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Thomas Pendleton

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Underneath the Ink of ‘Tattoo HighwayÂ' on A&Eby Reg SeetonI have to give credit to A&E for not forgetting about the fans of their previous tattoo based series, Inked.

When I loaded the advance screener of the new A&E series, Tattoo Highway, into my player, I was happy to see former Hart & Huntington tattoo artist, Thomas Pendleton, back on the airwaves.

Although Inked was more a by-product of Hart & Huntington owner and extreme motocross champ, Carey Hart, it was the warm, engaging and sometimes explosive nature of Thomas Pendleton that became the heart of Inked.

In fact, it was PendletonÂ's intriguing life and tattoo art that Â- on a certain level - spontaneously inspired me to walk into the Hart & Huntington shop in Honolulu to get my second tattoo.

But now that Thomas Pendleton is back on the air with Tattoo Highway, which debuts May 27 on A&E at 10pm, Inked is a cool but distant memory.After spending 15 years inking people up in shops, Thomas Pendleton now works out of a tattoo parlor on wheels, bringing his business to people ready to permanently paint their bodies while his wife Monica either stays home with the kids or joins him on the road.

In the pilot of Tattoo Highway, Pendleton travels to Las Vegas to help a young mother overcome her past by giving her a commemorative tattoo that represents the son she put up for adoption years ago.

Focusing on both the artwork and the lives of clients, Tattoo Highway is much more grounded in relatable reality than Inked ever was.

Pendleton is obviously a guy with a dark history of turmoil, but heÂ's a matured man with a heart of gold despite what others may perceive from his somewhat shocking, inked up appearance.

In the showÂ's first segment, Pendleton works on the motherÂ's tattoo from inside the bus, talking to her like a bartender or an ink-armed therapist.

Since you could say that Thomas Pendleton has an alternative Ph.D in life, his personable nature helps the mother forget about the pain of the actual needle while in some respects releasing a bit of inner pain, too.Interestingly, the pilot of Tattoo Highway is also about Thomas and Monica working to overcome their own past while making peace with the ghosts of their drug addled days in Las Vegas.

When we were first introduced to Pendleton in Inked, he was an explosive tattoo time bomb on the fringes of the Las Vegas Â"strip”.

In Tattoo Highway, Thomas Pendleton has become a man (at least from the images of his TV persona) and a responsible husband and father to his two children.

Both he and wife Monica are simply parents trying to fit into the world like everyone else after finding their way through troubled times.The bus stops next to visit the Booty Tribe at their Samoan tattoo shop in Vegas where Pendleton makes good on a similarly themed tattoo for a young mother who wants a permanent reminder of the ying-yang, positive-negative relationship with her daughter.

In between ink scenes, Thomas Pendleton demystifies the perceptions of the tattoo industry, educating viewers on everything from the darker underbelly of the ink world to the more mainstream shops across America.

WhatÂ's most evident in Tattoo Highway is Thomas PendletonÂ's passion for the artistry and craft of tattooing.

As the pilot progresses, we soon learn how tattooing presents a challenge for artists in that they often have to decipher the mental images that customers canÂ't articulate.

At the same time, it also allows Thomas Pendleton to marry his own artistic perception with an initial idea to create a true work of art, an aspect of tattooing that has significant meaning for both the client and the artist.

Blending art with business along a personal journey of discovery, Pendleton takes Tattoo Highway to The Outer Limits shop in Long Beach, formerly Bert GrimmÂ's Famous Tattoo, the tattoo haunt where he began his career as an ink-to-skin specialist.

To mark the occasion, PendletonÂ's mentor returns to the shop to give his once young protégé a commemorative tattoo, as Thomas closes the darker chapter of his past and turns the tattoo page to life as a husband and father with his own business.Tattoo Highway, much like The Osbournes, showcases an unconventional family dealing with the same issues many of us confront on a daily or weekly basis.

From ongoing battles with inner demons, relationship challenges, business obstacles, and parental difficulties, Tattoo Highway is as much about life as it is about tattooing.

At the same time the new A&E series also showcases the rewarding fraternal family elements of tattoo artists and the creative bonds they have with each other.

If you tuned into Inked when it was on the air, and you were a fan of Thomas Pendleton, youÂ'll love Tattoo Highway.

If you donÂ't know anything about the entertaining aspects of life inside the tattoo industry, take the A&E off-ramp that reads Â"Tattoo Highway” to pass through a world youÂ've never visited.Tattoo Highway is an unconventional weekly tattoo that leaves a permanent positive message about the ink of daily life.-- Reg Seeton Leave a Comment Show: Sort:Newest firstOldest first Javacript is required for help and viewing images.There are 9 commentsJennifer â€" Hartsville, SCMay 28, 2009 - 02:21Subject: Enjoyed the showI got a chance to sit down tonight and watch the show.

