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Improve Your Balance & Flexibility Now With Pro Balance

Improve Your Balance & Flexibility Now With Pro Balance

Posted by Ken
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The brand new accessory for health conscious people is the Pro Balance wristband. This band has been made keeping in mind the well being of your body. The Pro Balance wristband attracts negative ions to your body. Negative Ions are sometimes referred to as "Vitamins of the Air”.

Pro Balance is a performance enhancing balance, strength and flexibility wristband. Wear it on your wrist to provide a balancing effect to your energy emission. The Pro balance wristband contains two holograms with encoded algorithms that promote cell to cell communication via the meridian energy lines of your body.

Pro Balance is a mathematical frequency spectrum that is encoded into a hologram. The frequency is optimised to be highly compatible to the natural energy field surrounding your body. This code contains the fundamental physics of balance, time, velocity, mass, torque, inertia and momentum.
The result from wearing the Pro Balance wristband may promote enhanced energy flow along the main meridian channels. The resonance from the holograms may also enhance performance and equalise your centre line balance. Once your body is in harmony, muscles relax, blood flow increases and relaxation replaces tension.
How does it work?
Almost everything contains a positive or a negative charge of energy which resonates a frequency. When the holograms come into contact with your body's energy field, they immediately allow your own frequency to interact with those stored in the holograms. Over 100 frequencies and algorithms are encoded within the Pro Balance. These encoded formulas filter out potentially disruptive frequencies and enhances ones own frequency for a total sense of alignment.

Ions are electrically charged particles formed by the gain of one or more electrons (called positive ions), or the loss of one or more electrons (called negative ions). Negative Ions can be generated by lightning, waterfalls, ocean surf, or even by rubbing two different materials against each other due to the fact that some materials tend to gain electrons from things they come in contact with.

Negative ions are abundant in mountains and forests, since all plants give off some ions. Many scientific studies have been conducted over the years showing that negative ions are beneficial to the human body and can improve the human body health. The Pro Balance wristband supplies negative ions to your body CLOSELY and CONTINUOUSLY, and can activate metabolism of cells, increase the energy flow in the body, adjust the nervous system, accelerate blood circulation. It can ease joint pain and improve health.

Medical research has shown that negative ions produce many positive health benefits which include:-

increased alertness
increased work productivity
help combat fatigue
relief from migraine headaches
reduction in severity of asthma attacks
increased lung capacity
normalisation of hormone imbalances
decreased depression, irritability and tension
improved concentration
enhanced physical performance
relief from allergies and hay fever
relief from sinus congestion and inflammation
less susceptibility to colds and flu
improved sleep and relaxation
enhanced immune system

What is Ionisation?
Many published studies in respected journals have concluded that Negative Ions may have a profoundly beneficial effect on both the mind and body. It is believed that not enough Negative Ions may be the reason that some people experience stress, nervousness and discomfort.

The process of ionization is often referred to as the "thunderstorm effect". It is well known that prior to a thunderstorm, animals and even many humans feel nervous, jittery and irritable; however, after the storm there seems to be a feeling of calm. Both animals and humans experience this phenomena. Most people can't explain this renewed sense of well-being. However, there is a logical explanation.

The emotional ups & downs before and after a thunderstorm are caused by the amount of negative ions in the air around us. Prior to a thunderstorm there is a very high concentration of positive ions in the air. Positive ions are often pollutants such as dust, bacteria, pollen, chemicals, and fumes. The storm releases electrical discharges consisting of high concentrations of negative ions. Negative ions destroy many of these air pollutants and, therefore, give us a sense of well-being.

This unbelievable product is used by major sports persons around the world. You too can own your own Pro Balance wristband and start feeling the effects imediatly as you wear it. Test it with your friends and be amazed by its mysterious power.

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