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Trade In Your Clunker Internet Business

Trade In Your Clunker Internet Business

Posted by poorone
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HomeFastlane3030 The Government's temporary fanancial "fix" is history, hut Here's a proven, permanent plan For............. Turning Clunkers into Cash !!! An open letter From: Edward DeGroot & Eric Irby A little over a tenyears ago we created a program called Cash Cause Pros. Almost from the very beginning this program started growing exponentially because we found a way to solve the #1 home business problem, SELLING. You see, most people have great difficulty advertising and marketing their opportunity in order to recruit and sponsor others into it. So, we figured that if we developed an automatic system that did that for them, we'd really have something. Well, we figured right...Too Right! Before we knew what hit us, we alreadyhad 500 members and were expanding hourly! That's when it suddenly dawned on us..oops, we have a slight problem here. We simply were not set up to handle this type of explosive growth. So we went out and searched for another company to partner with us that could take care of the details of running an automatic business while WE continued to market. And we found one! Not only did this company have the infrastructure set up to handle the everyday operations of our business, they were doing the exact same thing that we were doing through our Automatic Building System-recruiting for their members! This was truly a partnership made in heaven. As a result, many of our members were making four figure monthly incomes after only two months in the business. We're From the Government and we are Here to Help You (NOT) And then, wouldn't you know it, the opposite of all Heaven broke loose as the Federal Government decided that they needed to protect us from this capitalistic plot. In their infinite wisdom they decided our program was to just did not fit in with "legitimate" money making programs like Sicial Security, welfare, food stamps, bailouts and cash for clunker programs. So they turned our program into a clunker. Yeah, that's right, they moved in and stole all the money (probably paid it out in bonuses to AIG and Goldman Sachs execs). As for us and our members...we took a financial hit. Actually, this entire financial fiasco turned out to be a blessing in disguise ! Her's why: First, through our former program we were able to network with several of the top Internet and direct mail marketers in the country. All of us were rather disallusioned with the current state of the home-based business enviroment. We just felt that there had to be a better way to help others and ourselves financially other than the "business as usual" model. That model simply does not work for most people. That's because ot promotes all sorts of cometition and Greed--character traits that seem to work for only a few select individuals, while everyone else gets hung out to dry. Consequently, we decided to pool our marketing talents and resources and creat an entirely different model for financial success. This model is based on our conviction that the only way to make it in the current economic enviroment is to Help (Bless) others in a united effort. So we created a Cooperative Financial Called FASTLANE3030. The foundation of this Community is made up of individuals all of whom are committed to using their expertise and skills to Help other make money through our Automatic Building System (now called our Automatic Blessing System) ! This is cooperation at it's finest and it's certainly unlike anything we've ever been part of. More importantly, however, it works ! We're only a couple weeks old, and most of our members are already pulling Cash out of their mailboxes ! Now, the reason for our explosive growth is that FASTLANE3030 is not a typical gifting Community. That's because we've tied our Community to Four CashCause Concepts that e've Already proven will create success with any home based financial activity. As we told you before, one of the reasons our Members are being blessed financially can be attributed to our #1 Concept-our massively expanded Automatic Blessing System (i.e., we get Community members for YOU. Indeed, if this was the only concept on which our Community was based, it would still be a widely successful financial activity! You'd STILL make Money with it ! But we're not stopping with one Cash Cause Concept. We recently discovered three more of these things! All four concepts MUST be part of any home based monetary endeavor, or you're headed for almost certain economic chaos! On the other hand, the Four Cash Cause Concepts can turn any home based Clunker into a cargo of cash. That's because it's NOT a product, business, company, or even another gifting Community that holds the key to your financial success; rather, your ultimate success will be determined by the concepts on which your company or Community is being built. With that said, Here Are the Four Cash Cause Concepts on which the FASTLANE Community is based: 1. An Automatic Blessing System (ABS) - We get Members to Bless YOU! There is NO selling, recruiting, postcard mailing, or Internet marketing required once you join our Community. Just join, Bless, and get Blessed ! 2. Community Baskets. When You join us you will be developing a Community Basket (or a Basket of Communities). In other words, you won't br relying on one source for cash. Instead you will eventually have numerous sources. Ifone source goes down, so what? You have several others to fall back on! 3. Spill down and SPILL UP. Spill down and SPILL UP - Spillover from above (spill down) to Help fill your "board"...but spillover from below (spill up)? What's up with that? Read On! 4. Constant Cash ! True, lasting, walk away residual Riches. No Kiddin', we've (finally) got it! We've been doing Home ventures for a combined 50+ years now. It has taken us that long to finally realize that unless you incorporate all four concepts mentioned above into your company or community, bad things are going to happen. Yeah sure, we know people who make it big with companies and communities that do not utilize all four concepts, but they constitute about 10% of the home based population. Meanwhile the remaining 90% continue to crash with clunkers. Well, we've found the secret to turning those clunkers into cash: Just apply ALL four Cash Cause Concepts!! THE AUTOMATIC BLESSING SYSTEM (that actually works !) We don't know how great a Financial expert you are, but we do know that occasionally everyone needs Help making money. And that is exactly what our automaticBlessing System (ABS) does! It gives you an initial boost so you can get into the money quickly and easily. In other words, once you join our Community, We go and get members for you! That's right! Using media such as direct mail, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and yes, even cold calls, we go out and Bless you with Community members. Then we get members for those members, etc.,etc. When we first introduced the idea of an ABS, our partners said, "What, are you Guys Nuts?! Their aint' no way you can do that! No one has ever been able vto pull that off!" We took that as a challenge. So here's what we did: First, we vastly expanded our marketing. We didn't want to be like all the other programs out there that tell you, "Just get two"! Yeah right! And how you gonna do that? Do you have a recruiting plan? Are you going to bother your friends, family, and associates (again!)