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E National Lottery - The Smarter Way To Play Lotto

E National Lottery - The Smarter Way To Play Lotto

Posted by lifeisjustaride
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Fantastic way of playing lotto, plus the option of starting your own business, and supporting a charity at the same time.

Anyone can join our British online e-lottery syndicate system. Playing the Euro Millions or the UK National Lottery from almost anywhere in the world.

Virtual World Direct Ltd have developed a unique method of legally and professionally running national lottery syndicates online, called the e-Lottery Syndicate Multi-Win System, that gives you a dramatic mathematical advantage to win more on both the UK National and Euro Millions Lotteries compared to playing on your own.


The UK lotto syndicate gives 44 entries in the UK lotto per draw (two draws per week), because the other syndicate members will have similar numbers to your own, which are chosen by a unique formula you will match at least one number guaranteed, increasing the chances of winning the UK lotto by a total of 702%.

Chances of winning any prize is 1 in 14. Playing the UK lotto without an e-syndicate is 1 in 54.

Cost of playing UK lotto in a Virtual World Direct e-syndicate is £5 per week, which includes both UK Lotto draws - 88 entries total.


The Euro Millions syndicate offers 36 entries into the Euro Millions lotto per week. You only have to match the 5 main numbers, as the 2 lucky starts are guaranteed to be matched because of the other syndicate members having similar numbers given by a proven mathematical formula. The 39 entries and 2 guaranteed lucky stars give a total increased chance of winning by a huge 3600%.

Chances of winning any prize are 1 in 10. Playing Euro Millions without an e-syndicate is 1 in 36.

The cost of playing EUROMILLIONS in a Virtual World Direct e-syndicate is just £5 a week.

What you waiting for, give it a try today:


Everybody is looking for an answer to the current economic crisis. People want to get out of debt, get rich or simply improve their lifestyle. So where do they look?

We have the answer!

1. Discover an industry booming during the current financial crisis

2. EVERY WEEK over £139 Million is spent in this market in the UK alone, and growing

3. Find out how our simple step-by-step system means you can earn money over and over again, for a job done once

4. You can start making money today - NO cost, NO fees, NO charges!

Go to the Smarter Business Section of our website to Learn how to build your own e-lottery business today.

Direct link to Smarter Business Section :


More Information

e-lottery is a syndicate system that gives lottery Players a smarter way to play the UK Lotto and

EuroMillions versus buying a normal lottery ticket.

If you play the lottery yourself, or know anyone who plays the lottery (and we are sure you do since

approximately 70% the adult population of the UK play) then you need to read on and more importantly

take action!

For any business to be successful you need a product that offers value for money, a unique edge

and a massive market. So with many millions of people throughout the world using our products

EVERY WEEK or even twice a week, you can feel confident that you have the perfect product to

promote on a global basis!

Everyone thinks of winning a life changing amount of money playing the lottery but with low odds, it

still remains a dream for many. But if you can show them a smarter way to play, which will

increase their odds of winning substantially, then you are truly onto a winning business formula.

With massive exposure, and now the enormous Spanish Superdraws joining the fold, there truly

has never been a better time to start your very own online e-lottery business.

It's a known fact that syndicates offer a greater chance of sharing money from a lottery. Camelot,

operators of the UK National Lottery, say 1 in 4 jackpots are won by syndicates, so they are the

most effective way of winning the Lotto. Syndicates are not a new concept, but as we've said they

certainly do enhance your chances of winning.

So, it was on this premise that in early 2002 Len Fitzgerald and Tom Brodie launched a potential

Multi-Win Syndicate System, initially for the UK Lotto, and later for the Euro Millions, offering

Players, using their inspired system an increased advantage over playing the normal way.

So why would a lottery player want to play the e-lottery way?

1. Their syndicate is guaranteed to match at least one number in every UK Lotto draw, and BOTH

"Lucky Star" numbers in every EuroMillions draw. This means their syndicate is 7 times more

likely to win the UK Lotto jackpot than as an individual playing on their own, and 36 times more

likely to win the EuroMillions jackpot!

