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Sentien Cell Uk

Sentien Cell Uk

Posted by Andy
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Sentien Cell - Rejuvenation Therapy

SentienCell™, a product of HB Health, London, UK,is exceptionally good for preventing pre-aging skin. It enhances the skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines, giving the skin youthful and beautiful.

It restores energy and vitality, and improves the body's immune system to prevent illness. With many breakthroughs in human stem cell research, medical practitioners and scientist including physiologists, neurologists and hematologists begin to discover the potential of embryo stem cells.

Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell, such as blood cells, intestinal cells and epidermal cells, with a more specialized function.

Scientists also discovered that some cells not only reproduce themselves, but develop themselves into other types of cells.
For example, muscle cells under certain conditions can be used to develop marrow cells.

On the other hand, precursor blood cells can develop into muscle cells or even liver or brain cells. Following the new discoveries, scientists regard stem cells as the possible medical solution for treating human diseases in the future.

For instance, stem cells can be used to renew and reproduce cells for damaged organs such as ears, nose, skin, and breast.

Stem cell is alternative to organ or skin transplantation. It helps overcome attempts by a patient's immune system to reject a transplant. Hence, the use of stem cells brings new hopes to patients suffering from burns, injuries, disfigurement or any disease caused by hereditary factor.

The research on Cytokine began since 1950s when scientists studied interferon. Research on colony-stimulating factor also extended the medical interest in Cytokine to the 60s.The rapid advancement in genetic studies brings many breakthroughs to genetic engineering, making cloning technology flourish in the 80s and 90s.

Human genes are fundamentally made from peptide complex. They are the basic structure that carries biological message in our body. Hence, our body cells are not mutually exclusive but they form a complex Cytokine network.

The interactions between genetic factors in the cells produce antagonistic, additive, and synergistic effects. Our genes regulate the reproduction and division of cells.

Apart from regulating cell function and metabolism, they enable the body cells to identify intrusion and defend against it. Skin problems and premature aging many a time are caused by irregularity in the cells.

Hence, by regulating and keeping balance at the cellular level, we can restore the natural beauty of the skin.

In other words, the use of Cytokine Network in beauty therapy offers much potential. In fact, the abilities of stem cells to divide, induce and reproduce are now widely explored in human biological science. Its rapid progress and high-tech application poise a great opportunity in beauty care.

5ampoule x 5ml

I.M only every once per week for a complete course of 10ampoules.

For orders please call or text us at +6019 2822838

You can text us your e-mail for further enquiries

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