? Are you going to mail out 1000 Postcards and get a fancy web site? Hey, we've all tried those things, and guess what? They don't work. The point we're trying to make is that it really doesn't matter if you have some kind of fantastic company or community if the first words out of your mouth are, "And all you have to do is get two people". Say those words and you just lost 90% of the people, most of whom couldn't sell 10 cent beer to the Bleacher bums at Wrigley Field. Fact is, the majority of people have never convinced anyone to join any program in their life even if they have, what they're doing is rarely duplicated. In a nut shell, that explains why the majority of home-based financial activities fail. FASTLANE3030 is changing all that. That's because we not only invite people into the community for you, we also get members for those people, and for those people and...well, you get the idea. Having experienced first hand the power of this duplication process over the last several months, we are here to tell you this works..extremely well! As a matter of fact, this thing is working so well right now that, (are you ready for this)? WE CAN GUARANTEE RESULTS! Yes, you heard that right! Once you join the FASTLANE3030 Community we guarantee you we will get you new Community Members. This guarantee is something we have never done before. As we said, our partners screamed when they read this part of this letter. They told us, "No Way"! We said, "Watch us"...they did...and the results speak for themselves. People who have never made any money with any other Gifting Community are making money with this one. And they're not wasting their time and money mailing post cards, trying to figure out Internet marketing, or cold calling a bunch of ornery leads. They're simply following an automatic plan to financial Blessings. Join us and You can do the same. Now at this point you may be saying, "Whoa, wait a minute, marketing is expensive! What's this ABS thing going to cost me?" And the answer is (drum roll)...25 bucks! No, that is not a misprint. Because of the huge amount of cooperative Blessings being poured into this Community (with everyone contributing something) we have been able to go out and place invitations before thousands of people. Many of these people are joining our Community (hey, what can we say? People love our Community concepts)! The end result is that people are getting gifted quickly! I addition, since so many people are getting gifted in our Community, they're out telling others about it, so there is more and more end result: We are now one of the fastest growing gifting Communities in the Country! Community Baskets: Beating the Bernie Blunder Many people whoinvested with Bernie Madoff initially made so much money with his investments that they stuck their entire life savings into his Ponzi scheme. Numerous employees at Enron, WorldCom, and Lehman Brothers did the same thing. This is bad...very bad. The lesson to be learned from these mistakes is that it's always wise to have several plan B's. This is especially true in home based activities where income opportunities come and go like coaches for the New York Nicks. We have found out the hard way that it is a fatal mistake to rely on only one income source. If that source turns out to be a clunker, you will be forced to find a new opportunity. But here's the problem you run into when this happens: Unless you are very good at squirreling away your cash, chances are your cash flow and your life style will suffer a serious hit when your one source goes down. Many people who hit it big financially make the mistake of living the high life. However, when their company clunks, their cash flow dries up in an instant, often forcing them to go out and get a JOB! That nightmare scenario is exactly what our Community Basket Concept nips in the bud. Consequently, once you join our program we'll show you how to leverage your earnings with other opportunities. You will eventually have an entire Basket of Communities all Blessing you with monthly, weekly, even daily dollars! But it gets Even Better!!! Our ABS and Community Basket Concepts are just the beginning. The best is yet to come! We have another Cash Cause Concept that we personally feel is an even stronger financial Blessing principle than either our ABS or Community Baskets. What we are about to introduce to you is a concept that we thought of ten years ago, but we were never able to pull it off because of a lack of programming expertise. This innovative concept represents such a break through in this industry that we knew the first people who could write the software to pull this off would make an absolute fortune, and so would the people who joined their system. Well guess what? We finally did it! After 10 long years of trial and error learning we have created the industry's first SPILL UP SYSTEM! What the Heck is "Spill Up"? We'll explain. You're probably familiar with spill down. Spill down occurs because there are only a limited number of spots on each level of a matrix. For example, in a 2x2 Matrix, if you recruit 2 people, they will fill your first level. The third person you recruit has to "spill down" under one of your first level people. You just helped them build their organization. Thats great! Lots of companies tout "spill down" as the panacea to all your recruiting problems. Well it's NOT! That's because it only works if the people above you are marketing maniacs. But what happens if their nothing but a bunch of goofs? ANSWER: YOUR MATRIX GETS LEFT HIGH AND DRY!. Meanwhile other parts of the companies matrix are growing like crazy, only you've been side railed in a lopsided matrix. That's why in real life you'll never see a perfectly filled matrix. There are always gaps and holes and empty spots that prevent you from filing your matrix and making