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The Bachelorette Wes Girlfriend

The Bachelorette Wes Girlfriend

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Comments I have really enjoyed the show but is Jillian that nieve that she can't see through Wes.

everyone has tried to tell her .

Look at his eyes he is a liar.

I am thinking after tonights show I may not watch the rest I think it is now a set up and planned no women can be that stupid to fall for lies.

wendy | Jun 29, 2009 7:48:38 PM | #Ok, did anyone else think that Jake calling up Tanner was a little hokey? If he was really on the phone, why didn't we hear his voice? AND why did he need to call him anyway...So glad Ed it back and I am in love with Reid...but yeah, I'm married.

hahaha so Jillian can have him I guess.

:) Mel | Jun 29, 2009 8:01:40 PM | #I think Wes is great and isn't lying and we are all in for a big surprise.

Jillian knows what she's doing.

Me | Jun 29, 2009 8:21:58 PM | #"They could not make him look any better unless he was healing blind children with his tears." Andrea, you crack me up.

I'm really disappointed that Jillian kept Wes tonight.

I feel bad for Michael, but I think he's too young for her.

Jake is awesome.

Maybe he wasn't right for Jillian, but he's going to be amazing for someone else.

Ashley | Jun 29, 2009 8:30:03 PM | #Jake - the next bachelor please.

Jillian I hope you don't give Wes a rose the next time - if you do it hurts me to keep watching this! He is only there for his music, he even said it on the show tonight! I haven't seen enough of Ed but he seems like a great guy as do Reid and Kipton.

So if Wes leaves soon the rest of the shows should be great! Laura | Jun 29, 2009 8:57:40 PM | #I want to find out how to meet Jake.

He would be perfect for me! Barb | Jun 29, 2009 9:09:06 PM | #Who knew Sawyer from Lost was Jesse's brother? Does Jillian store booze in her nose the way a camel stores water in its hump? That honker gets bigger and bigger the more she drinks.

CC | Jun 29, 2009 9:25:31 PM | #I think they are keeping Wes on the show for ratings.

I don't see what she sees in him.

It is so obvious he wants to further his music career, but someone should really tell him he cant sing! I'm rooting for Kiptyn.

And Jake should be the next Bachelor.

Sharon | Jun 29, 2009 9:35:31 PM | #this is so fake and nuts that it is not even worth watching.

all of this high school drama (maybe they should add music and dancing) that is nuts.

wes is a plalnt and is band sounds like crap.

did he pick up the player on the side of the rode for a 10.00 daily fee.

can't she see that he uninvited her to his family home and of course they will stand up for him.

how do you think he got that way? all of the women in that house seem to think he walks on water.

anything to be on the telly.

sad gloria | Jun 29, 2009 9:37:12 PM | #Fellas thank you lucky stars that she did not choose you.

gloria | Jun 29, 2009 9:38:41 PM | #The writers who script this show already used that crying over the balcony plot.

New writers! I'm sensing a very special After the Final Rose show where Laurel shows up and confronts Wes and Jillian.

Orlando | Jun 29, 2009 9:50:42 PM | #If I had been Jillian I would have moved the furniture and made Jake and Wes strip to the waist and wrestle.

Orlando | Jun 29, 2009 9:52:14 PM | #OMG...Jiliian Girl Girl GIRL..It can't be all editing.

You got Mr.

Perfect, Jake who said I'm not here for a rose or to get you back as if he even had her with seven other men still flapping around saying this "DUDe" has a girlfriend who Wes reply "she will always be my girlfriend.

He sticks his foot into his mouth and she just takes it out politely and kissing him and crys.

The girl clearly has more issues than I thought.

Poor Michael he was too young for her but at least he cared deeply enough for her and was there for her only.

Wes is a piece of crap hack wanna be so yeah JILL jump on that wagon cuz it's headed out to NO WHERE town have fun.

REID your the man who needs to step up and get Jillian who I honestly want to believe is not that dumb away from those other losers.

What a disappointment this show has turned out to be.

Tam | Jun 29, 2009 9:56:04 PM | #If Laurel was still a "good friend", couldn't they have brought her in so Jillian could talk to her about it? She seems like the only one who wouldn't lie about it -- sorry, Mom's always going to be on your side, duh.

Paul | Jun 29, 2009 9:58:47 PM | #yeah, I think the only way to find out the truth about Wes's relationship is to ask Laurel!! Find Laurel and see what she says.

It totally sounded to me that Wes was giving Jillian an out - but she didn't take it! Argh - it is yelling at the TV time!! Jillian what are you doing?! Ariel | Jun 29, 2009 10:07:13 PM | #I'm beginning to wonder if this entire situation could be a setup involving Jillian and Wes concocted by the producers of the show to affect the ratings.

It's hard to believe that Jillian could be so naive.

Compared to Jillian's relationships with some of the other guys there is absolutely no physical connection between Wes and Jillian.

Watch them kiss.

GiGo | Jun 29, 2009 10:30:32 PM | #I found it odd that when they went to Wes' house and they told the family what happened one of the women said, "He ratted you out?" If he DIDN'T have a gf, it seems like the prototypical response would be more like, "That's crazy! He's just making stuff up?" not that Wes got "ratted out".Just my over-analysis of it...

Carrie | Jun 29, 2009 10:50:17 PM | #Wes' story sounds a bit like "DeAnna Pappas"t.

The fourth season of The Bachelorette also featured Graham, The only issue was Graham did have a girlfriend when he came on the said TV show.

The Bachelorette Wes Girlfriend | Jun 30, 2009 12:17:35 AM | #Orlando- Thank you.

That was a great laugh I just had.The Wes thing is soo manufactured.

Clearly the longer that guy stays around, the more people will be outraged, comment about it and keep watching to see if she ever "wises" up.

*sigh* The thing is, the people who watch this show would still watch it even without "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever." (Seriosly, does CH ever get tired of declaring that? Is there a new phrase we can coin for "most ever?") And yeah, Michael was like an overeager puppy (great piddle line last week, Andrea), but I gotta say, I felt really bad for him tonight.

He seemed like a real sweet guy - twin antics aside.

=) quisquilian | Jun 30, 2009 1:16:12 AM | #I can't believe Jillian is so stupid can't she see that Wess is a weazel.

Urrrrgh it makes me so mad that he is still there.

Come on Jillian wake up and smell the roses in front of you.....

Cris | Jun 30, 2009 2:06:17 AM | # Post a commentName:Email Address:�optionalURL:�optionalComments:�
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