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Lucchini Human Placenta

Lucchini Human Placenta

Posted by Andy
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Placenta Therapy, with its long known name as "fountain of youth” was much sought after by the noble worldwide.

It is also the secret recipe among the rich and famous, politicians and financially able people to maintain their youthful bloom and improve their quality of life.

Hong Kong's [The Eastern Daily] reported, previous Prime Minister of the Great Britain, Lady Margaret Thatcher, would take time out of her busy schedule to take a trip to Switzerland for Placenta Injection on a yearly basis. Rock Star Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Hong Kong movie stars such as Alan Tam, Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung and media tycoon Shaw Run Run are among the ardent fans of Placenta Treatment.

[Voice Village], United States' largest daily, published an article on Placenta themed "Beauty is no longer a dream”.

The media Giant, [Newsweek], gave a detailed report titled " The Miracle of Placenta” describing the wonders of Placenta Therapy namely its efficacy of anti-aging, whitening, reduction of pigmentation, restoration of hormonal balance, delaying the onset of menopause and more.

Brief History

Many human placenta extract had been marketed over the years since its discovery by different companies and one of them is from the Laboratoire Lucchini SA, founded by Professor Aldo Lucchini, who initiated clinical trial on human placenta. Founded 50 years ago, since 1954, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Where, Who and How the Extract are Produced?

Collection of samples solely from Switzerland only, from private and public hospital throughout the country. These mother must not have the following disease; AIDS, CJ disease or Hepatitis. Placentas are kept in frozen sachet right after delivery. These placentas are then screened again for diseases mentioned above before process. Lucchini placenta extract are produced by cold extraction, then viral inactivation, pasteurization and lastly sterilization.

Identification and Active Ingredients

Pack in dark tinted ampoules, the product is colourless to pale yellow, sterile liquid with characteristic odour, producing foams when shaked, contains 0.76 to 0.93mg of total nitrogen, mainly of Leucine and Alanine. Specific gravity of 0.976 +/- 0.004 g/ml at 20 Celcius. pH:6.8 - 7.20. It react to Xanthoprotein reaction, Ninhydrin reaction, denaturation by sulfosalicylic acid, etc.

Skin : Women's Most Essential Investment after the Age of 30

Placenta has been long known for its incredible restorative power for youth and beauty, as it is a remedy that provides both internal and external solution for skin beauty.

5 main functions of Placenta Therapy on skin:

• Stimulate the renewal of epidermis for delicate, soft and more radiant skin - Infants have more delicate skin due to much faster epidermis regeneration ability as to adults'

• Improves blood circulation and helps to attract and hold moisture in the skin tissues for a lasting hydrating effect.

• Normalize hormone production thus lighten pigmentation and freckles that caused by hormonal imbalance.

• Supplements various growth elements - To stimulate cell renewal and regeneration, as to strengthen the elasticity of the epidermis and its supporting elastin fibres to prevent sagging skin and to erase lines.

• Increase skin cell regeneration ability and its immunity against inflammation.

Double Delight: Placenta Treatment + Vitamin C

The greatest fear of Asian women is to discover dark spots on the face. However, the cause for pigmentation or freckle is not limited to the familiar agents of ultraviolet rays and polluted air; but liver, ovary and kidney dysfunction along with Vitamin C deficiency will bring about pigmentation.

The therapeutic effect of Vitamin C was discovered as early as some 200 years ago. It consists of antioxidant properties and is great to combat inflammation. It is vital to the production of collagen, to prevent and reduce dark spots and freckles aggravated by ultraviolet rays.

Vitamin C can prevent the production of melanin while Placenta Therapy can stimulate the removal of melanin. Placenta Therapy helps to normalize melanin production by controlling the synthesis of melanin and enzymes that produces melanin.

Placenta and Menopause

Placenta Therapy is the most effective therapy for menopause syndrome. This is because placenta helps to balance up the estrogen level in a female safely and naturally.

If Placenta Therapy is employed at an earlier stage, menopause can be delayed, thus help to maintain a woman's youthful charm and attractiveness.

Placenta Therapy is effective to treat the various gynecology disorders and menopause syndrome that are caused by a low level of estrogen. As stated in the famous legendary Chinese medical books [Ben Cao Gang Mu], Placenta supplements can stimulate the production of various growth factors that regulate the hypothalamus, pituitary gland system and ovary, thereby regulating the production of reproductive cells.

The rich nutrients in Placenta can strengthen the ovary and the womb, regulate menstrual cycle, reduce hot flashes and night sweats.

Persistence uses of Placenta Therapy helps to slow down the aging process and prolong youth, for a happier and a more confident you!

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