2. They get a share of 44 entries of each UK Lotto draw (that's 88 lines per week) or 36 entries

into each EuroMillions draw every week.

3. Their syndicate can win on multiple lines, so they get a share of more than one prize.

4. It's a completely MANAGED syndicate, so their numbers are automatically entered into every

draw, so no queuing at the newsagents or forgetting to check their numbers. No forgetting to

buy their ticket. or even worse, losing it!

5. We are one of the LEADING online lottery brands, and a respected member of the Lotteries

Council of Great Britain.

Almost 7 years on, e-lottery is more popular than ever, with the added bonus of other world-class

lotteries joining the fold, making 2009 a very exciting growth year for the company.

What is e-lottery

The Smarter Way To Play

In February 2004 the e-lottery syndicate system introduced the EuroMillions to it's inspired system.

With a record jackpot payout of £126 Million, EuroMillions is a massive, lump sum, tax-free,

pan-European lottery that can roll over up to TEN TIMES! Operated jointly by the UK, France,

Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland national lotteries, it is

played every Friday night and televised on BBC1 in the UK, TF1 in France and TVE in Spain.

When playing EuroMillions with e-lottery, you will be automatically placed into a syndicate of 39

members. Each syndicate has 36 entries/lines into each EuroMillions

draw, with each line sharing 5 common numbers plus a unique combination

of two Lucky Star numbers - making sure that EVERY POSSIBLE

COMBINATION of the two Lucky Stars is covered in each

syndicate. Why set up the syndicates in that way? That's easy: Guaranteeing

the syndicate will match BOTH Lucky Stars in every draw

improves the syndicate's odds of winning a EuroMillions jackpot by


With a record jackpot of £42 million, the UK National Lotto is one of the richest, lump-sum,

tax-free lotteries in the world. Played twice a week and televised live on the BBC, each draw offers

players the chance to win a jackpot running to millions of pounds!

When playing the UK Lotto with e-lottery, you will be automatically placed into a syndicate of 49

members for both draws (Wednesday and Saturday) each week.

Each syndicate has 44 entries/lines into each UK Lotto draw, with

each line sharing 5 common numbers plus one unique number between

1 and 49 (these unique numbers are the 44 remaining numbers

after your syndicate has been given their 5 common numbers).

Why are the 44 entries in your syndicate set up in that way? That's

easy: To improve the syndicate's odds of winning a UK Lotto jackpot

by 733%! So your chances of winning the jackpot with that line

have gone from 1 in 14 million right down to 1 in only 1.9 million…

In December 2008 e-lottery added another lottery to their product range. The Spanish Superdraw

Syndicates are guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize in each draw of the 3 largest draws

(Summer, Christmas and New Year) and a brilliant 3 prizes guaranteed in every other monthly draw.

Your syndicate's chance of scooping the jackpots is increased, and with great prizes up for grabs,

you wouldn't want to miss out!

The Spanish Lottery Superdraws have some of the richest prize pools in the world, ranging from

€84 Million all the way up to a staggering €2.6 Billion. Millions of people take part in these draws

every single month, giving them the chance to win life-changing prizes. Because of the way the

numbers are drawn, there's not just one incredibly lucky winner, but thousands of winners. Each

e-lottery syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize! e-lottery has a strategy that spreads

the numbers allocated to your syndicate, so that when the last digit printed on your ticket matches

the last digit of the jackpot-winning number, your syndicate wins a cash prizehe Smarter Way to Playhe

Since the launch of e-lottery in 2002 the company has experienced

great success through it's business programme with thousands of

members joining across 136 countries.

e-lottery gives you the opportunity to build a genuinely global business

from the convenience and comfort of your home computer, with

total back up and support.

This innovative Online Affiliate Programme allows you to tap in to the huge worldwide lottery

market which has a greater reach than any other consumer product. In the UK alone around 70% of

adults play on a regular basis.

How Do I Earn Money from the Online Affiliate Programme?

