this new mystery company allows you to have your complete list of contacts online and ready to send to at the click of a button, it's too easy!

Plus this system lets you remotely sign all your cards, inserts them in their envelopes, puts a stamp on them, and literally drops them off at the post office for you; there's nothing standing in your way of a whole new stream of income. This company even lets you insert "Real Plastic" gift cards inside your greeting cards, with one click of your mouse. Yes, the same popular gift cards you see hanging in all the stores can be inserted into your "REAL PAPER" cards! Again, it's all done through the miracle of computers! It's completely automated! It goes right from your keyboard directly to the post office! This new technology is causing a major revolution in marketing to take place. "Thank you card marketing" is the hottest new trend to hit the internet. A "thank you" card has always been a "Secret, back door" method to reach people with a message, but now you can finally do it for a fraction of what "paper & ink-postal mail" used to cost.

Now you know about a multi-billion dollar industry that has one of the best comp-plans I've ever witnessed (and believe me, I've studied every comp plan on the internet) The only thing you don't know is where their website is at. We only give the website address to serious people who aren't just "kicking tires." If you're serious about making money while spreading good will, we have over six leaders in our organization who are willing to teach you everything from "internet marketing" to "appreciation marketing." You never have to do any selling because we offer you various pages like this one that do all the selling for you. We simply teach you how to get pages like this one in front of hungry eyes who want more out of life. You could be using this website for yourself to begin receiving paychecks.

Now that you know what this company can do for you, contact the person who told you about this website and they'll give you a free account! There are no strings attached and you never have to pay a penny to begin using your account. Nobody will ever ask you for money! The only reason we ask you to call the person who told you about this website is so they can show you how to use your new account. It takes about three minutes.

Thomas Loughran
[email protected]

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