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The Honeymooners Classic 39 $10

The Honeymooners Classic 39 $10

Posted by good old classics
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The Honeymooners debuted as a half-hour series on October 1, 1955. Although initially a ratings success?it was the #2 show in the United States?it faced stiff competition from the popular Perry Como Show.The show eventually dropped to #19,and production ended after 39 episodes (now referred to as the "Classic 39"). The final episode of The Honeymooners aired on September 22, 1956.


"TV or Not TV": Since neither can afford a set on their own, Ralph and Ed buy one together. But this comfy communal arrangement is challenged when Ralph wants to watch a movie, and Norton is determined to tune in to Captain Video.

"Funny Money": Ralph comes into a fortune when a suitcase full of cash is left unclaimed on his bus. But it turns out the money is counterfeit and the gangsters who made it know who has it?and they will do anything to get it back.

"The Golfer": In order to impress his boss, Ralph brags that he can play golf. It's up to Norton to teach this non-linkster the tricks of the traps before he embarrasses himself on the course and perhaps loses his job.

"A Woman's Work is Never Done": Hoping to make Alice happy, Ralph hires a maid. But finding decent help is a great deal easier than having to put up with Ralph's tirades and mandates.

"A Matter of Life and Death": Ralph hasn't been feeling well and a medical report from a messenger confirms the bad news: he only has six months to live. Too bad the news is actually from a vet who is treating Alice's mother's dog

"The Sleepwalker": Norton's nighttime strolls while he snores have kept the Kramden and Norton households awake for far too many nights. A late night visit from a doctor may lead to a cure, as long as Ralph agrees to stay and look after Norton.

"Better Living Through Television": Ralph stumbles upon the idea of selling a "kitchen helper" gadget on television. Unfortunately, Norton and Ralph must do the commercial themselves, and Ralph has stage fright.

"Pal O' Mine": When Ralph accidentally gets a ring (meant for Norton's foreman) stuck on his hand, the pal's friendship deteriorates. That is, until Ralph gets word that Norton is hurt in a sewer explosion. The frantic friend immediately heads to the hospital to help.

"Brother Ralph": When Ralph is laid off, Alice gets a job as a secretary. Trouble is, her bosses want her "single" or she'll lose the position. So when one of her superiors comes over, Ralph becomes Alice's "brother" lest she risk losing their only source of income.

"Hello, Mom": A telegram announces that "Mom" is coming for a visit. Ralph explodes at the thought of spending time with his big-mouthed, meddling mother-in-law. The resulting argument lasts until someone surprising walks through the door.

"The Deciding Vote": Ralph learns that Norton has the deciding vote in an election for a Raccoon Lodge official. When an opponent wins the position, Ralph is convinced that Norton turned his back on him.

"Something Fishy": The Raccoon Lodge votes to not allow wives on their annual fishing trip. And for the first time, they also vote to tell their wives the news. Can Ralph and Ed keep them from attending? Or do the girls have something fishy up their sleeves?

"'Twas the Night Before Christmas": When Ralph learns that a gift he bought for Alice is really a cheap piece of junk, he hocks his bowling ball to buy her a special present. But it turns out that Alice has bought Ralph a bowling bag to carry the ball in.

"The Man From Space": Ralph wants to win $50 at the Raccoon Lodge costume contest, but no one will loan him the cash to rent an outfit. So using his ingenuity (and several parts of the household furnishings), Ralph creates a hilarious man from space outfit.

"A Matter of Record": Ralph insults his mother-in-law once too often and Alice leaves him. Hoping to win her back, he uses Norton's recording equipment and makes a record of his feelings. Unfortunately, another "anti-Mom" message gets sent by mistake.

"Oh, My Aching Back": Ralph avoids going to his mother-in-law's by playing "sick." He goes bowling instead and wants to prevent Alice from finding out. But when his back goes out, Alice is the least of his problems?he has a company physical in the morning.

"The Babysitter": Alice wants a phone, but Ralph won't pay for it. So Alice hires herself out as a babysitter for the neighborhood. But when Ralph hears his new phone number being batted around in the barbershop, he thinks his wife is two-timing him.

"The $99,000 Answer": Ralph wins a chance to be on a game show and he chooses popular songs as his category of expertise. It's up to Norton to help him brush up on his tune knowledge so that he can hopefully win the jackpot.

"Ralph Kramden, Inc": Ralph wants $20 from Norton, but his friend won't budge. So Ralph sells him a percentage of himself. When an elderly woman who Ralph befriended remembers him in her will, the "corporation" and "shareholder" smell a possible fortune.

"Young at Heart": After talking to her teenage neighbors, Alice wants to go out and be young again. But Ralph refuses until Norton teaches him the finer skills of being hip and modern. But the physical price may be too much to bear for this tired old fogey.