Upon joining this online affiliate programme, you will be issued with

your very own e-commerce e-lottery website, and access to fantastic

online tools to virally spread and grow your business. You will also

gain access to powerful ‘offline' tools, such as a DVD which effectively

promotes your business on a day to day basis when you are out

and about..

As you personally recommend Players you can earn 20% commission on their Player subscription,

plus you can also earn 5% commission on the members introduced by Affiliates in your team.

As your example is followed and fellow Affiliates build their own successful businesses, you could

go on to be promoted and earn an increasing share of their success. This is what we call a residual

income, which means you will get paid time and time again for work you do once. In other words,

once you or a team member introduces a Player to e-lottery, you will continue to receive

commission for as long as they remain an e-lottery player!

E-lottery is led by an inspirational and forward thinking management team headed by Co-founders

Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald, and has attracted some of the best Internet and Networking

entrepreneurs in the industry.

The back up provided by Member Support is exemplary thanks to a strong customer service team

who offer both telephone and email support in five languages (English, French, German,

Portuguese and Spanish).

So in today's uncertain world the need for additional income is something everyone is looking for

and in this document we will explain why our business can give almost anyone a real chance of a

secure financial future, whatever their skills and ability.

The smarter Discount

If you choose to play the smarter way yourself, and why wouldn't you, simply recommend the

smarter way to play to your friends and family and receive a discount on your playing costs.

Everyone has secrets, but don't let e-lottery be one of them.! Help everyone you know increase their

chances of winning a life changing amount of money. You really have nothing to lose and everything

to gain, so read on and see how you can build a great business sharing these fantastic products.

Success Stories

Rik Law - Lancashire

Since being an e-lottery Affiliate Rik has earned a very

substantial part-time income. This extra income has

not only enabled him to buy a new Landrover SE, it's

also allowed him to complete a degree course, which

was a life's ambition.

Not only has he enjoyed various holidays abroad, he's

completed much needed home improvements, which include a brand new

kitchen, a 50 inch plasma TV with home cinema system, a new settee, wood

flooring, a summerhouse and a green house! Rik Says "I've achieved much

of my success showing the DVD to as many people as possible along with

promoting the benefits of the Affiliate Programme. Who would have believed

that I could have achieved so much by just following a simple system, using

our brilliant DVD!

If I can do this by showing a DVD, imagine what you can achieve with the

e-lottery Affiliate programme.”

Neil Verlander and Gigi Field - Worcestershire

Neil and Gigi joined e-lottery back in October 2002.

At the time Gigi was working as a Sales Director,

and Neil was looking for an online business. After

receiving an email invitation to watch a movie, Neil

decided to join, mainly with a view of playing the


Using the same email invitation he invited 12 friends and to his surprise 8

joined! Neil really loved the simplicity of the business, the fact that it was

promoted mainly online and that there were NO weekly meetings to attend!

By 2005, Gigi was able to retire from her corporate job, and project manage

a huge extension to their home to allow them to care for Neil's elderly

father. Just having the flexibility to work from home, and knowing they are in

control of their future, is fantastic. In 2006 Neil purchased his dream car, a

Mercedes 500SL. Today they appreciate the time they have to enjoy their

joint passion - GOLF!

Neil says "This is a simple business, that just requires consistent effort. Talk

to everyone about the smarter way to play and then show them how they

can build a great business and income simply promoting the lottery!”

Paul e Watts & Pam

Greenwood - Shropshire


has been


us an


every 28

days since November 2003.

All we do is send people to

the e-lottery website by handing

out the DVD, sharing our

web address with people we

meet and sending out emails.

We love the fact that it

revolves around a product

everyone knows about, but

here's the thing - as Affiliates

we don't have to try to

convince people to play, we

simply send them to the website

and let it work its magic!

Our e-lottery income is residual,

which enabled Paul in

2005 to scale down his own

business interests and Pam

to resign from her part-time

job in the summer of 2006.