I have been impressed with Thomas' work since the start of INKED.

I have to say that hearing the stories of the people involved makes the tats come to life.

I have one tat a magnolia.

It symbolized the lose of my grandfather and a name that he called me.

I had added two rain dew drop to represent my children.

But as anyone that has a tattoo know it is addictive, and I want another.

I have an idea but have not found the artist to bring it to life for me.

It has only recently become legal to tattoo in South Carolina and I think that a small town is full of stories that would be great for the show.

I hope to see more of the show to come.

Vanessa Robles â€" ChicagoMay 27, 2009 - 22:54Subject: Covering Up The PastI just want to say that it is awesome that Thomas has moved on from Inked to his new show Tattoo Highway.

I like the idea of him being able to travel anywhere and tattoo ppl cause they are not able to make it to him.

I dont have a story of why he should come to Chicago and tattoo me cause I know their are ppl out their with devastating stories of why they want a tattoo and it being from him.

I love Thomas's work hes very detailed and puts alot of time and thought into his work.

I would like for him to cover up this tattoo that I got when I was young and would be open to any ideas he might have to cover it.

I know he's busy traveling in all, but whenever you decide to drop in The Windy City email me, I would love for him to do this cover-up for me.

Gail â€" Jackson Heights, New YorkMay 27, 2009 - 22:38Subject: Fanstastic ShowI am so glad to see Thomas and Monica doing well.

I remember them both from "Inked" and could see then that they were soulmates.

The show is honest and Thomas is one of the most unassuming people I have seen on television.

You've got a "hit"! buck johnson â€" london kentuckMay 27, 2009 - 22:30Subject:hello my name is buck johnson and i have spent alot of time in and out of jail in and out of rehab and in the process i have lost everything that meant something to me such as my wife and her kids which i consider them my kids and im trying to pick my shoes up and trying to walk a straight and narrow path and i have no tattoos but ive always wanted one but i want something that will remind me of the outcome of my life and something that represents who i am good and bad because its me and who i am so if you recieve this message and travel to kentucky then stop by i only want to best of the best to ink me and i think you are the best Hi i have dreamed of getin my left arm from my elbow to my wrist cuz its names i regreat and gang tattoos im 41 and im a single mom and as we speak i am dieing of emphasema im in the 3rd stage and i wana knw that when i pass that my arm will look killer i May 27, 2009 - 22:24Subject: Plz helpHi i have dreamed of getin my left arm from my elbow to my wrist cuz its names i regreat and gang t michael chandler â€" valparaiso INMay 27, 2009 - 22:24Subject: mehi my name is mike and i have alot of tattoos well just my arms done but i wont to get my grandmom and granddad on me i am a good person and i i help kids wrestle and i have a 6 yearold boy i try to work hard and try to do the right thing in life i used to party like a rock star but i do the right thing now i love u and your art work even when u where at heart and hunten and it would be good just to get tattoo by a star of tattooing gina â€" Albuquerque New mexicoMay 27, 2009 - 22:23Subject: Love it !!just wanted to say first and for most, I love this idea of you guys driving around doing this that is bad ass and I i would love to get a tat by your crew I have a horrible half ass tatto on my lower back which has been this way for like 6 yrs now yeah I know I wanted somthing girly and pretty I love flowers have one on my ankle and on my foot so I wanted one on my lower back well that didnt happen instead i was left with a dark trible thing on my lower back with a blank spot on in the middle yes laugh if you may but its not funny !! Please if you come to albuquerque please please please HELP ME !! lol anyways love the show !! keep up the great work !!! rico dillard â€" miami, flMay 27, 2009 - 21:52Subject: Could this Come True?Hello I wanted to get on with tattoo highway I wanted to have saint micheals tattoo on my lower arm, why well because i am an orphange and i have not had anything out of life, I am hoping you can help me get this done.

I hope you recive thia I would be honered to have this painted from you onto me.

Suzy â€" cochrane, abMay 27, 2009 - 21:31Subject: how do i?I really want to get a tattoo by tattoo highway, my bestfriend just past away in calgary in janurary from a fire in her basement suite, I wanted to get a tattoo of angel wings on my back, but really would i go about signing up for it or trying to get it done?? Leave a Comment *Your name*Your email address (will not be published)Your websiteYour locationRemember me?Subscribe: No All comments? Replies to my comment? ? Subject: Powered by TalkBack1
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