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Terri Schiavo

Terri Schiavo

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(171) Teresa Williamson, April 15, 2005 I disagree with the decision of the removal of Terri's feeding tube.

Doctors took an oath to preserve, protect and to save lives.

Most hospitals will not take a patient off any kind of life support unless, they have a Living Will stating their wishes.

Word of mouth, is not good enough, know matter who you are.

Knowone knows if Terri would have come out of her vegetative state.

This shows lack of belief and denial of the possibilities.

Michael had already moved on with his life.

He should of given Terri's parents all rights to her and in making decisions for her.

Every parent, that has children, will do everything to save thier child.

This is nature.

It was wrong that the Government got involved and made the decisions for this family.

If the family wanted to spend the rest of their lives taking care of Terri, with her feeding tube, that was their decision to make.

Not Michaels or the Governments.

Put yourself in the shoes of Terri's parents.

Could you do the same? In my opionion, this was not only murder but, against the oath of all doctors and not the will of God.

(170) Avraham Morris, April 14, 2005 I'm Shomer Shabbos, and I think that Michael Schiavo was right BS"D I respectfully disagree with you.

I refer you to, a U.

of Miami website which contains most of the legal documents in this matter.

As shown by the detailed decisions of Judge Greer and the State of Florida Appellate Court which sustained his decisions, 1.

Terri Schiavo was never going to recover from her persistant vegetative state (most of her cerebrum had wasted away and been replaced by spinal fluid), and 2.

she did not wish to live in such a state, as attested to by her husband, his brother and his sister-in-law.

Assuming these to be accurate statements, I would argue that no-one has the moral or legal right to deny her will.

The legal aspect is settled case law.

The US Supreme Court ruled that a person (or that person's caregivers) had the right to refuse food or medication which would keep that person alive, if that person had evidenced that he/she would not wish that, in circumstances such as this.

The Courts of the State of Florida had ruled similarly (see the BROWNING case on the U of Miami website.) The question, then, is mainly moral in question.

Since I am Jewish, I will answer your questions with another question.

You will doubtless recall the recent uproar when it came to light that Pope Pius XII had directed, after the end of the Holocaust/WWII, that all Jewish children in RCC hands who had been baptized should not be returned to their parents, because baptism could not be removed or taken back, and it was their duty to raise such a child as a good Catholic.

This was not just his arbitrary decision.

It was good, solid RCC religious doctrine.

You will doubtless recall the forced baptism of the Jews of Portugal at the end of the 15th century, shortly after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

Some of them were eventually let go, but when they tried to go back to being Jews, they were mostly pursued by the Inquisition for years thereafter, under the same reasoning.

If Pius was wrong to force his will on these Jewish children, how do we have the right to force our will on Terri Schiavo? (Again, look at the U.

of Miami site; that this was in fact her will isn't open to serious question.) Why do I think this way? I've just turned 58; I'm old enough to have been a school-child before prayer in public school was outlawed by the US Supreme Court.

As an 8th grader, I was pressured to say the Lord's Prayer in Homeroom (I refused).

Later, as a teenager, I lived in the Bible Belt (Southern Indiana).

"Are you a Christian?" I was asked.

I answered, "No." "WHY NOT?" was the invariable response.

I don't think that anyone should be obliged to do anything which contradicts his/her beliefs, so long as the behavior in question doesn't keep others from doing what they want.

Most especially, no Government should be given such power: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Thank you.

(169) Anonymous, April 10, 2005 No need to hasten death I found Dr Eisenberg's article very interesting and refreshing, since sometimes I find liberal or conservative Jewish persons supporting issues that contradict the teachings of the Torah.

I teach nursing and have cared for patients over 25 years.

I have learned by my own observations during those years, that anything that we do to hasten death is not ethical or moral and many times doctors and nurses do so as they give in to the family pressuring them rather than the patient's discomfort.

This include placing someone who is near death on a Morphine drip, which I decided to never be a parcipator.

Every life is precious and each of its days have been numbered.

Everything occurs for a reason, not always for the person directly affected but for those involved with the person, such as the nurses, doctors, family and friends.

I am glad and thankful for someone like Dr Eisenberg, we need more people like him.

G-d Bless him! (168) Roberta Chandra, April 10, 2005 A parent's and special education teacher's perspective I am a parent of a severely handicapped daughter.