Since then we've worked

together totally from home,

building the business and

enjoying our time-freedom

which is absolutely priceless.

The freedom to go where we

want, do what we want,

whenever we want is just


Aside from our income, our

total group (that's anyone

directly and indirectly sponsored

by us) have collectively

won over £120,000 in prize

money. We feel there's a

huge jackpot-win just around

the corner and with e-lottery

that means lots of winners!

As Affiliates we find that the

support from our upline and

from the company is secondto-

none. In fact what we

found very early on was that

you never walk alone in this

business... unless you want


Malcolm Horsey - Gloucestershire

In 2002, as my care obligations of looking after my 90

year old mother became greater, I received perhaps by

providence, an email from a good friend asking me to

watch a movie. It turned out to be about e-lottery.

I had played the UK National Lottery for 4 years, and

was paying £16 per month had won £40. I instinctively

knew from previous experience that there was massive

potential for growth with such a simple product sitting in

a huge market place, AND I could work it from home!

I set to work with enthusiasm, I got lots of help, training and support. I knew

that all it would take was the persistence of practicing a few simple

disciplines every single day. Now six years on, and having reached 65, I

enjoy a wonderful retirement, driving my Audi convertible and playing golf,

plus helping coachable people build a business for themselves; will you be

one of them? I do hope so.

Let's start with a detailed look at how you can generate an income by referring others to Play the

Smarter Way. Firstly unlike many businesses today, it's FREE to register as an Affiliate so you have

immediate access to the fantastic earning potential that our commission plan offers. You get a fully

functional e commerce website and access to all the training and support you need to help you build

a fantastic business.

Be smart and understand the basics

To qualify for commissions on Players in your business, you must be registered as an Affiliate and

be sure you have Active Status within each lottery.

How do I achieve Active Status?

Simply have a minimum of £40 in Personal Player Volume within a Business Cycle in whichever

lottery you want to earn commissions from. The good news is that £20 of the required volume can

come from your own Player subscriptions, so you can either play yourself and refer 1 Personal

Player, or if you decide not to play then you will need to refer 2 Personal Players to qualify.

So if within your business you have a mixture of UK Lotto, EuroMillions and Spanish Superdraw

Players, you will want to be qualified in each to pick up any commissions due.

The example below, shows YOU as an Affiliate (working from home!) paying £5 a week for the UK

Lotto, and £5 a week for the EuroMillions. You have 1 Personal Player also playing in the UK Lotto

and EuroMillions, so you have Active Status, which is required throughout the plan.

Developing a business structure

Depending on your Active Status and position in the commission plan, as an Affiliate you can

increase your earning potential through building a team of Players and helping to develop

Affiliates. To move from earning on 4 levels to 5, simply accumulate £100 Personal Group Volume

in each Business Cycle.

As a Group Affiliate you are now covering your personal costs of playing for 4 weeks. In the

example above we show everyone playing the UK lottery; £25 x 20% (1st level) = £5.00 x 4 weeks

= £20. Any additional players joining your team will continue to generate 20% commission on your

1st level and 5% commission on levels 2 through 5.

This example would be the same for the EuroMillions or Spanish Superdraw

Have Active Status

Maintain Personal

Group Volume

(PGV) of £100

Earn 20% from level 1


5% on Players from

level 2 through 5

At Senior Affiliate you will be enjoying a passive income every 4 weeks, and remember your £300

PGV can be a combination of UK, Euro or Spanish lottery subscriptions. Additional Players joining

your team will continue to earn you 20% on your 1st level and 5% on levels 2 through 6.

The example above is assuming you leave your Personally Sponsored Players 1st level, however, to

benefit from the power of duplication, you will also want to encourage and help Affiliates in your

business to build their own team and move through the Commission Plan.

This team approach will quickly develop and grow your passive income potential, so the additional

benefit of being able to place Players and Affiliates down in your group is a very powerful

team-building facility.


