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We Are The World

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Tributes received from The Star Online readers for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

E-mail your tributes to [email protected] He came, he sang and he stole everybody�s heart.

Truly a legend and a legend for a very long time to come.

Despite certain shortcomings, he�ll always be remembered by everyone, most of all me.

Now that he�s gone to a better place, he�s no longer alone.

Rest in peace Michael.

You left this world but you�ll never leave us.

-- David BanKee TanI really can�t believe it.

Rest In Peace.

Michael Jackson will truly be missed.

He is The Greatest Entertainer of All Time.

I grew up on his music and because of him and a few others is why I have the love of music.

-- Buvanesvaran I�m 17 and I listen to Michael�s songs since I was just a kid.

Being the King of Pop, Michael dedicated his whole life to the music industry.

Heal the World, We are the World, ...

are merely a part of his efforts in helping the needy.

His death is a heart wrenching news and is definitely a great loss to the world.

Sorrow overwhelmed everyone in the world.

Michael will stay in our hearts forever and ever.

Rest in peace, Michael.

We will miss you! A tribute from your little fan, Ryan YuI was shocked and saddened over an SMS from my niece this morning that MJ has passed away.

Still can�t believe it�s true.

Though there was negative news surrounding him when he was alive, he always remained an inspiration and a source of happiness whenever i listened to his songs.

He is one of a kind! My deepest condolance to his family members, friends and fans all over the world.

RIP Michael.

-- CalvinWhenever I listen to �Heal The World� it will bring tears and now the idol is gone....Michael Jackson,whatever people may have said but you will always be remembered...May you soul rest in peace.

...we will definately miss you.

-- Mathuri Raman Micheal�s death came as a shock to me when I heard it, I couldn�t believe my pop icon is gone and tears filled up my eyes.

Micheal you remain in my heart forever..

R.I.P ...

Love you Micheal.

-- Parveen, PenangIt is indeed a sad day.

Over here in Ukraine, we (Crimea State Medical University students) were busy preparing for exams when we heard the news on the Internet.

No matter who or where you are in the world, you would have definitely heard of the name �Michael Jackson�.

You would know that he was the King of Pop and that he could really dance.

My friends and I took a short break from our studies and gathered together to remember his songs and life, over a pot of Milo (something rare and hard to find in Ukraine).

We were sad and some of us even tears in our eyes.

He is truly a legend and will be remembered in our lives forever.

Its just sad that he could not fulfil his wish to tour the world.

-- ReubenYour songs touched many, the lyrics so kind, the dance moves ...

your rhythm.

It will all be in our hearts.

Your legacy will still move on until the day we all vanish together on this planet called Earth.

You may not know how much you have touched us.

But we know it will continue shine ...

May you rest in peace.

-- Lisa WongMichael, you touch lives with your music, talent, uniqueness, and beautiful soul.

You inspire many, transcending race, nationality and creed.

You�ll be deeply missed and remembered.


-- Yee, SelangorFor those growing up in the 80�s, Michael Jackson was one of the most recognisable figures in the world.

He was a spectacular performer, with a life and career riddled with dark clouds around him.

But nonetheless, even those who were not diehard fans recognise that as a musician, an entertainer and as a human being, Michael Jackson made a difference in the lives of millions of people.

Years from now, people will still remember the musician with the shy, tortured smile from behind a pair of aviator sunglasses and that casual yet fragile wave with white gloved hands.

-- SJMichael, you are not alone there.

We are here (one world).

You are the ONE and you are forever in our memory.

May god bless you.

RIP - Michael.

-- Billy Thein, KajangWhen I played �Heal the World� again and knew the man singing it is gone forever, I felt very sad.

When someone I grew up knowing and yet knew so little about can affect me emotionally when he is dead, that�s when I know he�s a legend.

Rest in peace Michael Jackson.

-- WH Yap We�ve lost a TRUE IDOL.

MJ, you�ll live in our hearts forever.

Truly, greatest artiste of all time.

-- AnthonyMJ: your music is full of life and you have cheered and livened up the hearts of so many people around the world, young and old.

Even people out of your age, the young generation now, they all love your music ...

and your moves.

We definitely will miss you.

Farrah : what more can I say? You certainly lighted up my life with your charm, moves and beauty.

And the role that you played as an angel.

Your show was more than 30 years ago but I can still remember those times when I looked forward to watching you on the telly.

We will also miss you.

-- MLimSitting by my winter apartment on a cold winter morning today brings back memories of his songs especially �Heal the World�.

