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2010-05-25 New Technical Analysis For Traders (trading) Programs Added, Dynamic Trader 5 B168, Ownda

2010-05-25 New Technical Analysis For Traders (trading) Programs Added, Dynamic Trader 5 B168, Ownda

Posted by ola6
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2010-05-25 new technical analysis for traders (trading) programs added, Dynamic Trader 5 b168, OwnData 2.8 for TS 8.8, RightEdge 2010 build 20, TimingSolution Upgrade Jan 15 2010, Tradecision RT 4.7.697 and NeatScan Market Scanner, Addons, Docs, Utilities

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Bloomberg Business Week - May 24 - May 30, 2010
English | 88 pages | PDF | 25.70 Mb
Each issue of BusinessWeek features in-depth perspectives on the financial markets, industries, trends, technology and people guiding the economy. Draw upon Business Week's timely incisive analysis to help you make better decisions about your career, your business, and your personal investments.

TradeStation 8.x (last version) and OwnData. Start Package
Systems for TradeStation. Start Package
TradeStation 8.x (last version) and Systems. Basic Package
Tradestation 8.x (last version) and Plug-ins, Systems. MEGAPACK - 6 CD
MultiCharts 5.5 + all Add-Ons
OmniTrader 2010 + Add-Ons + VisualTrader 4.0/5.0 - 7 CD
NinjaTrader 6.5 and 7.0 Multi-Broker Add-Ons
MetaStock Pro 11.0 RT for eSignal and MetaStock 11.0 EOD
Add-Ons, Plug-Ins and Systems for Metastock
MetaStock Pro 11.0 RT + Add-Ons and Plug-Ins - 2 CD
Advanced GET EOD, RT and Manuals, Books, Course
VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software 7.1.5
The Ultimate Trading Machine Complete Set
Dynamic Trader RT + Matrix Cycles
MTPredictor 6.5 EOD / RT for eSignal and iQFeed
MTPredictor b45 MultiPlatform (open code)
Refined Elliott Trader (RET) 1.12.4 Autotrader
Advanced Get Studies for eSignal 10 (open code)
TTM (all indicators and all systems - open code)
Kwikpop 7.1
Trading Blox Builder 3.1
BWT Precision indicator 1 and 2 for NT
Netpicks 3.7 (UMT) for TS
Netpicks 3.8 (UMT) for eSignal
RINA Portfolio Maestro 1.0.8 Full
Universal Trading System (

Morningstar EnCorr Portfolio Strategist v9.5.1 Build 550 | 54.09 Mb
With MorningstarĀ® Portfolio StrategistĀ®, advisors can build better portfolios by determining the asset mix most likely to achieve the highest return for a given risk level. Advanced features like efficient frontier graphing and Monte Carlo wealth forecasting help create individualized asset allocation strategies based on a client's risk tolerance, current assets, future needs, and other factors. After applying these strategies in a portfolio, advisors can present their investment plans to clients in compelling, customized reports.

Quotespeed client 5.4


Programs for technical analysis of stock markets and the forex market (2000-2010) | 1.8 GB
This publication contains all the necessary set of programs for technical analysis of various stock markets and the forex market.
Content on 18.01.2010:
* Forex Arbitrage Calculator;
* Metastock 8, 9, 10, 11 (EoD and e-Signal);
* Neuroshell DayTrader Pro 5.5;
* TradeStation 8.6 and OwnData 2.7;
* Omega Research ProSuite 2000i SP5;
* ISO image with TechAnalize Programs;
* Sources of quotations and data converters;
* Programs to work with various brokers.


Top 10:

1. TradeStation 8.x (last version) and all systems (6 CDs) -
2. MetaStock Pro 11.0 and add-ons (2 CD) -
3. MultiCharts 5.5.2723.400 and 6.0 -
4. NinjaTrader and add-ons -
5. TradeStation 8.8 (last version) + Owndata 2.8 -
6. OmniTrader 2010 RT + VisualTrader 4.0/5.0 (7 CDs) -
7. Dynamic Trader RT + Matrix Cycles -
8. Refined Elliott Trader (RET) 1.12.2 AutoTrader -
9. VantagePoint 7.1.5 (22 Categories - 700 modules) -
10. TTM (all indicators and all systems - open code) -

On May, 25, 2010

Dynamic Trader 5 b168
OwnData 2.8 for TS 8.8
RightEdge 2010 build 20
TimingSolution Upgrade Jan 15 2010
Tradecision RT 4.7.697 and NeatScan Market Scanner, Addons, Docs, Utilities

