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How To Investigate Online Casino Rng

How To Investigate Online Casino Rng

Posted by hank666
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If you are interested in doing an investigation of online casinos numbers, then we have for this what we call a "Complete Solution for any online roulette player” which consist of a set of roulette tools which will allow you to do everything starting from numbers analyze and ending with the playing of the most advanced strategies.

All our products are automated and have an embedded real money simulator. You also can request a free real time presentation of any of our products. All is simple so all you should do is to enter on Money Maker Machine Site and to find where you can do this or simple to send an email to our support or to contact one of our Live Help Operators.

Below I suggest reading a post from one of our new members. If you are interested in such type of investigations then welcome to "Money Maker Machine Community”, where you will be able to find answers to any of your questions.

Where to find us? On Google! Search for "Money Maker Machine” and you will find us.!

"Hi all, I'm new member at MMM and I wanted to share this information and idea I'm trying to work with some months/(years) ago.I had the chance once to talk with a man online he told me that if I gave him just 12 consecutive numbers of any online casino roulette he could "guess" what dozen the next outcome would be. Obviously I didn't believe a word he told me, but guess what? He wanted to make a test with me, to prove me wrong, so I accept the challenge because I wanted to know what he was up to. So I decided to open any online casino (its was Bellini Casino I remember) and I spun the wheel 12 times (29,11,11,18,3,14,19,8,21,33,1,4) does were the numbers and I wrote him back via chat the 12 outcomes I had made free spin. Well he told me this:

1) Place a Bet of $1 in 1st Dozen, guess what??? number zero came out, ha ha ha I laugh loud. But he told me that zero was consider a 1st dozen bet in his system, and that zero was the only number he couldn't predict. Well, he continued...

2) Place a bet of $1 in 3rd Dozen, guest what??? number 35 Black came out. 1st correct "guess"

3) Place a bet of $1 in 2nd Dozen, guest what??? number 19 Red came out. 2nd correct "guess"

4) Place a bet of $1 in 2nd Dozen, guest what??? number 22 Black came out. 3rd correct "guess"

5) Place a bet of $1 in 1st Dozen, guest what??? number 4 Black came out. 4th correct "guess"

6) Place a bet of $1 in 2nd Dozen, guest what??? number 15 Black came out. 5th correct "guess". I was getting nervous at this point.

7) Place a bet of $1 in 1st Dozen, guest what??? number 5 Black came out. 6th correct "guess"

well to make a long talk short, he told me exactly what was the correct dozen for the next 10 spins also, and he was right on everyone!. He told me the amount you bet doesn't matter, what matters is the 12 free spins you must get first in order to know what are the next outcomes coming (not the exact number, but the exact Dozen)

You may think I'm a freak or some strange dude that brings in a BS story to this forum, but let me tell you one thing. Since I had that talk, and during all this months that past from that day to now my head is thinking "How he did it?", I think that's its totally impossible to predict with such precision just guessing, obviously he had some kind of info regarding the sequence of the RGN code used by Playtech.

So that's why the title of my post "Is Playtech Software Random?", well after my experience I'm sure its not. And I have been trying to work out how to decode this idea, I've done millions of tests and now I'm here at MMM trying to see if I can use any tool to break this code, because I'm sure it can be done after what I experience that day.

I need to know where is the loop at RGN that Paytech platform software uses, what I mean is how many spins do I need before the RGN starts all over again, so finally I will be able to make the same predictions.

Well, excuse my poor English its not my natural language, this is a true story and I will be glad to share all details with you, so if you have any kind of info, feed back, testing you could show me, or help me looking into this idea I will appreciate it.

Regards Flood”

PS: I'm sure I will be able to make a script and run it until I find this flaw”

Company: Money Maker Machine

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