"A Dog's Life": When Norton discovers a delicious appetizer spread in the Kramden icebox, Ralph takes the concoction to his boss, who he hopes will invest in the product. Turns out that everyone is eating horsemeat dog food meant for Alice's new puppy.

"Here Comes the Bride": Ralph meddles in Alice's sister's wedding and it's not long before the dejected bride is living with the couple, crying her eyes out. It's up to Ralph to right his big-mouthed wrong and get the newlyweds back together?or else.

"Mama Loves Mambo": When a single Latin lover type moves into the apartment building, the women all swoon and the men all gnash their teeth. Carlos wants to teach them the mambo. Ralph and the boys just want to teach him a lesson.

"Please Leave the Premises": A hike in the rent finds the Kramdens on strike, determined to squash the $5 increase. But when the landlord cuts off the power and the heat, it seems that only Ralph wants to continue the battle, all the way to eviction if need be.

"Pardon My Glove": When Ralph stumbles upon a man's white glove, he immediately gets suspicious of Alice. Turns out that his worries are correct. Alice is seeing another man: a local department store decorator who wants to refurbish their home for free.

"Young Man with a Horn": Knowing he's never amounted to much, Ralph strives for some much needed self-improvement. He takes the civil service test and vows to finally "hit the high note" on both the exam and his old coronet, just to prove his determination.

"Head of the House": A man on the street interviewer quotes Ralph as saying some rather outlandish things about who wears the pants in his family. When Alice reads it, she flips. Too bad Ralph needs her to back up his bragging to a fellow worker.

"The Worry Wart": An IRS letter starts Ralph on the road to anxiety. With Norton's help, he realizes his possible mistakes. But the threat of tax evasion makes him a mental case until he arrives at the offices, and discovers the real reason he was contacted.

"Trapped": Ralph witnesses a bank robbery and narrowly escapes with his life. Instead of going to the police, he seeks refuge in his apartment, hoping to hide out. The killers know where he lives, however, and stop by to "shut him up" once and for all.

"The Loudspeaker": Ralph is convinced he's winning the Raccoon of the Year Award. After all, why would the Grand High Exalted Mystic Leader of the organization want him to speak at the ceremony? Maybe because his best friend, Norton, is the real recipient?

"On Stage": The Raccoon Lodge puts on a play to make money, and Ralph is cast in the lead. When rumor has it a big time Hollywood producer is going to attend the show, Ralph is convinced he is Tinseltown bound.

"Opportunity Knocks But": When Ralph's boss, Mr. Marshall, asks for some pool playing advice, Norton tags along to shoot a game or two. Marshall is so impressed with Kramden's pal that he offers him a job?as Ralph's supervisor.

"Unconventional Behavior": Alice and Trixie finally convince their husbands to take them along to the Annual Raccoon Convention in Minneapolis. But on the way there, a joke gets out of hand and Ralph and Norton end up handcuffed together.

"The Safety Award": Ralph is acknowledged by the city for the 14 years of safe driving he's done as a bus driver. But the day of the ceremony, everything seems to be going wrong, until (wouldn't you know it) Ralph has a little fender bender.

"Mind Your Own Business": Ralph gives Norton some advice about pursuing his goals and demanding respect?and a promotion?from his boss. Thanks to Ralph, Norton gets fired and it's up to the big mouth to help him get his job back.

"Alice and the Blonde": A friendly visit to a fellow co-worker of Ralph's has the Kramdens and Nortons out on the town. But the amount of attention the boys pay to the man's blonde bombshell wife have Alice and Trixie seeing red?and green.

"The Bensonhurst Bomber": After a tussle in the local pool hall, Norton gets Ralph into a fight with an overbearing bully named Harvey. But as the big battle looms, Ralph turns chicken. It's up to Norton to help his pal save face in front of his friends and neighbors.

"Dial J for Janitor": When the landlord loses yet another janitor thanks to Ralph and Ed's complaining, he threatens to evict them both. But then Ralph accepts the job to get free rent. Only then does he learn how horrible working for tenants like him can be.

"A Man's Pride": Hoping to impress an old rival, Ralph brags that he runs the Gotham Bus Company. But when the friend wants to visit him at work, Ralph must figure out a way to use the real boss' office.

You are buying the Complete The Honeymooners "Classic 39" Series. One of the greatest of all time !!! All 39 episodes, on 5 dvd's.

The A/V quality is from a 9.0/10, with interactive menus.
All dvd sets come in dvd+r discs so they work on all dvd players including x-box & ps2 players. Please ask any questions before purchase. This is a must have set.

These dvd's come in plastic sleeves with no art work.

Due to the ease of copy, no refunds will be issued, but any defective dvd will be replaced.

Please ask any and all questions before purchasing.

Shipping in the US is $4.00 and International is $10.00.


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