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Michael Jackson Children Photos

Michael Jackson Children Photos

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Michael Jackson's children: Just leave them aloneby Maria E.

Andreu Friday June 26, 2009, 3:12 PMAPPeople are searching for photos of Michael Jackson's children.

Let's just leave them alone.It was easy to villify Michael Jackson during life - the changing face, the skin whitening, the bizarre behavior and the allegations of child molestation made him a controversial figure.

He was an adult, and paid an adult price for the choices that he made.

But say what you will, he is dead and our words can't affect him anymore.

Michael Jackson's three young children, however--Prince Michael, 12; Paris, 11 and Prince Michael II, 7, also known as "Blanket'') have just entered a horribly difficult phase of their lives.

They've lost the only parent that was actively involved in their lives (the mother of the two older children, Debbie Rowe, was not part of their lives, and the third child was conceived through an anonymous surrogate).

Say what you will about Michael Jackson, he was fanatical about protecting his children's privacy.

Maybe it was because he so keenly felt the premature loss of his own childhood to stardom and the limelight that he went to such lengths to keep his children's identity private.

Who can forget the bizarre shots of the children in masks and scarves over their faces? Strange or not, it worked.

Could you pick them out of a line-up? Chances are most of us could pick out, say, Madonna's daughter, but none of us could identify Michael Jackson's children.But now they've lost their most avid protector.

As the heirs of his still considerable fortune and musical legacy, it is natural that curiosity about them will increase and they'll become more of a target.

Already, today, one of the most searched for terms on Google is "Michael Jackson children photos." With the dozens of stories that will undoubtedly follow about who gets custody, how they're coping, how much money they've got left, it's highly likely that their lives will get a lot more crowded and intruded upon.

And think about how much more rapacious the paparazzi have gotten even since the time their father released the song, "Leave Me Alone," decrying the treatment he was getting from the tabloids then (and this was before the internet).

If the stars of a little reality show like Jon and Kate Plus 8 can grace the cover of tabloids for months on end, imagine what may happen to Michael Jackson's children.Is it old fashioned to ask for a bit of peace for these kids? I hope not.

The loss of a parent at a young age is one of the most traumatic things any child can suffer.

It would be doubly painful after that blow to be thrust into the fishbowl.

Let's just leave them alone.What other issues is Maria E.

Andreu writing about? Check it out at her website.See more in Michael Jackson
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