She cannot communicate her feelings or needs, although she makes some noises similar to the tapes I heard of Terri Shiavo.

She is fed, dressed, bathed and all her basis needs are cared for.

She is treated with love and dignity and she is happy most of the time.

Who are we to judge who's life has value and whose life has no value? My daughter is just as special and beloved as my other three children are! She is a blessing to me and my family.

What a NIGHTMARE it would be for me if another person became the legal guardian of her and felt her life had no value.

If we are to believe that we have a soul, then even if a person is in a PVS state, their soul is whole and unblemished and thus their physical body needs to be treated with dignity by not starving a person to death or killig them by other means.

I agree that, "We should always err on the side of life." I wouldn't starve my pet turtle to death, yet it is somehow ok to starve and dehydrate a human with a disability to death? Some say it is dignified to "allow someone to die." I agree that if the person is truely dying and nothing more can be done, then we make them as comfortable as possible during the process.

But in Terry Shiavo case, she was not dying.

The feeding tube was not equipment that uses "extrodinary means" to keep her alive.

It was simply the way she could receive the nutrients she needed.

Family members and medical doctors disagreed on what she would have wanted and on the value of her life.

In this case we should choose the family members who want to care for her as her guardian and err on the side of life.

As a special education teacher, my students have a great deal of value to me and their parents or caregivers.

They are mostly treated with dignity and love as full human beings.

But, imagine if we evaluated each one to judge what percentage of a human being they are and thus how much value each person has depending on how severe the disease or disability is? This "death judgement" philosophy is dangerous for families and our government to support.

(167) C.

Kranz, April 4, 2005 Perhaps Terri DID choose Haven't you ever been in a situation where you were SURE that if confronted with that situation you would act/think one way, only to find out that when that situation DID occur you acted/thought exactly opposite (or very differently)? Who are we to say how Terri really felt lying there for 14 years.

Assuming that she really did say as claimed, perhaps she now would have said (given the chance), "I changed my mind on what I said before.

Now I do not want to die!" There are many documentations of people who have had a glimpse of heaven and the world to come.

They understand that sometimes it is better to suffer in this world instead of the next; therefore THEY CHOOSE life with suffering instead of death.

Only G-d knew what thoughts she had in her head, and therefore only G-d should have had the right to grant her wish of life or death.

(166) greg sweet, April 3, 2005 law The law clearly states the husband had executive control.

and according to the constitution of the united states, article 1 section 9 seperation of powers there is no one who can intervene except the judicial branch of gov"t.

This is a tradegedy, never the less dont die or submit to passing under probate.

(165) michelle walters, April 1, 2005 i believe angels belong in heaven i feel like terri has lived long enough in this state.

everyone keeps saying "terri loved live",i'm sure she did when she could live it.

i find it hard to believe that someone who loved living life soo much would choose to live in a state of vegetation for years.

i feel like her husband gave her and her family fair amount of time for her to recover from her injuries.

i think his decision was very hard for him.

only he knows what he and terri talked about and how she felt about situations like this.

if her wish was for him to let her go and she didn't voice that opinion to her family then she left him in a really akward position.

he loves terri and letting her to i'm sure was one of the hardest he's ever had to make and no one is making it any easier on him.

terri is finally resting in the arms of jesus and she will forever be young and healthy and viberant.

she will no longer be in the horrible state that she's lived in for soo many years.

i'm happy for terri and that she is finally where she belongs to be where all angels belong to be and that is in heaven.

years ago when this happened to terri she automatically became a special angel of the lord and today he finally came to get her...CONGRATULATIONS are finally home sweetheart.

my prayers are with her family and michael and i hope that they all find peace with terri's death.

and may God bless them all.

(164) Narelle Simpson, March 31, 2005 I live in Sydney Australia and I am so appalled at what America is doing to this woman.

In my country if you allow an animal to die from dehydration & starvation you are very heavily fined if not jailed by our Legal system.

I am horrified by this inhumane treatment of Terri.

What political initiative is behind this? There are many things that America should hang its head in shame over but this, this is the worst, when they refuse to protect their own who cannot speak for themselves.

