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Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre 港顏皮膚激光中心

Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre 港顏皮膚激光中心

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Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre is dedicated to treating people with aging skin, such as wrinkling and pigmentary problems, and diseases of the skin, through the leading standards of medicine. From our convenient location, in Causeway Bay, to reputation for consistent high-end carefully crafted service, Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre embodies a first-class laser clinic for those who know and want the best.

Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre continues to lead in laser treatments by choosing doctors carefully based on their educational background, medical skills and character; and supporting them with the best personnel, facilities and technologies to deliver the best care to every client.

Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre Differences

Our directors are leaders in corporate governance and include a former trustee (director) of a top-ranking global university, a Justice of the Peace and a Harvard-educated doctor.

Our doctors are educated at the University of Oxford, Harvard University or University of Sydney, and are of good character. They are knowledgeable about the latest technologies and techniques; and implement treatment practices that are based on solid evidence.

Our people have integrity, intelligence, energy, competence and passion.

Our operation is run in a first-class way.

Our reputation for learning and for consistent high-end carefully crafted service has led other doctors to consult us.

Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre Medical Services

Over 90 percent of signs of aging skin are caused by sun exposure; other contributing factors include gravity, smoking and pollution.

Asian skin is quite different from Caucasian skin. Their signs of aging occur 10-20 years later and, with much constitutive epidermal melanin pigmentation, there are a lot more pigmentary problems. The development of sun spots (solar lentigines) is most common and continues throughout life.

Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre focuses on these aesthetically important pigmentary problems and offers the choicest laser treatment (selective photothermolysis) to remove the abnormal pigment cells, with exceptional service, value and safety.

Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre also offers non-surgical tissue tightening treatment to visibly reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loose skin on the face, neck and body. The results are natural younger looks, i.e. not as dramatic as those results obtained from surgery.

Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre treats diseases of skin, such as acne, rosacea, eczema/dermatitis, impetigo, dermatophytosis, candidiasis, herpes zoster and actinic keratosis.

Contact Hong Kong Skin & Laser Centre

The best way to request an appointment is by telephone. (We cannot advise people about their conditions without an examination by our doctors.)

Telephone: (852) 2882 7168

Facsimile: (852) 2882 6827

Address: Suite 1501A, Hang Lung Centre

2-20 Paterson Street

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

港顏皮膚激光中心 港顏皮膚激光中心是在香港註冊成立的激光治療診所,採用先進的醫療科技,治療皮膚的老化問題,例如皺紋與色斑,和皮膚疾患。 我們診所設置在交通方便的銅鑼灣區,加上我們一貫高級、謹慎和精心服務的名譽,專為懂得和要求最好的人而設的一級激光治療診所港顏皮膚激光中心持續激光治療服務的領先地位。 港顏皮膚激光中心的醫生擁有世界級的資歷、醫療技術和高尚品格;加上有最優秀的醫務人員、設施和科技配合,使我們能夠提供最優質的護理服務給每一位客人 港顏皮膚激光中心特點我們的董事是公司管治的領導人,包括一位頂尖大學的前校董 (董事),一位太平紳士和一位受過哈佛大學教育的醫生。我們的醫生受過牛津大學、哈佛大學或悉尼大學的教育,而且擁有高尚的品格。 他們熟識最新的醫療科技與技術,並採用循證醫學。我們誠實正直、能幹、有才智、有魄力和熱誠。我們的業務是一級管理。我們是顧問醫生,有精確、謹慎、耐心的服務精神,更不斷研究以精益求精之決心,務求達至完美的治療。 港顏皮膚激光中心醫療服超過百份之九十的皮膚老化現象是由太陽光導致; 其他因素包括地心吸力抽煙和環境污染亞洲人的皮膚和白種人有別 他們的皮膚老化比白種人慢10-20可是由於他們皮膚最外層有較多黑色素所以他們有很多色斑問題 色斑 (太陽斑) 的形成是很常見的而這問題會持續出現港顏皮膚激光中心是治療色斑的專家提供特別激光療程和物超所值的優質服務能安全地清除影響美觀的色斑港顏皮膚激光中心並提供激光收緊皮膚治療能明顯地減少皮膚老化跡象例如皺紋或在面部頸部和身體鬆弛的皮膚 效果是更青春美麗回復嫩滑自然富彈性的皮膚港顏皮膚激光中心醫治皮膚疾患包括痤瘡(暗瘡)、酒渣鼻濕疹/皮炎膿疱症皮真菌病念珠菌病帶狀疱疹光化性角化病等等 聯絡港顏皮膚激光中心最佳的預約方法是致電我們 (我們不能提供意見給未經醫生診治的客人)電話: (852) 2882 7168傳真: (852) 2882 6827

地址: 香港銅鑼灣百德新街2-20號恆隆中心1501A

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