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When Love Ones Are Far Away

When Love Ones Are Far Away

Posted by Chantry
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Vivek Karunananda, a Sri Lankan University Lecturer marries his campus student and girlfriend Nayana and they are endowed with two daughters,

Chand and Nisha. This Paranormal Romance begins when Professor Vivek has reached 63 years and Nayana 59 years and their two daughters are married and settled down in foreign lands with their husbands.

Nayana dies of a heart attack and Vivek becomes distraught and devastated. Chand and Nisha arrive in Sri Lanka for their mother's funeral and later feeling reluctant to leave their father all alone in his large house, endeavor to take him with them to their countries. Vivek
declines their offer on the grounds that he has many incomplete tasks in hand to be fulfilled in Sri Lanka. On the very same day night his two daughters have left him, due to unbearable loneliness and utter desolation, Vivek undergoes excruciating pain of mind and suffers a severe heart attack causing his death in deep sleep without the knowledge of anybody. Nevertheless, after the elapse of three days, he feels himself alive again and on discreet paranormal investigation, finds that his soul is split into two separate entities—his astral body in full life and animated while his physical body is lifeless and inanimate. Being thoroughly knowledgeable in Occult Sciences, he utilizes his acumen in order to conjunct his live astral body with his dead physical body and metamorphose himself into an Undead Revenant. Thus he goes through a process known as "Rejuvenescence” and rejuvenates himself into an individual in his thirty's or forty's possessing extraordinary virility, power and strength coupled with paranormal physical and mental prowess.

Manik who bears verisimilitude to young Nayana, develops a special interest towards Vivek when she enters the University at the age of 19 years, but hesitates to begin an amour with him as she came to know that he was married. However, subsequent to the demise of Nayana during Manik's final year in the University, their eyes met and she becomes his bride and starts residing with him. Due to Vivek's paranormal extraordinary amorous attractions, Manik's two bosom campus friends, Sujatha and Rosy too become his lovers.

Meanwhile, Vivek rescues two teenage orphaned girls, Vinnie and Nanda who were on the verge of being ravished by the Superintendent of their orphanage and brings them to his residence. He also uplifts the poor family of his clandestine lover, Rosy whose younger sister, Menaka too falls in love with him and turns his clandestine bride.
The story thus delves into innumerable sexual and erotic exploits, discoveries and explorations of Vivek the Revenant with his six brides, viz, Manik, Sujatha, Rosy, Vinnie, Nanda and Menaka. Nevertheless, Vivek is confronted with a dilemma. In order to ensure his progeniture—the continuity of his Revenant Clan, he must now marry only one bride out of his six brides. But he is indecisive and requests the readers to advise him as to with whom he should enter into the wedlock. Read on to the last letter and enjoy the unfathomable blissful erotic and sexual adventures of a Revenant with his beautiful, sexy six young brides!

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