Inhumane! barbaric, callous bloody disgusting!!! LET HER LIVE!!! (163) rita, March 31, 2005 terri schiavo i don't understand why terri's husband just don't give her parents guardianship over their daughter.

people are saying that terri is brain dead, and has been for some time.

i don't beleive that, if that was true, she would not be able to breathe on her own, which she is doing so.

to me it's murder.

murder consist of taking someones life, and that is exactly what the courts and terri's husband is doing.

they are taking her life from her, and yes that is murder.

i believe that terri is alive not dead, and that she is being put to death by starvation, and that is wrong.

no one has the right to take her life from her, not her husband and certainly not any judge.

i pray everyday, and everynight that terri isn't feeling anything, but i know in my heart that she is.

only god knows what she's feeling and going through.

it hurts me so much that someone can do this to a loved one.

i don't think that terri's husband really loves his wife, i believe that he just wants to get on with his life with this woman that he's with, and that is why he is doing this.

may god be with terri's parents and friends during this difficult time.

my heart goes out to terri and her family...may god be with you.

(162) Anonymous, March 31, 2005 How did absolute evil become acceptable? Does anyone remember way back...

oh, ten years ago...

when you needed to have a living will to request that your life be shortened? And now, apparently, you need to have a living will to keep from being murdered.

And that's what it is, no matter what euphamism is used.

Because fur isn't murder.

Meat isn't murder.

Even abortion isn't murder.

But starving a helpless woman to death is, in fact, murder.

I believe it is still illegal to starve a domestic animal to death.

Who could fail to see the cruelty there? But for some reason, our society has completely abandoned the very first basis of civilization - the altruistic tendency of the humans to care for their weakest members.

How can we allow a woman to be put to death on the statements of one untrustworthy witness? And put to death in such a horrifying way.

What crime has she committed to be denied food and water? Even Charles Manson gets 3 square meals a day.

How can any of us be sure we'll be cared for when we inevitably become helpless ourselves? Who speaks for the silent? It's crucial differences like these in the way we view life that make me realize that there is no such thing as a judeo-christian ethic.

There are christians and catholics all around me who say they cannot understand why anyone would want to keep this woman alive.

They tell me that even catholicism approves of withholding food and water in cases like this, where, they say, there is no hope of recovery.

What hubris.

What an insult to the creator to suggest that He did not forsee the medical advances we would achieve with the brains he gave us.

And to think there's anything He cannot heal.

Or that there is any suffering without purpose, whether we understand the purpose or not.

I pray for this woman and I pray for every single one of us.

Because if we've abandoned the helpless, even five righteous men won't save us.

(161) jerry watkins, March 31, 2005 terri shiavo should be allowed to live do everything in your power to stop the murder of terri schiavo by lawyers,judges, and her so-called husband.

i'm a police officer who cares.

(160) marie johnson, March 31, 2005 It is horrible that Terri Shiavo and her family had to endure what they went through.

I hope Judge Greer is looked into.

There is something not right with our country that we have to starve someone to death with all the evidence that there is to be shown but was denied.

My prayers are with her and her family.

I hope her husbands girl friend takes a look at the kind of morals her boyfriend has.

(159) Marissa Wright, March 31, 2005 terri dead i can't understand how they could let her die that way.

Sche should have had the right to live although i wouldn't have been worth it.

i feel sorry for her parents (158) Tonya Bond, March 30, 2005 Save her life I believe that Terri should be given every chance to live.

When god is ready for her to come home he will send for her whether she is on the feeding tube or no.

I think the feeding tube she be reinserted and left alone.

She obviously wants to live or she wouldn't have held on 13 days without food or water.

Whoever denies for her tube to be reinserted should rot their lives away in prison or just let it be because god will punish those people one day.

If her husband really loves her like he says he does then why isn't her trying every way possible to save her life? She can not be completely brain dead if she makes a little bit of a noice when people touch her or she hears them talking to her.

All that should be a sign that she wants to live.

There could be a miracle from god and she could get her brain back one day.

Every day people that has been in comas for years and years just all of a sudden come out of it that should be enough hope that she will come out of it to keep her on the feeding tube and give her every chance to live.

Just think about this how would you feel if you were her what would you want to happen to you.

(157) sherri stork, March 30, 2005 response i am astounded that terri is being starved to death and denied water, we would be arreste if we were known to do this to an animal...

