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Dr Conrad Murray's car taken as possible evidence (AP FILE) "I was going to speak up very loud and very clear about the enablers who had been providing him with medication."-Brian Oxmon Rumors continue to swirl about what what drugs Michael Jackson make have been taking at the times of his death.

It could take 6-8 weeks for the autopsy's final results to come in.

It has been said he may have been taking a long list of pain medications including Demerol, Vicodin, along with many anti-anxiety drugs.

Speculation is, that all of the medications taken together would produce a deadly cocktail for the Pop Icon.Reports are that police have search Jackson's home and seized a large amount of medications, and Dr.

Conrad Murray's car ( see photo above).

It is also reported that police are looking into which Doctors, wrote which prescriptions.

At the time of his death he was only 125 pounds, at a height of 5"11.

Jackson had been working out with " Amazing Hulk star", and body builder Lou Ferrigno.

And earlier this week Jackson seemed to many, to be in good health.

Other reports say that during his last rehearsal at the Staple Center he was very "lethargic".

Jackson had recently been through extensive physicals.

These health screenings were were done to be able to get insurance for his highly publicized concert tour.

It is thought that privately Jackson was in extreme pain and on many medications.

Jackson had suffered many injuries over the years including a broken vertebrate in his back, and broken leg which left him in constant pain.

Public records show that one pharmacy alone was seeking over $100,000, for prescription medications purchased on Jackson's behalf.

TMZ is reporting that an "undisclosed Jackson family member" has told them they had been concerned for some time about Jackson.The family had wanted to put him into re-hab in recent weeks.

His personal Doctor Conrad Murray, was reportedly giving Jackson daily injections of Demerol.

Reports are that on the day of his death he received his daily shot of Demerol at 11:30 am.

Soon after receiving the injection he went into cardiac arrest.


Conrad gave Jackson CPR.

while they waited for EMT's to arrive and transport Jackson to UCLA Hospital who was later pronounced dead.UCLA Hospital (AP FILE) Video includes the Jackson 911 callDr Conrad Murray was supervising Jackson's heath at the time of his death, is said to be cooperating .Spokeswoman for Murray,Miranda Sevcik said in a statement Saturday.

"Investigators say the doctor is in no way a suspect and remains a witness to this tragedy." She also stated that Murray has remained in Los Angeles since Jackson's death, and "plans to stay here until his cooperation is no longer needed".


Police have confirmed that they interviewed Dr.

Murray for 3 hours, and stated that he has been cooperative and "provided information which will aid the investigation."The night of Jackson's death family attorney Brian Oxmon shared his grief, and concerns with TV host Nancy Grace.

Oxmon: I came to the UCLA medical Center.

Randy called me and I said we would meet.

I walked in and he was there.

Nancy, we hugged, we cried..he wasn't able to speak, he didn't say anything.

We just cried with one another.

Then Jermaine came in.

I hugged him, he was speechless, he wasn't able to speak .

We just looked at one another in terrible disbelief.And here we are...I was outside the medical center and the fans were playing Michael Jackson music...echoing eerily off the walls.

It was for me, one of the most surreal heart breaking things I've ever experienced.Oxmon:" I have said privately to Randy( Jackson) and other members of this family ...

I said it to Latoya ( Jackson).That if one day Michael woke up and he was no longer with us ...Meaning he had passed away or expired..""I was going to speak up very loud and very clear about the enablers who had been providing him with medication.""I am going to hold my tongue to watch what has happened here, what the results of the medical investigation are.

You had mentioned that the coroner is here, we're going to find out what really happened.

And if it is what I suspect it is, which is the use of medications has caused his death....I am going to speak up very loud and very clear."CNN reports today Sunday June 28, 2009 that a second autopsy has been performed on Michael Jackson at the families request.

The results are not yet in.Jackson Family Attorney Brian Oxmon on Fox news
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