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Hr 2454

Hr 2454

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God Says Vote for HR 2454 Posted by Bill Anderson on June 25, 2009 03:18 PM | Post a civil, substantive, and intelligent commentWhen the Religious Right was in its heyday, one of the constant criticisms from Jim Wallis and the Religious Left was that Religious conservatives would equate a certain bill with the very Word of God. However, now that the Left is in power, guess what? Wallis now is telling us that God Himself supports bills that Wallis likes. The latest is the monstrosity known as HR 2454, which supposedly will work economic miracles while making much of the present economy illegal. He writes:This bill will create incentives for our largest polluting industries to reduce harmful emissions; has the opportunity to create up to 1.7 million new “green” jobs; and has protections for some of the world’s poorest people to help them adapt to the ongoing consequences of climate change.

The costs of inaction are already being felt across the globe, and this is the opportunity to mitigate the effects of our consumption and pollution. Leadership from the United States in this area is crucial as the world looks forward to December and the international climate treaty discussions in Copenhagen.It is clear that to love your neighbor is to love the earth, and we all need to take steps on personal and communal levels to do just that. This means setting priorities and being willing to make sacrifices in our own life, but the same needs to happen on a national and global scale.This is nonsense, and dangerous nonsense at that. Wallis once again is demonstrating why he was such a fervent follower of Mao in his murderous reign 40 years ago. Wallis really believes that applying the brutality of state power will "save the earth" and "save humanity." And the notion that it will "create green jobs" is a howler. We could create millions of "green jobs" tomorrow by outlawing all automobile transportation, electricity, and much of modern life. All of us would have "jobs" trying to scrounge the earth and survive. Well, if Wallis has his way, I suspect that is what will happen. He is another charlatan who "loves the earth" but truly hates humanity.« Previous: Pittsburgh Judge: Police are Above the Law | Home | Reddit • Digg this • Stumble It • Shout It • Add to Mixx • Discuss on Newsvine[Comments are closed.]
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