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Get The Skinny

Posted by mcrowson
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We are here to give the skinny on weight loss results.
Here we give advice and find and post solutions that work. It could be a weight loss surgery it could be a better diet or maybe a need to change trainers. is here for you

Sometimes the people in your life can undermine your best get-healthy efforts. Here, how to turn saboteurs into supporters

Obstacle #1: The Former Partner in Crime

Remember that friend who was always up for splitting an entire pizza with the “old” you? She can be your new diet’s worst enemy. “When you change your habits, your loved ones might feel like life would be easier if you stayed the same,” says Marlene Lesson, nutrition director at Structure House, a residential weight-loss facility in Durham, N.C.

To help them adjust, find things you can do together that don’t involve eating — for example, go for a walk around the neighborhood instead of chatting over pastries or sitting down to watch TV with a carton of ice cream. Enlist these people in your makeover process so they feel less threatened by the change: Ask them to help you clear out the junk food in the cabinets; join a local gym together; or find a recipe on and make a healthy meal that you can share.

Obstacle #2: The Bad Influence

Everyone knows someone who can eat anything she wants without gaining a pound. So how can you spend time with her and stick to your diet? Go into the risky situation with a plan firmly in place, says Julia Havey, author of The Vice-Busting Diet. “You can say no to the hamburger and order a salad without going into martyr mode if you’ve prepared ahead of time,” she explains. “You don’t need to make her feel uncomfortable about her food choices, but you can feel good about your own selections.”

Obstacle #3: The Food Pusher

Whether it’s a doughnut-toting co-worker or an aunt who is always trying to make you take seconds, some people refuse to take “no” for an answer. “When you say, ‘I’m on a diet,’ you open up a dialogue for others to offer their opinion,” says Havey.

Instead, she advises keeping quiet: “Don’t announce to the world that you’re dieting. If you feel pressured to take a doughnut, you can throw it away when you get to your desk or just excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.” Being an active participant can help, too. “If you’re passing out the food and clearing the plates, no one will notice that you’re not eating,” she notes.

Obstacle #4: The Questioner

Your husband might think he’s being helpful when he asks, “Should you be eating that cookie?” But for many dieters, such “support” makes them want to eat even more!

“Explain that you appreciate his efforts, but hearing such ‘should’ talk is frustrating,” says Lesson. “Give him some different ways that he can be helpful, such as watching the kids while you go for a walk or agreeing to make the swap from regular soda to diet.”

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