On May, 11, 2010

Dynamic Trader 5.0 b168
Market Delta 10.2 b3
Refined Elliott Trader (RET) 1.12.4
RightEdge 2010 b20
TradeGuider RT 4.0

On March, 25, 2010

AmiBroker 5.30 RC
Safir-XP 2
TradeStation 8.8 build 5830
VisualTrader 5.0 RT

On February, 21, 2010

Market Delta 10.1 b15
OmniTrader 2010 Pro
OpenQuant 2.91 2.73
VantagePoint 8.1 (all modules)
Wave59 RT 3.6

On January, 08, 2010

MoneyZone for OmniTrader - Module and Seminar
Ocean Combo Software
OmniTrader 2010 RT R3
Trade Guider RT 3.0.51
TradeStation 8.7 Build 3085

On December, 18, 2009

MultiCharts 6.0
MTPredictor 6.5 Build 182

On December, 08, 2009

MarketDelta RT
Ocean Plus+ Video DVD Set (10 video discs)
TradeStation 8.8 Build 5579

On November, 12, 2009

MTPredictor 6.5 Build 179
VisualTrader 5.0
OmniTrader 2010 RT
OpenQuant 2.81
Refined Elliott Trader (RET) 1.12.2
Tradeguider RT 3.0
TradeStation 8.8 Build 5554

On October, 22, 2009

MTPredictor 6.5 Build 178 EOD / RT
TradeStation 8.6 Build 2696

On October, 14, 2009

ElWave 9.1
MetaStock 11.0 Pro RT / EOD
Nirvana ARM-4
Nirvana NSP-33
Nirvana NSP-35
TradeStation 8.6 Build 2674

On October, 01, 2009

12 RET PowerPacks 2008
ART (Applied Reality Trading System for TS)
Biocomp Dakota 2.10 B44 EOD
Biocomp Profit 8.04 Final Build + Server Patch
Elwave 9.0c
MultiCharts 5.5.2723.400
Precision Type A cracked $749 for MT
Robust E-mini Daytrading System for TS
TradersStudio 2.55

On September, 24, 2009

Advanz Analytics systems for TS
Commando C-3 Trading System for TS
Compass, Navigator, Surveyor for TS
Decisionbar for NinjaTrader
DeltaDivergence indicator for NinjaTrader
DMAX for NinjaTrader
Elder Disk v2.1 for TradeStation
FinAlg for NinjaTrader
Mark Fisher indicator from TradeWerks for NinjaTrader
MarketBalance for NinjaTrader
MarketDelta IB 9.19
Money FlowBars for NinjaTrader
Murrey Math 2009
NetPicks UMT for eSignal v3.9
RC Chance+ for TS
RC Day Trader Level 7 ( for TS
Reverse Motion Trading System for Tradestation
StratOpt WFO for TS
Tradesmart MATLAB Link Dll for TS
Viper Trading Systems for NinjaTrader
WCCI Autotrader and Pattern Recognition system for NinjaTrader

On August, 08, 2009
AmpleSight Trader + Patch for eSignal
Biocomp Profit 8.04 Final Build + Server Patch
Jurik - UT Package for Multiple Platforms with Keygen
Kwikpop 7.1 for TS (July 2009)
Noxa Entropy Indicators (NEI) 1.3 for Neuroshell 5.x
TradeStation 8.6 Build 2612 + Owndata 2.7
Trading Blox Builder 3.1
Updating TradeStation 8.x and all Systems - Full collection (6 CDs)

On July, 24, 2009

FCharts Pro 1.5.96e
Morningstar EnCorr Portfolio Strategist 9.4 build 535
Optimal Trader 3.1.5
OTrader 4.1.18
Personal Portfolio Manager 7.0.8
PiaTeK Software PortfolioTK 1.25
PiaTeK Software QuotesTK Professional 1.16
PSMyTrade 2.1.6
QuoteTracker 3.9.1

On July, 02, 2009

Advance Stock Pattern Scanner 2.0
AmiBroker 5.26b
ANNI Professional 3.27.0
BeyondTraders Indicators for Ninjatrader
Bluewave Precision Indicators for Metastock
ETS Trading System for Metastock
Metastock Chaloke Reaction Expert
Price Distribution Analysis for Tradestation
The TradingMarkets R3R4 Method Trading System for Tradestation
TradeStation 8.6 Build 2583 + Owndata 2.7