I am ashamed to say this occurred in my country which i would die for...

we are the forebearers of human rights,this nation should hang itshead in shame for terri'S TREATMENT AND TO HER PARENTS...



(156) Anonymous, March 30, 2005 Terri Sh...Case, I think Micheal should give some slack and let her parents take over, it's there daughter, Micheal has kids what if one of his kids got married and same thing happens to Micheal that there husband or wifes wouldnt let Micheal do anything for his kids like he wont let terri parents, how would he feel???? (155) Anonymous, March 30, 2005 excellent work! Thank you for a truly ethical and medically informed analysis.

Those two qualities have been conspicuously absent in most commentaries.

(154) Anonymous, March 30, 2005 The able must care for the disabled.

We who are blessed with all our faculties have a God-given responsibility to speak up for, nourish, and protect those who cannot care for themselves.

Where much is given, much is required.

I am my brother's keeper.

(153) shana gottesman, March 29, 2005 being a nurse for 25 years and treating these kind of patients i have little doubt that these people are suffering real suffering although not every case is the same..

there are definetly ways to measure suffering in patients like these so why not use them and then make decisions??? as for very elderly, even independent, patients that come in to the hospital with life threatening illness and are about to die (not because of cardiac arrest) and all the drs think that the patient will not survive do we still put them om respirators or do we let them die in peace? shana gottesman head nurse internal medicine hadassah mt scopus (152) Anonymous, March 29, 2005 Mr.

& Mrs.

Schindler - Help me stay alive! I have been on a feeding tube for 4 years, in fear of my life because of the prevailing view of health care providers, and people in general, that my life is not worth living.

I am paralyzed as a result of a stroke and have been in hospital a number of times in the last 4 years, each time in a coma and very close to death.

Each time my health care proxy was greatly pressured to consent to a DNR and other tactics to allow me to die.

I am Orthodox Jewish and I learned about the Jewish view about my right to die from Rabbis and their wives and children during the Holocaust.

We all knew that they would die horrible painful deaths, and that their remaining short time left would be filled with torture and suffering.

They taught us to fight for every minute of life and to endure any suffering, if it might prolong our lives.

We were given dispensation to pray for quick death, when our suffering became unendurable, but at the same time to do whatever we could to prolong life.

Even the most severely disabled among us were required to be kept alive, regardless of their suffering.

Life I was taught is more precious than any of us can understand.

I survived with my family, including my elderly and diabled parents.

I devoted nearly sixty years to the care and prolongation of the lives of my some of the severely disabled members of my family.

I was confident that my devotion to the prolongation of the lives of the severely disabled is required by my religion.

I am a prisoner in my own paralyzed body, and I thank you for your efforts to save the life of your daughter and for providing her with a chance for loving involvement with you, while fighting her husband.

The Holocaust taught me that that kind of involvement makes life precious and worth prolonging, regardless of the severity of her disability.

I have now sadly learned that there are schools of thought in all religions that disagree with my view and argue that I am wrong to refuse to agree to a DNR.

My family was persuaded to seek guardianship to allow them to sign a DNR, in my behalf, over my objections.

That is apparently permitted in my state.

Your fight for your daughter's life has given me hope that I might retain my right to prolong my life.

Your fight is not about your daughter's wishes.

Everyone realizes that if she could speak, she would side with you against her husband, regardless of her suffering.

You probably have a living will to protect you from a relative or judge that might not want your life prolonged, some day.

After all this publicity, your wishes on this matter are certainly widely known.

Nonetheless, if a guardian were appointed over you, he would stand a very good chance of getting the right to sign a DNR in your behalf, over your objections and the objections of close relatives who agreed with you.

If you became severely incapacitated, as I have, even if you could speak, as I can, the laws in most states will protect your right to die, based on the presumption that a person in that condition would not want their lives prolonged.

Your family has gone a long way towards changing those laws.

Thank you.

(151) Yolanda, March 29, 2005 save Terri It is very unfortunate that according to US law Terri's life couldn't be spared, but I feel like there is something majorly wrong with US law if this kind of situation can pass.

It is true that acoording to America's laws, Terri's husband has the right to put her to death, but there is a major issue of morality here.

Laws have been corrected in the past due to moral issues (for exapmle Brown vs.

Brady) so why not now? I also firmly believe that she should be saved because the people who she interacts with (her family) consider her life valuable, so therefore who is Mr.