a gazillion dollars. Okay, now our Communities SPILL UP concept. What we've done is we've created a system of "regenerated members" that automatically flow into our Community's "weak" spots. This balances everything out and pushes everyone into the money faster. Here's how it works: First, instead of a matrix, FASTLANE3030 operates on the basis of "gifting boards". We have three of them: $25, $50, and a $100. Once a member makes it through all three boards they will have gifted out $175 (+ the $25 ABS Admin fee) and received gifts totaling $1,400, for a net of $1,200. But that's not the end. The member can then "regenerate" themselves by entering the community again. Our computer simply searches for weakest spots on the boards and places these "regenerated members" in these positions. In other words, all regenerated members SPILL UP under current community members. All right, so supposed you just joined our Community and you're the weakest spot. You need some help getting going. Our computer software searches the boards, finds your spot, and the "marketer of the year" gets dropped in that spot. You just had one of the top networkers in the country "spilled up" under you and now they're about to catapult your Community into the stratosphere. Talk about a cooperative, "people helping people" concept...this has got to be it! With this concept noone is getting left behind in our Community...absolutely NOONE!!! We've Saved the Best for Last! You've probably heard the term, "walk away income". It's often used as an enticement to join various Home Business programs. The advertisement usually goes something like this: "Retire early! Develop a walk away lifetime income with our program and never worry about money again !" Can you really do that, or is this a dream of a permanent organization and a lifetime residual income just that ...a dream? Based on our experience with past programs, we'd say it's just a dream. Actually it's more like a nightmare. Here's why: We all know that recruiting people is tough. But supposed you could recruit..suppose you did have some automatic way of getting people to join your opportunity. Would that set you up for life? Don't count on it! We know people who have built organizations of thousands, only to have most of it fade away as their members grew tired of the product, developed problems with the company, stopped making money, or found something else they thought was better. As a matter of fact, you can have a thousand people in your organization, and have the best compensation plan in the world, but if only a tenth of your group is staying in and ordering every month, you'll have a tough time becoming wealthy. And home based financial activities really begin to irritate you when you constantly have to keep pouring new people in the top as fast as your old ones leak out the bottom. But that's exactly what you need to do in many programs in order to maintain a permanent organization-one that wil pay you residual income for years to come. Now the trouble with most opportunities is that every month another hundred dollars or so is taken out of your bank account (remember you gotta stay qualified)! for something you don't necessarily need or even want. While this is happening you may see very little coming back in the way of commissions. What happens to most people at this point is that their minds start messing with them. People's fear of loss becomes greater than their desire for gain. They start thinking, "Gee, let's see now, I'm spending a hundred dollars a month on a product I can buy for $50 down the street. I can't tell if the product is doing anything for me or not. On top of that, my commission check last month was $25. Okay, you tell us, "Why would anyone stay in a program like that?" The Problem is... ...that without this permanent, growing membership base, it really doesn't matter how fantastic your companies compensation plan is. If you don't have buyers or customers, you will not be successful...period! No customers equals no product usage equals no pay. and if you don't make any money or commissions, you won't stay in the program long...and neither will anyone else! The obvious solution to this "permanent organization, permanent pay" flaw lies in keeping people in the program (duh). But how you gonna do that? Well, your not going to do it by making them qualify for monthly compensations for forcing them to spend a couple hundred dollars every month on some overpriced, "me too", "I can buy this at Walmart for half the price" product! UH! UH! Nope, that ain't gonna' work! But that's the way most programs operate. Every month in order to receive a comission check, you need to spend money on some product you may not even want. Or, you may still want the product, only you can buy it for half the price down the street. Many times the only reason you continue to purchase the product is because some people in your organization are doing so, and your receiving a monthly commission check off their activity. But once they stop purchasing...well you know the rest: Time to find another program, go back to recruiting, or get a "real" J-O-B. AND THE SOLUTION IS... Now for those of us who don't want to keep jumping from program to program, or keep recruiting just to replace drop outs, or go back to that "just over broke" status, there's Hope. There is a solution to this compensation flaw. We've Discovered a Very Easy way to Solve it! How are we doing it? In four words: A ONE TIME GIFT! That's's that simple. NO products to mess with, NO monthly payments to make, NO hoops to jump through to stay qualified...just a one time gift to Bless someone else, which will undoubtedly result in a lifetime of financial Blessings cascading back to you!!! One final thought, If you thought if was difficult to make a go of it with monthly payment plans before, just try it in today's economy. A lot of people can hardly afford to put food on the table let alone start and stay with some opportunity. However, most people can scrape up $50 to Bless someone else if they know that is all they ever will have to pay out of pocket. Thus, the "risk" you take when you join our Community is manageable because it's knowable. And, once someone sends their gift, they're not leaving...ever! You have just entered the realm of Constant Cash! So okay, are you ready to trade your clunker company for some extremely effective Cash Cause Conepts? Then follow this link to the application page that will change your life for the better "Forever The access code is already entered on the link page. You only need to click the Enter Access Code here Button. Make a Free Website with Yola.
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