Have Active Status

Maintain Personal

Group Volume

(PGV) of £300

Earn 20% from level 1


5% on Players from

level 2 through 6


£10,000 Group


Have Active Status

Maintain Personal Group


(PGV) of £600

Earn 20% from level 1


5% on Players from level

2 through 7

Earn an equal share of









Have Active Status

Maintain Personal Group


(PGV) of £600

Maintain £10,000 (GV)

within 7 levels, in each

of 2 separate EA legs

Earn 20% from level 1


5% on Players from level

2 through 7

Earn an equal share of




£10,000 Group


As an Executive Affiliate you are required to have £600 PGV which again can be a combination of

UK, Euro or Spanish lottery subscriptions. Additional Players joining your team will continue to earn

you 20% on your 1st level and 5% on levels 2 through 7.

Have Active Status

Maintain Personal

Group Volume

(PGV) of £600

Earn 20% from level 1



5% on Players from

level 2 through 7


Leadership Positions


Total Team

£10,000 Group


Have Active Status

Maintain Personal Group Volume (PGV) of £600

Maintain £10,000 (GV) within 7 levels, in each of 4 separate EA legs

Earn 20% from level 1 Players and 5% on Players from level 2 through 7

Earn an equal share of 30% GLOBAL REVENUE SHARE




£10,000 Group




£10,000 Group




£10,000 Group




Have Active Status

Maintain Personal Group Volume (PGV) of £600

Maintain £10,000 (GV) within 7 levels, in each of 3 separate EA legs

Earn 20% from level 1 Players and 5% on Players from level 2 through 7

Earn an equal share of 27% GLOBAL REVENUE SHARE

£10,000 Group


Take some time to grasp the tremendous power of Global Revenue Share. This bonus pays you a

percentage of the TOTAL network turnover to infinity, which simply means the bonus is calculated

on your team's turnover and the turnover of every other member outside of your developing group.

Imagine a team spreading across the globe with thousands of Players being introduced by OTHER

Affiliates as they build their teams and fulfil their own dreams and ambitions, and you could receive

a share of all that. What an awesome thought!

Your own e commerce website gives you all the tools you need to promote your business both

online and offline. And remember you get access to all of this for FREE!

Global Revenue Share (GRS) is an extremely powerful bonus open to Executive Co-ordinators

and above. It's important to grasp the tremendous power of this bonus because it not only pays you

beyond 7 levels of players, it actually pays you on the total company turnover which means you are

earning a bonus on every single person within the company whether they are in your team or not!

£40 Active Status is very simple and easy to achieve and is all that is required to ensure you earn

commissions on Players joining your team. Quite simply within minutes of joining e-lottery, you can

start promoting the powerful e-lottery based products and as soon as you are Active you will be

earning commissions, which are paid every 4 weeks.

e-wallet gives you total control of how you receive your commissions and winnings

General Overview of the Business

Help and Support

Help and support is available from the minute you get started. Your sponsor and upline will share

their experiences and knowledge with you, and you have full telephone support from the company

Member Support team on 01492-534483

Fully functional Back Office, which contains tools to help you virally promote your website, a

network tracking genealogy of Players and Affiliates, a fully automated prospecting system with

auto responder emails, and tracking.

The1System which has been developed by the network and uses the powerful DVD to support a

powerful prospecting system

24 hour telephone recruiting message; direct your Prospects to this pre-recorded telephone

information line on 020 8485 8484. This gives them many good reasons why they should take a

good look at your business.

FREE online training is available on a weekly basis with business presentations and training all

presented from the comfort of your PC. This not only eliminates the cost of travelling to weekly

training sessions, which many companies insist you do, but it also offers total support to everyone, wherever they are around the world.

MySpace Page:

MySpace Forum:

Affiliate and Player Blog to keep you in touch with news and stories from the network

The Bulletin which shares ideas, testimonies and recognition

Company Promotions such as Grab-a-Grand offer Affiliates and Players the chance to enter their

own numbers twice a week for an additional chance to win £1000. Throughout the year other such

promotions are available, with exciting trips and prizes to be won.

Visit the website to register TODAY!
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