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Zahra Kazemi

Zahra Kazemi

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It sure looks as if History will repete, are we look'n to start the Crusades, the Holocaust, what took place in the Kosova just a few yrs back??? One would hope that the People of Iran, wish to live free from a Dogma of repression, how do we as people stand by & aid those in control of IRAN todayBillW, Branford, CT, USANina, KL, Malaysia I can't see what you saw but I think you choose not to see those other equally "dogmatic" postings.

Please excuse the "ad nauseam" part.

I am just one of the few opposing voices among the numerous pro West posters.

Repetition can be boring.

It works both ways.

Peace.Lim, JB, MalaysiaThe most heinous crime in human history has been performed by one nation only - the dropping of two nuclear bombs in Japan Richard, Frankfurt, Germany No Richard, it was done by your country men....the holocaust...remember? The bombs dropped on Japan pales in comparisonMart, Adana, TurkeyVal London, you are talking rubbishGraham, Driffield, UKRon, That'll sort then! Good work.

Mark, Bonkers, UKAre we still going to publish all the people tortured by US and maybe UK troops in Iraq or is that not the same? These articles no longer wash with the British public, we see how protestors are treated in the UK - beaten up, people standing by - one man dead, bomb blast at 7/7 - no enquiry etc etcval, London, UKTo Lim, JB, Malaysia Since all you ever do is parrot the same fundamentalist dogma, you really only need to say it once per article rather than consuming so much space with your boring rant - In fact, just post your name, we all know what you're going to say anyway because we've read it ad nauseam everywhere else.Nina, KL, MalaysiaThis is the face of Islamo-Fascism.

You thought all this talk of Islamic fascism was just right-wing propaganda? Here it is, staring us in the face.

Elections are a sham, their regimes are violent toward the outside and violent on the inside.

They denigrate women, minorities, they torture and murderIW, USA, Colleen, Patriotic, USA!!!!! With your kind of attitude, why preach democracy, freedom of this, freedom of that, liberty, human rights, etc.

Can't even tolerate a bit of opposition.

Shame on you.

Shaquan has his rights and he is right to the dot..

Lim, JB, MalaysiaDrew, Philadelphia, USA You said you had looked at yourselves very closely & you thought you were morally superior to others.

That is the problem.

You should ask what others think of you.

That is more important.

Do you notice your pet dogs live better than some of human poor in poor countries? SickLim, JB, MalaysiaTaijiguy, Newington, USA You said: "What may have happened more than a hundred years ago is irrelevant." When it concerns you, history is irrelevant? Concerns others you bring it up year after year just to incite hatred to a part of history best forgotten.

Shaquan, Monticello, USA is right.Lim, JB, MalaysiaReza: You asked what'd the US do if John McCain's people had started protests? They'd go to jail, likely, if they didn't have a permit or didn't act peacefully, but unlike Iran, they would not be shot in the street, taken away in the night, and tortured into giving their names, unless John had won.Kari, Aix-en-Provence, FRANCEWhat would the authorities in the USA do if the supporters of John McCain had simply started marching in peaceful protest? Mick Green, Birmingham, UKRegarding the fires and destruction of property.

Most Irani say that much of the destruction is being done by the government to curry support for themselves.

Many pictures have been circulated showing police attacking cars, breaking windows, etc.

which further shows federal crimes.Santiago, Gig Harbor, USAif we behave in the same way then we are no better than them and have no position from which to attack their disgraceful behaviour.

Matt, london, I see your point Matt but I have no need to feel superior to my enemy.

I just need to know who he is.

k, SoCal, USAI don't care what this prosecutor does.

The protesters have to go at this with a fearless attitude.

Remember, there are more protesters then there are members of the regime.Michael, Albany, Georgia, USA"What would the authorities in the USA do if the supporters of John McCain turned violent and started marching and throwing stones at police, breaking store front windows and setting private and public property on fire? Reza, LA, USA" Really, try if Obama had lost what would happen....tom, atlanta, usFor the guy who says that slavery was not the main issue, then why did the Vice-President of the Confederacy say it was.

See Cornerstone speech This [slavery] was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution.

March 21, 1861 in Savannah, Georgia.

Alex, Rockville, USAWhat would the authorities in the USA do if the supporters of John McCain turned violent and started marching and throwing stones at police, breaking store front windows and setting private and public property on fire? Reza, LA, USAEnjoy your freedoms for now.

Someday soon you may not have them unless you are willing to fight for them.Jim, Richland, USAnone of us would want to live there.

They are going backwards with their Drakonian laws.

Friends of mine from Iran keep saying they are very glad they no longer live under that oppressed of a regime, and they applaud the protestors for standing up.


Linger, Seattle, USAJosh, Your facts are wrong but I agree with your point.

The civil war was about a taxation system that was unfair to the agricultural based south giving an unfair advantage to the manufacturing states in the north.

The end of slavery in the US was an unintended side affect.Just the Facts, South Jersey, USALust for power is the name of the Islamic game.

Read what the Butcher did to Zahra Kazemi in the link in this story.

The Islamic nations need a major dose of respect for human rights, including 1) freedom of conscience, 2) freedom of speech, 3) freedom of religion, and 4) democratic openness.Paul B., NY, United StatesI wish I could give my 2nd Amendment rights to the brave citizenry of Iran for ONE DAY.Davy Crockett, Texas, USAIran isn't any worse than the brutal rightwing regimes of Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Europe (Spain, Greece) that the U.S.

has equipped and supported during the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies, so stop fidgeting already.Matt, Berlin, GermanyBring back the Palavi''s under a democracy, such as Spain or the UK.