His songs still remain in our hearts for many years to come.

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.

-- William Ng, Adelaide, AustraliaMichael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, both of you will be missed and remembered dearly by everyone in the world, your commitment and dedication to the entertainment world will be deeply missed, may both of you find peace.

-- LeeMichael, I will tell my children and grandchildren how great your songs and dances were.

You are a forever a legend and will be remembered for many many years to come.

-- cheebj Can�t believe that MJ is gone...mourning his death with the rest of the world! RIP Micheal! -- T.K.Letchumy Tamboo, Kuala LumpurIt was a bolt from the blue when I heard of M.J�s demise.

Just as unexpected was the shattering news about F.F.

I sincerely pay tribute and homage to these two extraordinary individuals who have been such an immense inspiration and influence to millions of people throughout the world.

May it be known that their memories will be always be held close to my heart.

And to M.J., may the blessing and mercy of God be upon him.

-- Iskandar Zulfadzli You are still very much alive, as long as mankind still can hear and as long as the air vibrates, your songs will continue to play on the speakers and touch our hearts and souls.

And we will sing itm again and again and tell our grandchildren for generations to come, that You have rocked our world.Be in peace, our hero, our idol.

- Melvin WongKing of pop..he rejuvenate the world music industry with his talent and present..there will be thousand years for us to see anther music icon.

-indraaizwaan Michael Jackson�.you gave the world your talent and love�.now it�s your Legacy that will live on forever.

I am one of your fans who never faltered and remained true to you and always followed your career.

We the people of the world needed the healing and you gave us that medicine��Heal The World�, never a soul have cared so much for the children and the world�.may god bless you a safe journey.

- Vikneswaran Sundrason Pillai, KL YOU live a life for millions of us, YOU fill our lives full of joy, awareness and repentance with your music and songs, YOU made us become THE WORLD.

Thank you my dear friend...

Its been a life fulfilled for most of us.

- Peter KhorMichael have changed many people�s lives through his songs �Man in the mirror� & �black or white�.

He also made people realised that there are many things we can do for the poor & hungry + also the environment (mother earth).

- James ChewNo one...just no one can erase your influence on so many of us of a certain age, your musical genius will immortalize u for the generations to come.

Thank you Michael!! Rest in Peace.

- MaranMichael Jackson is brilliant in so many ways.

He inspired people around the world to sing and dance and the name Michael Jackson is so famous that people of all ages knows who he are (even my grandma knows).

He has a very deep impact to the music world and he is undoubtedly one of the unique icons that cannot be duplicated.

Most of the adults today grew up with Michael Jackson and it�s very sad to hear his demise.

May peace be with you and farewell Michael.

You will be deeply missed and remembered! - Derek, CyberjayaMichael Joseph Jackson you thrilled us in �Thriller�, you showed us the �Man In The Mirror� .

You gave us hope in �We are the World� & Showed us how to �Heal the World�.

All of us thank you for the direction, wisdom & also humility.

May God Bless you and protect your beautiful Children.

We will sorely miss you.

- SudershMichael Jackson, he shall remained our Legend of all times! - levianWe will miss both of u MJ and FF forever where can we find your replacement from Hot Piper R & CI�m shock to hear the news early this morning.

Your songs Thriller, Beat It & Billy Jean are always my favourite.

We will always remember you in our heart.

You are always remember as KING OF POP! of the century.

Yee, SelangorMicheal Jackson is MUSIC.

Your rhythm, your words, your style and your presence was an inspiration to all.

May you find the peace and happiness you long for� You will be loved forever.

Tabitha DassMJ you will be our King Of Pop forever.

We will always remember all the good songs and dance moves that you bring to us.

-- BL Koay Farrah - You�re everyone idol through the world.

From the day that I have your photo way back in the 70s till to date, it is still very much touch our heart.

RIP - We�ll never forget that sweet memories that you left for the world.

JohnnyThis is the saddest news of the year.

MJ was an idol that my father and myself grow up listening with.

He�s a extremely talented artist that what the world have lack with nowadays.

Although MJ may be away but the LEGEND will speak itselfs.

RIP ...


- Bryan WongMJ�s death is a great tragic.

It�s heartbreaking that he did not made it for a comeback after his hardwork.

He has indeed made a great change in the entertainment world.

No one�s gonna forget MJ.

Forever in our hearts...PrissyNor religion neither political system can unite the world, but the music of a single soul ; the king of pop inspired many of us to believe and understand that we can live together in peace and harmony.

