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Toni Basil

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Who else is hoping the third times a charm tonight? After a somewhat lack-luster week two, I'm hoping the Sweet 16 bring the passion, precision, and pizazz of week one to tonight's performance.

But have you seen the genre spoilers? Yikes, a few of those are making me very very nervous and had me rearranging my So You Think� You Can Dance Fantasy TV picks.

Watch along with me tonight as we see who has what it takes to tackle the rumba, a Paso, and Broadway.

I'll be live thought-ing right here on BuddyTV and since So You Think You Can Dance is apparently unofficially sponsored by Twitter, I'll be Tweeting the show too.

Please follow along with me! (P.S.

Have you checked this week's edition of SYTYCD: Twitter Tracker and Translator?) Don't MissSo You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Performances In Review: The Top 16 PerformancesSo You Think You Can Dance: Twitter Tracker and TranslatorSo You Think You Can Dance: Previewing the Top 16 PerformancesSo You Think You Can Dance: Learn Ashley and Max's Signature Moves So You Think You Can Dance: 'Fame', the Pussycat Dolls, and a Judge Dance-Off?More on...So You Think You Can Dance >>I'll also be interviewing the eliminated dancers every week and would love your input on the questions you always want me to ask the dancers.

We're talking the answers� you need from every single contestant.

(Example: Is Mary's scream deafening from the stage? Is Cat Deeley as tall, gorgeous, & charming in real life as she seems on TV?) Leave your must-ask questions in the comments and hopefully you'll hear the answers during this week's interview! Getting nervous and excited -- I mean, COVER YOUR EYES FOR SPOILERS a Mia Michaels piece danced by Randi and Evan?! It should be magnificent, either honestly or in my sense of disappointment.

Looks like Asuka and Vitolio and Kayla & Kupono (must learn not to write Max!) also got the short end of the genre stick, but we're ready to be surprised! Okay, so curtain or no curtain dress for Cat tonight? Fingers crossed for no curtain, but then again it was rather spectacular in it's badness and matchy-matchiness.

Yay! No curtain dress, rather a gorgeous salmon dress with an embellished neck line and waist.

Cheers Cat! Pre Show Solo Thoughts: Rompers are bad.

Phillip better bring it tonight.

Not a unitard from Randi -- HOORAY! Um, Janette is that you? And Caitlin too! What is up with the costumes tonight.

Attack of the 80's feathers.

Asuka looks like an 80's New Age band street walker.

While Jeanine looks like Betty Page's cuter cousin.

Hmm....I was so distracted by the outfits I didn't mention the dancing.

Not a good sign, for the costumer or dancers.

Guest judge Toni Basil, my least favorite guest judge ever? Just may be.

And that, is it a beret? A hat? Is it from the same shop as Arthea Franklin's epic Inaugural hat?And Toni Basil is a living hip hop legend? I had no idea.

I see Toni Basil and I automatically have Hey Mickey playing in my head on repeat.

Maybe that's why she's my least favorite guest judge!Oh no, Mary Murphy is already feeling a little shrieky.

What about sweet Nigel, is he going to be loopy on pain killers? Nope, seems like the same old Normal Nigel.

Our first couple of the night will be Karla and Jonathan, after the break, but of course.

They'll be doing a Dave Scott hip hop routine.

Karla & Jonathan Hip Hop Routine - Dave ScottSong: By My Side by Jadakiss feat.

Ne-Yo If the couples weren't dancing what would they do? Karla would be a journalist.

Jonathan would be an acrobat.

Karla and Jonathan felt like they really connected last week, and just the brief clip of their routine gave me shivers, again! The power of dance, 'eh? Lets see if Karla can hip-hop, apparently to dance a Dave Scott routine you have to have a matching hat.

Dave says that Karla has the inner swagger he looks for, but Jonathan isn't gangsta enough for hip hop.

At all.

And really does that come as a shock to anyone? Not me.

Routine time:� Damn girl! Jonathan looks awkward, but Karla looks pretty phenomenal.

Jonathan looks like a ballroom boy doing hip hop, and isn't helped by the silver pants.

Karla looks like a pro..and raunchy in just the way that Nigel and Mary love.

Karla's angles are just so sharp and he bounce has so much depth and pop.

Girl can move! Judging time: Or not? Nigel was bored with the routine's smoothness.

Nigel wants hip hop to be more dangerous and gangsta.

Nigel says Jonathan had no contact with his partner.

Where are the Karla props Nigel? Damn, even their head nods aren't right? Feeling a wee bit cranky and critical tonight? Nigel goes on to say, "Instead of gangsta that was a Sunday school picnic," and then "bet you their in the bottom 3.

Wanna take bets?" Wowza Nigel, take a pain pill and then maybe something to calm the PMS.

Mary wasn't impressed either.

She says it wasn't in the right groove at all.

She says the biggest highlight was Jonathan's tumbling.

Was I watching a different routine? What about Karla?! Let's talk to Toni, the hip hop expert, she says the pair lacked a ghetto groove and felt store bought.

Says if you're going to be street you have to have the funk.

Because when I think street, I think Toni Basil.(1) (2) (3) (4) NEXT >>� Which Couple Performed The Best Tonight? Karla & Jonathan Ade & Melissa Asuka & Vitolio Brandon & JanetteKupono & KaylaRandi & Evan Caitlin & Jason Phillip & Jeanine --Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer (Image Courtesy of FOX) SlideshowSo You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Performances In ReviewSlideshowSo You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 Girls Power RankingsSlideshowSo You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 Guys Power Rankings
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