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Authentic Tationil By Roche

Authentic Tationil By Roche

Posted by limmeishen
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Tationil Glutathione by Teofarma 600mg / 4ml only PHP3,000

*With free Vitamina C Injectables- Each 10x2ml ampoule contains ascorbic Acid 500mg

We assure you of the seal of the originality of TATIONIL, which has a seal at the back of the box. This is a safety feature in order to detect other counterfeit products.


Strong antioxidant to remove excess free radicals that will cause abnormal function of brain and organs.

  • Treats neurodegenerative symptoms such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, irritate bowel and chronic fatigue.
  • Reconstitutes the function of vitamin C and E especially taken along with Vitamin C injection.
  • Greatly reduces acne/blemish/pimple
  • Long tem treatment for smokers and drinkers.

It is an important chemical that acts as a powerful antioxidant to prevent and protect the brain and other body tissues by protecting them from the damage of free radicals. It also acts to recycle Vitamin C & E that essential for controlling free radicals

Glutathione Injection is for those who want faster skin whitening effects compared to oral glutathione. You can see effects in just 3 weeks compared to oral intake of glutathione. You can start with 2 injections twice a week for 5 weeks then shift to oral intake of glutathione for maintenance dose.

  • Laroscorbine w/ Collagen by Roche, Italy made (10x5ml)Php 3,000 / box

Skin firming and whole body vitamin c whitening
New starter try 5ml every 3 day, after that use 5ml to maintain every week or month
Avoid drink water or toilet after injection, please hold for 1~2 hour for the vitamin to be circular to whole body,
-basic function of vitamin c
-as replenishment where collagen reduces when aged
-reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and minor scars
-maintains the production of cartilage and joints
-improves elasticity of skin, makes more supple and moisture
Recommended dosage:
1 ampoule weekly for the first box and 1 ampoule every 2 weeks for the second box
Intravenous (I.V.)
Brand name:
Contains 10 ampoules x 1gm x / 5ml vitamin c and 0.35mg collagen

  • Vitamin C GENERIC made in Thailand php 500

10 ampoules per tray/50 ampoules per box

  • LAENNEC PLACENTA.(100% Authentic) Human Placenta Extract - is a very safe and effective treatment for a variety of ailments as well as being quite useful in an anti-aging program. Did u know that LAENNEC PLACENTA IS ANTI-AGING, WHITENING and MOSTURIZING agent? It's harmless and more compatible for humans to use rather than from four legged animals. And take note, 100% HPE is not only for anti-aging programs! It has also many benefits to offer for human. The following mentioned below are just some of the ailment that can be treated by 100% Human Extract Placenta

-General fatigue
-Stiffness of shoulders
-Menopause andropause (male menopause)
-Skin cancer
-Skin Allergy
-Liver problems
Recommended dosage:
2ampoule every week
Intravenous (I.V)
Brand name:
Bio Products (JBP) Co
10 ampoules of 2ml per tray
5tray or 50 ampoules per box
In addition Hormone Balancing, Good Blood Circulation ,Anti Bodies ,Collagen productivity, Hay fever, Allergy, Psoriasis and Acne
Placenta contains hormones, growth factors, immune molecules, lipids, and nucleic acids-hundreds of different compounds. Specific placental molecules isolated from the mix could turn out to have particular clinical applications.


PRICE: PHP 1,000.00 per box (5ampoules/5ml)
Lefcar Lcarnitine I.V. is an antioxidant and mainly given to patients with cardio related diseases. It's also been used to aid patient in weight lost converting fats and carbohydrates into energy faster than usual
L-carnitine increases our body metabolic rate and is able to convert fats and carbohydrates from our body into energy, a form of protein cocarboxylase and if unused will be excreted via the urine. For athletes and sportsman, the protein will help to convert into muscles mass during activities, therefore L-carnitine amino acid for the bodybuilders who wish to have a well built physique naturally.
It is important to note that glucose and carbohydrates from the food we eat will be transported and convert into "fatty acids" or fats and store in parts of our body, thus creating lumpy areas especially can be seen in the lower arms, thighs, buttocks, tummy and even our face

**Free delivery within Metro Manila
For serious inquiries/orders only please.
We give big discounts for bulk orders.
We do meetups with minimum order.
Please order a day ahead for meetups.

You can reach me @

Globe +639053529277

Smart +639198367800

Sun +639227171688

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