Iran was prosperous under the Shah and was not a threat to world peace.

Adam Ross, Cleveland, OhioThe most heinous crime in human history has been performed by one nation only - the dropping of two nuclear bombs in JapanRichard, Frankfurt, GermanyJames you can not compare Shah with with the present government.Shah was modernising Iran giving the women equal rights,and making Iran a good place to live.The Iranian government of now is going backwards into history introducing drakonian laws.Seriously would you want to live in Iran.I'm sure not.B.Clapci, Montreal, Good point Shaquan, we did have slavery.

You obviously are a historian.

So as any great historian, you probably know that over the course of any country's history, they have committed acts which most would consider haneous.

However, what the rest of the developed world has figured out, is that Terry, DC, Here we have a situation of the people once again in Iran without guns or ways to defend themselves.

Give these people ways to defend themselves not idle words.

Once more those who government who controls with force of arms.

I say the people if free should have means to stay free.john, ny, usaMatt, there is no comparison between the way the US government treats prisoners of war, and the the way the Iranian government rapes, mutilates and beats to death elderly women journalists.

Your psyche is as twisted as Shaquan's.Drew, Philadelphia, USAWhat is unique to the United States Shaquan the uneducated, is that it went to war to END slavery.

Radical Islam is fighting to force slavery on the world.

Dhimmitud and Sharia Law are basic forms of slavery to anyone not a Muslim.

Just go back to hating your country while reaping its benefits.Josh, Greer, USAShaquan- I can't even believe I'm responding to your idiocy, but here goes.

Pick up a book sometime and read it.

I suggest you stay away from Noam Chomsky and his America-hating ilk.

You are an imbecile, but that would also describe much of the fire-breathing left in America and in Europe.

Lisa, Houston, USA (aka The Great Satan)shaquan, You are ill-informed an lack critical thought, similar to most of my high school students.

Read some valid history and lose the idiot conspiracy theories that Rosie and others spout.

Jeez, steel does not melt.

What a crock.

You are free to leave the U.S.A ANY TIME.

aspcia, Redlands, USAShaquan, You are truly an uninformed idiot.

Leave the great USA if you are so against it.

We don't want you here.Colleen, Patriotic, USA!!!!!"...she showed obvious signs of torture, including a fractured skull, broken nose, crushed toe, missing fingernails, broken fingers, signs of brutal rape, marks from flogging, scratches on her neck and severe abdominal bruising." And these Islamic hypocrites worry about women "immodesty dressed"?!Justin, Branford, CT, USAShaquan, We have looked at ourslves very closely, and found that we are morally superior to the degenerate savages that you sympathize with.

The fact that you have no moral lens through which one might recognize the evil described in this story is a sad reflection on your psyche and upbringing.Drew, Philadelphia, USAThose Iranian riot police looked thoroughly smart and modern in their riot gear, helpfully labelled 'POLICE' in the Latin alphabet.

I wonder who made and sold them their equipment?Richard, Bexhill, UKMost nations have committed evil in their histories so there is little point in singling out the U.S..

There is an ideal in the U.S.

and the E.U.

that nations exist for the benefit of their people, however, it is still up to the Iranians to free themselves if they wish, they have done it before.Tavi, Washington D.C., USAShaquan, I don't know any slaves.

I don't know anyone whose parents or grandparents were slaves.

none of my ancestors kept slaves.

I don't know anyone whose parents, grandparents or great grandparents kept slaves.

What may have happened more than a hundred years ago is irrelevant.Taijiguy, Newington, USAShaquan, Monticello you are a disgusting anti-American and an enemy of the state.Truth, Tehran, Shaquan, please shut the hell up.Androo, Atlanta, Hey Obama, are these the people you want to talk to?Milt, Lost Wages Nevada, USAThe U.S.

Government has not done any torture to date, because I am not in charge of it.

After the way Islamic Terrorists behave with their Homicide Bombers killing innocent civilians and their beheadings, etc., trust me, they don't want to come past my pliers,wires, batteries, alligator clips, etc.Ron, Longwood, FL, USAThe US should first look to itself, and the evil it has done before it considers meddling in the internal affairs of another country.

From slavery, to the genocide against Native Americans, to the crimes against humanity perpetrated by this country during WW2, the Korean War, Vietnam and now in IraqShaquan, Monticello, USABob Yorn, if we behave in the same way then we are no better than them and have no position from which to attack their disgraceful behaviour.

Matt, london, "With a decade-long track record of cracking down on reformists." Isn't "reformists", the title the Islamists gave themselves, pre shah? What makes this animal, Mortazavi, different from the SAVAK? What is the difference between the Shah's regime and the Theocrats in power now? James, California, USAAs an American I am ashamed of our weak, ineffective and Jimmy Carter like current president Barak Hussein Obama.

Who sits idly by while governments like that in Iran are mercilessly butchering their citizens.

What good is power if not used to free the oppressed.Reza, San Deigo, USAHe is only the dog of his mastersM, London, UKAnd our government appologizes for water boarding.

Who's more at fault, the passifists that won't tolerate us fighting this kind of torture or these animals that see human life as worthless.Bob Yorn, Sanda Fe, USA
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