Michael you are and forever you will remind my hero --- thanks for your song --- BLACK and WHITE.

- Mhoudine MohamedMichael Jackson, a person whom i believe should be awarded with Noble Prize.

You brought the blacks and the whites together with your songs...

You have done so much for the community but still you was a victim of abuse and torture by money minded man kind...I wonder why good and nice people like you and Elvis Presley leaves the world so soon???? Why??? Why??? I was expecting your comeback performance, scheduled unprecedented 50 shows at London, with the first set for July 13....

But now you are gone.....

I am gonna miss you Jack....

We human kind have lost the one and only BEST ENTERTAINER.

I always love you....

May you rest in peace..

Ganaesan Shunmugam, penangHis personal lifestyle aside....MJ is and will be the Greatest Entertainer in the World ! He will and never be replaced ! He was a talented music man where his songs & dances entertained all of us -young & old! RIP Michael Jackson ! You Are The BEST ! AudreyMichael Jackson, the name that every music lover will remember.

His songs were superb and he created the moonwalk.

Now we will be missing such a dance.

May your soul rest in peace Michael.

My deepest condolence to the Jackson family- K.Vigram KovalanThe passing away of this two persons shall remind us the value of each breath we are having, be thankful that we are still breathing every morning when we wake up and be grateful to the creator for what we are given in this life.

Afterall, the greatest gift on earth one can received is the incomng and outgoing breath we are having.

Therefore, don�t let another day go by without being touched by the magic of what bas been placed inside of us.


BLESSINGS - RACHEL ANNE Both these STARS have contributed so much of themselves to entertain us - it is no easy task to sacrifice so much of their life and work so hard to meet the expectations of their fans all over the world.

I salute you Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, you were both my favorites.

Thank you both for bringing so much entertainment and joy to us by simply watching and appreciating you.

May you rest in peace and may the Lord welcome you into His Kingdom and may He comfort the family you left behind.

Till we meet again on God�s beautiful shores.

- CarolineAnitaSadness glooms as the world looses the greatest entertainer of all time.

Never will there be an entertainer to grace any stage anywhere in this planet.

Michael you�re indeed the King of Pop, my heart is heavy with sadness over your passing...thank you for your all the great songs and moves.

You songs are next best thing since the creation of music.

- Suresh Anthony Photography Another day is gone.....truly means another day is gone, my mom called me to say how sorry she is to hear the news to me, Because everyone knew how much MJ meant to, an inspiration, an idol, a motivator in many ways.

May your Soul RIP! Never forgotten! Michael Jackson, a name that shall be remembered for centuries to come.

He impacted everyone as the King of Pop and his memories shall linger on and be remembered through his songs.

I hope his soul rests in peace and my deepest condolence to the Jackson family.

-- PreemkumarSad to know that we can never hear new songs from MJ anymore.

His movement on the stage is most entertaining to date.

Gonna miss his style a lot.

Good Rest Michael.

-- Adrian WongMay the King of Pop finds the peace he so desperately craves for it remains elusive to him on Earth.

Rest in Peace, Michael We will miss you.

-- Alvin Tehwho�s goin to heal the world now? who�s gonna tell u that u r not alone? who�s gonna unite the black & white? who�s able to walk backward & look damn cool? which zombie can dance better than him? u r truly world HISTORY.

-- Adam TanTo Michael Jackson we love you forever !! -- Aishah TahaI was shocked to hear of the sad demise of our legendary and evergreen pop artist Michael Jackson.

My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and fans.

May his soul rest in peace.

-- BernardTo Michael & Farrah, You both are the best and have always been the best, I miss you both.

May your soul rest in PEACE.

-- PriscilliaMichael�s rendition of �Ben� will be forever etched in my memory - his vocals so clear, pure and captivating, and who can forget Thriller - the best album- ever! Farrah was lovely, wholesome and although blonde, still managed to transcend the �bombshell� image due to her clean and pure beauty.

They are truly irreplaceable.

It�s sad that such talented individuals had sufferred so much until their final destinations.

May your souls rest in peace.

We will miss you dearly.

-- CHRIS, SelangorRemember growing up watching Charlie�s Angels and of the 3 angels Farrah was my favourite.

Simply because I loved her hair.

It was so wavy and she kinda set the trend for that form of hairstyle.

As for MJ, I know I used to sing along to his music i.e.

Beat It, Billie Jean, etc.

The �King of Pop� can never be replaced by another.

Sadly, this is life in a nutshell.

I�m gonna miss both of them.

Goodbye Farrah & Michael.