On June, 08, 2009

Alyuda Tradecision 4.6.250
BWT Precision indicator 1 and 2 for NT
GeneXproTools 4.0.954
NeuroShell Daytrader 5.6 Beta 3
Refined Elliott Trader 1.11.2 AutoTrader
Trend Walker for TS
TTM Slingshot for TS
ViperSpeedTrader Indicators for TS, NT

On May, 24, 2009

AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.7 for MetaStock
DSWCCI AutoTrader and Pattern Recognition for NinjaTrader
ASCTrend Indicators for NinjaTrader
EOTPro for NinjaTrader
Hurst Channel Four
MegaProfits Pro 1.0
MultiCharts 5.0 GOLD (5.0.2369.400)
Netpicks 3.7 for TS
Netpicks 3.8 for eSignal
NeuroTrend Lines 4.0 for TS and MultiCharts
Pallada 2009 Trading System Expert Advisor
Quantum Swing Trader fot TS
Refined Elliott Trader 1.10.17
RightEdge 2008 Edition 2 Beta 6
Se7en Volume At Price for NinjaTrader
Swing Activator System for TS
Tradecision Pro 4.6.250
ViperStar Gold Edition for TS

On May, 02, 2009

ARM3R5 RT Stocks v2
Chart Pattern Systems 3 (CPS3)
EA Forex Grail
Quantum Trader Elite 5.0
KwikPop 7.0
Market Delta Pro Complete for eSignal 9.19
MTPredictor 6 Build 171
NinjaTrader 6.5 Multi-Broker
Noxa CSSA Plugin for MetaStock 1.02
OpenQuant 2.7.0
Pulseline Trader for NinjaTrader
ViperStar Gold Edition for Tradestation
WealthLab Pro 5.3

On March, 02, 2009

Ensign Windows 02-20-2009
MultiCharts.5.0.2094.203 beta3
TradeStation 8.5 build 2289

On February, 12, 2009

VantagePoint 8.0
Tradestation 8.4 build 1693
OmniTrader 2009
Updated TradeStation 8.x and all Systems - Full collection ( 5 CDs - 3.08Gb RAR-archive)

On December, 02, 2008

AmiBroker 5.20
Multicharts 5.0.1781.202 b2
Refined Elliott Trader (RET) v1.10.9 AutoTrader
TradeStation 8.4 Build 1688

On November, 01, 2008

Amibroker 5.13.0
Multicharts 4.0.1724.400 (official release)
Multicharts 5.0.1737.201 beta 1
MarketDelta 9.4 (IB)
TradeStation 8.4 Build 1683

On September, 10, 2008

AbleTrend 7.1 RT
Advanced GET 10.1
EOTPro package
MarketDelta 9.3 (eSignal)
MTPredictor 6 Build 157
Refined Elliott Trader (RET) 1.10.6
TradeStation 8.4 Build 1674
TrendMedium 2.5 RT for MS
Steve Copan - The Market Matrix (Book)
Steve Copan - Delta Phenomenon (Video Course)

On August, 01, 2008

MB Risk Management 10.0
MultiCharts 4.0
Refined Elliott Trader (RET) 1.10.5 + 14 PowerPacks (2008)
Trade Bullet Build 643
Trading Blox Builder
TTM DDF Value Chart

On July, 02, 2008

AXIOM Index Swing System for TS
MTPredictor 6.0 EOD
MultiChart 3.1
VisualTrader 4.0 EOD and RT

On June, 24, 2008

AmiBroker Professional Edition 5.10
Connors and Raschke's Swing Trading Indicators RRP for TS
DivergenceAxe Indicator for TS (open code)
Ensign Multifeed (June 2008)
Empire for TS (open code)
Kase StatWare 5.1 for TS (open code)
Market Direction Indicator for TS
Market Trader Platinum
MarketAxe Indicator for TS (open code)
MarketCycle Indicator for TS (open code)
MAXED Trend Exhaustion PaintBar Indicator for TS
One Point Two Eight for TS
PaintBarFactory CCI for TS
PaintBarFactory RSI for TS
PaintBarFactory Squeeze Indicator for TS + Manual
PivotAxe Indicator for TS (open code)
Quantum Swing Trader for TS (open code)
Raptor II Trading System for AmiBroker
Reversal Axe Indicator for TS (open code)
Ribbon Trader for TS
RK Automatic Fib Confluence for TS
Superior Trend Turn Identifier for TS
Swing Day Trader's Toolkit for TS (open code)
T3 CCI for TS
WaveRider Trend Indicator for TS (open code)

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