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Westchestcher Putnam Dutchess Counties Nyc Dumpsters Garbage Removal Trash Disposal 845 832 7330

Westchestcher Putnam Dutchess Counties Nyc Dumpsters Garbage Removal Trash Disposal 845 832 7330

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Frontline Waste Management Corp

Competition Carting

Christina Amador: 845 832 7330

Stop Throwing Your Money Away!

Frontline Waste Management
is a multi faceted waste management corporation based in Westchester County, NY.

Serving all of!!!

New York City, Dutchess County New York, Westchester County New York,
Putnam County New York, Local & Long Distance Hauling, World Wide Shipping

Learn More!!!! Call now 845 832 7330

Zero Waste - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Resell - Upcycle - No Land Fills

Services Offered

Competition Carting offers a wide-array of waste managment services to meet virtually every residential and commercial need:

Our Services Include:

1-8 Yard Commercial Containers

10-40 Yard Roll-Off Containers

10-40 Yard Compactors

Recyling Services

Reidential and Business Clean-Outs

Condominum, Co-Op and Neighborhood Homeowners' Associaitons

24/7 On-Call Customer Service

For a business, saving money is the bottom line. If a company can reduce overall costs by separating materials such as cardboard from trash, implementing a recycling program can be a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution.

Residential Garbage:

At Competion Carting we strive to compete to offer our customers the most affordable residential service in the area.

Dutchess County: $29.50 per month. Current promotion 3 months free service to all Dutchess county residents.

Putnam County: $29.50 Per month.

Westchester County: $39.50 Per month.

* Please inquire about our rear door garbage pick up starting at $15 per month and up.

Our company is not about throwing things away. Rather, we are all about finding new and innovative ways to reduce, recycle, and reuse waste streams. The majority of the goods we throw out today as consumers, corporations, or industrial generators are 100% recyclable. FWM tries to utilize all avenues and recyclable methods available in the world market.

Traditional waste companies just pick up and haul away your garbage. It's not their fault they have a narrow approach to collection: it's all they know. We are not just another garbage company. We don't just buy and sell services and products; we spend individual time with each customer to determine their needs.

At Frontline we have thrown out the old approach departmentalizing our divisions. We have found great success in streamlining all our departments so our representatives have a much broader approach and understanding of waste as an entire industry.

We have 4 main areas of expertise we specialize in:

1. Waste -. Frontline Waste is not a traditional waste company. Our broad approach to waste removal allows us to analyze our customers' waste and recycling needs and figure out the most cost effective means of removal.

Our approach helps smaller waste generators save money on their monthly garbage bills and larger generators make a profit on what they are currently paying to throw away. A baker doesn't have the same waste needs as a plastic manufacturer nor a paper mill for that matter. Therefore, understanding the customers individual needs is vital to FWM's success.

2. Paper - There are many different grades of paper that FWM deals with. From rolls, sheets, bales, loose pick up and everything in between, we deal in just about every grade of paper manufactured. There is an entire world market currently hungry for paper and FWM utilizes it.

We deal in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our partners operate 9 printing and converting facilities in Asia where we not only sort and convert but print as well. Please inquire about any paper for sale.

Paper Services

FrontLine Waste buys and sells all types and grades of paper, worldwide. Paper grades we handle include waste paper, roll stock and sheeted paper. If you do not see what you are looking for described below, feel free to contact us.


Front Line specializes in obsolete, damaged and other job-lot grade papers. Most of our stock is purchased mill-direct, converters, or via printer excess. Our firm also purchases insurance and freight claims. We also supply converters and printers--please feel free to inquire.

Coated / Uncoated Free Sheet

Coated / Uncoated Ground Wood






Liner Board


We buy all grades of sheeted paper from pristine lots of wrapped and banded skids to out of jog skids.

Coated / Uncoated Free Sheet

Coated / Uncoated Ground Wood

Holgraphic Board

Waste Paper

Front Line
handles a large volume of waste paper products--our company buys and sells all grades. Some of our most frequently handled items include:

Hard White Bales

Soft White Bales

OCC Bales

Polycoated Bales

Newsprint Bales

Mixed Paper Bales

3. Plastic - At FWM, we feel that plastic is one of the strongest emerging commodity markets in the world today. Just about every plastic item manufactured today comes with an identifying number allowing it to be separated out by grade and resold as scrap. We buy and sell all grades of plastic, even the grades no one wants. Please call us for our inventory and an immediate quote.


Due to the ever changing environment, Frontline is a leader in all grades of plastic recycling. With our worldwide business relationships, we have found ways to recycle plastic commodities that other firms tend to overlook.

Grades of plastic we handle include:


HDPE Natural

HDPE Colored



Nylon 6

Nylon 66



We handle both pre and post-consumer grades of all items.

4. Metal - FWM buys and sells ferrous and nonferrous metals; we sell the majority of our metal overseas to maximize the worth thats offerd on todays world economy. Due to todays shipping rates we are only able to buy loads that can be loaded in containers, no partial loads.

Metal Recycling

Frontline Waste
buys and sells all varieties and grades of metals.

Ferrous Metals



Non-Ferrous Metals





Our comprehensive approach allows FWM to fit customers with haulers at a reduced savings to the customers. Call us to find out how...

Why pay for waste disposal when you don't have to?

With our innovative approach to waste separation and collection, we'll pay you cash for your trash, while at the same time saving you money on your monthly garbage disposal costs. Stop throwing your money away, start using Frontline Waste and start saving today

Contact FrontLine Waste Management Corp.

Christina Amador
Call 845 832 7330

FrontLine Waste Management Corp
PMB #222
1992 Commerce Street
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Westchester County New York: Garbage Removal, Local trash pick up, 10 - 40 Yard Roll Off Containers, Junk removal, Demolition services.

Putnam County New York: Garbage Removal, Local trash pick up, 10 - 40 Yard Roll Off Containers, Junk removal, Demolition services.

Dutchess County New York: Garbage Removal, Local trash pick up, 10 - 40 Yard Roll Off Containers, Junk removal, Demolition services.

New York City: Garbage Removal, Local trash pick up, 10 - 40 Yard Roll Off Containers, Junk removal, Demolition services.

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