-- CJI grew up watching both stars in their hey days as well as their struggles in life.

One set the trend in women�s hairstyle.

The other rule the world with his music and songs.

I remember I used to collect Charlie�s Angels pin-ups and posters.

Farrah is one of my favourites because her smile is so sweet and �mesmerising�.

Michael may be a freak to some, but I rather put his personal life aside, and look at him as a brilliant entertainer, singer, dancer and composer.

Farrah can now be happy with the true �angels� up above while Michael can now rest in peace from the slanders and news-hungry media, and paparazzi.

Life is uncertain.

Death is certain.

May they rest in peace.

-- Condolences from, Francis Yip Can�t really think this has happened, everyday I read about what�s going on with Farrah in the internet and all of a suden this morning the 7am news says Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett are dead.

Tears can�t stop rolling from my sister and me on our way to work.

Since we grew up at the time Michael Jackson was our idol, we have all his songs and we went to both the concerts Michael Jackson held in Malaysia paying the most expensive ticket for both days.

Now he is gone.

May god bless them both.

-- vjMy love and condolences to the Man I knew as the Lord of Music and Dance.

He is my ideal throughout my life who has showed so much life, courage and the importance of being passionate about dreams.

World�s most popular dancer and singer I have ever known, you will always be in my heart my MAN!!! -- Rishi RampalLiving in a hostel during my college days, I still remember how the TV room was jam-packed with students (Malays, Indians, Chinese, Kadazans, Punjabis, etc) waiting for the next Michael Jackson release after Thriller - that was Black or White - and we all marvelled at the different faces morphing from African American to Caucasian to Asian, over and over again! I remember walking in a shopping complex and all of us strollers would stop whenever the beat of Billie Jean�s track played and we would watch the video of MJ spinning, moonwalking and going �yeee...heeee!� Whatever else MJ was, he surely made great music and was a great performer.

-- CT NOYAWNSYou are always the brightest star and forever in our mind.

-- Raymond WongMichael Jackson was more than just a legend.

He was the one who tried to change the world through his music.

Just to name a few, �Heal the world�, �You are not alone�, �We are the world�, �They don�t care about us�.

He was the first artiste who tried to change the world with his music, let it be the earth, or for racial unity.

We have lost more than an artiste and a brother.

Farrah Fawcett was the iconic angel.

No more can be said to mourn her brave death.

She is now a true angel above us, watching over us.

-- Melissa LauHe will be missed dearly.

His songs touched the lives of many and has brought a positive impact to the world.

From generations to generations, he has continued to touch many.

From the very young to the very old.

Many have tried to be like him, bring a light to the entertainment world.

His songs are like a thousand words, making the world realise about many things.

May Michael Jackson R.I.P, he will continue to live in the hearts of many! Hail the King of Pop! -- Zen SernI am big fan of MJ since I small.

I actually grow up listening to his songs to the extend I stole money from my parents to go and grab �MJ tapes� and once I actually made my hair done like him.

He was so inspiring and whatever the media says or label him for me, he is the king of pop and no man can come close to him.

We human kind have lost the one and only BEST ENTERTAINER.


-- valensMJ, we will always remember you in our heart! Thank you for all the good u hv given to the world! R.I.P.

-- Tiger TeeReceived an sms from a friend abroad early this morning.

Was informed about Michael Jackson�s death.

I couldnt believe it and it came totally as a surprised as I last heard he was busy getting ready for his upcoming London gig etc and he was in the press for the past recent months.

Sad to hear that he�s gone and what�s left is his music for all of us to share & enjoy.

Gone but definately NOT forgotten.

Despite all the negative news and all those crazy reports on his life, there�s no deniying that his music is something ALL of us enjoyed.

His music brought the world together and him, being known as The King of Pop will always be in our thoughts.

RIP Michael and God Bless him and his family! -- YiVon Tai, Malacca God bless you Michael for giving us the music that enchanted us.

Thanks for the Thriller, We are the world and the Earth song.

God bless you Farrah for empowering the crowning glory of the womenfolk.

Thanks for Charlie�s Angels and the hair.

-- Vishie, AmpangLatest news, pictures, videos and other reports on Jackson and FawcettRelated Stories:Twiitterazzi Tribute to MJ Michael Jackson's death stuns fans across the worldCrowds gather in front of Jackson's childhood homeNews of Jackson's death first spread online'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett dies at 62Jackson death causes media scrambleLike Elvis, Jackson was a King who died youngQuotes about the death of Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's health woes took center stage
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