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Words Can Not Describe

Words Can Not Describe

Posted by DEEDEE
Posting ads for 9 years Real Paranormal Items for Sale

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9-6-09 This is one of those items that is one of a kind. You will never get another one because it just doesn't exist. You can look all over the world and you will not get another one. It would be impossible and it will also be a shame if you miss out on this one.

I got this piece because I knew it was not just haunted but one of the most powerful interactive items I have come across.

When I saw the mirror it spoke to me. Yet at the time I did not know who was speaking,only a woman I could not see. This is rare for me to not see so I was very confused at what was going on.

She spoke to me and told me she wanted to show me all that was to come in life and give me power to do anything I wanted.

To be honest I'm a skeptic,I know it sounds weird being in the business I'm in but I still am. If I personally do not see it or experience it I don't usually believe it. I know this is stupid but that's just the way it is.

I took the mirror home all excited and about to burst because I swore I finally caught a glimpse of her and sure enough I did.

Let me get right to the point of this.

Inside sits a REAL witch,not one that calls herself that but a real one. A witch of so long ago I can't pin point the time. She remembers before pyramids okay,that's one heck of a long time.

She was so powerful that no one could contain her,no ones magic could match hers. So now we are left with why is she caught in the mirror?

Like I said she lived long before the pyramids were here. She is what is known as is an incarnate being. She is gains information on all kinds of things magical. She lives through history. She in fact is historical. As the times change so does she in her appearance,clothing and mannerisms.

At some point during the 1800's she came upon another powerful witch who was real as well,not as powerful but able to shape shift and change her appearance to what ever she wanted.

Fiera was able to live as both human and as an incarnate being. She held the eternal powers of all things and yet could marry and have children. The downside is that she would live to see them all die.

At this point in her life she was used to it and even saw a few of her children take turns for other beings and creatures. The one I have made contact with. She is an amazing conjurer,spell caster,caller of the divine and allows you to look into the future. All these things I have done with her. I also did all those things in one day!

The one witch she came across tricked her by changing into her son. It was with this that she was tricked into her own mirror. As powerful as she is she can not break it and get out. It was not her spell to cast and she can not undo it.

Her son too was also tricked and that was done by pure revenge,a lover spurned. he is was is known as a Fader. I will have him on auction. He can travel as he wishes but he can only manifest for short periods of time. This was cast on him too.

What Fiera can do is anything you need but she can not come out. She will show you visions of the future,give you advice,conjure any being or entity and I do mean any. She is not a witch as we know them today. She just is and does what is asked.

When you first see her appear you will be happy and begin to work with her right away. I did ask her to help one of my friends last night and she did so right then and there. The problem was financial. I have done so much with her it is really hard to list them all.

What I really like is that you can see into the future because she and the mirror are like door ways into the many realms we all want to peek into.

Do not let this one get away. She is so much like a friendly genie or a programmed Egregore you can't pass her up.

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We offer lay away on some items please contact us and tell us how you found us

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