Shiavo to decide her life isn't worth living? If America begins to reconsider the value of life of people in such a condition, you never know where the boundaries are set for determining peoples' worthiness of living life.

(150) joeytamb, March 28, 2005 Mr.

and Mrs.

Schindler---------> Do the Right Thing After spending 15 years in what most experts are calling a "persistent vegetative state," and being diagnosed with irreversible, serious brain damage, you would think Terri Schiavo's parents would have already exhausted any therapeutic possibilities long ago (if indeed such therapy for a "brain dead" person is available).

But lets just assume for a moment that she is still able to comprehend what's going on around her and she can still voluntarily offer some crude responses to such activity.

If so, she surely must still be able to control a certain level of thought process on her own.

And if such is the case, it can only mean that she is a prisoner of her own body and since the experts say she will never be get any better, she is,and she has been for 15 years, a prisoncner in solitary confinement.

I know what I'd do if my daughter's soul and spirit were hopelessly locked up in a body that her brain could no longer control.

I would release her from her prison by removing the feeding tube and I would feel like I had done the right thing.

While some outside the medical profession label this method as "barbaric," it is my understanding that removing the tube will lead to a comfortable and painless death.


and Mrs.

Schindler-------------->Do the Right Thing.

Joe Tamburin Shadyside, Ohio (149) Gabriel Usher, March 28, 2005 Stop killing Schiavo Terri Schiavo is being starved and dehydrated to death.

It is a horrible, painful death.

There is NO justification for what has been done to her.

Take away your food and fluids and you would die, too.

No human being has the right to kill another person unless it happens in the course of defending an attacker who is trying to kill you.

(148) Erica, March 28, 2005 terri..

i think she should live she wasnt suffering when her feeding tube was in ...

shes alive its not like she was on a machine to keep her breathing....she is able to breath on her own..

you people who took her off of her feeding tube are now making her suffer its not fair ...

this is murder (147) Peter Straub, March 27, 2005 Life is not protectable, it's there or it isn't I cannot agree with you.

I am not Jewish, but this is not the point, since there ara Catholics as well as Protestants arguing the same way you do.

Probably I misunderstand You : I get the impression You explain 'Life' as a merely biological function and human duty to take care of and protect it is restrained to keeping up this function.

To me, a 'living' body or organism is not the essential property of 'life' To me, it's not the complex of physiological processes and reactions which are important, but the livelyness, the quickening power which comes from any being and tells one theat there is more than just a complex of biological conditions which reminds 'life' in a scientific sense.

I agree that it is nearly impossible to judge reasonably whether there is 'livelyness' or not.

I support the Idea that no one shall be authorized to force someone else to sacrifice his autonomy and lifetime to keep biological processes going on.

If Somebody wants to keep biological processes going on for respect of life and considers it personally as a human duty then it is consequent to overtake all the burdens caused by the performance of such duty, mental, physical, financial in place of others who are overcharged by such burden for what reason ever.

There is no point to blame others for what they cannot perform and it is somehow hypocrite to judge theoretically over situations which oneself is not forced to manage.

(146) JOHN DAVIS, March 27, 2005 truth I admit I dont know if all the truth in Terri's case will ever be known, but I know some people making comments on this site don't have all the facts, and should make sure they have all the facts befor commenting on what someone can do and what someone else has not done.

The comment that terri can follow a ballon around the room might be misleading since that was a quick clip of a long video where she did not follow the ballon maybe it was shown to make you believe she can, maybe not.

Also I have never heard anyone say she can speak even one word, maybe make sounds but never a word.

It is also known that at frist Terri was given rehabilitation and her husband became a nurse to take care of his wife, but after many years came to conculson that she would never get better, which I believe unless God intervenes to heal her.Is it right??? ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT TERRI WANTS RIGHT NOW < THE COURTS HAVE DECIDED WHAT SHE SAID THAN (145) Kerri, March 27, 2005 Terri must want to live The fact that Terri has hung on for this long should show that she wants to live if she didn't she would give up and die.

It's wrong to stand by and let someone die so slowly and painfully.

Terri should either have the tubes put back in and live or die fast without pain.

(144) r.

carley, March 26, 2005 proof of accepting/denying life support as a father of 7 children, i am disturbed by what has happened in florida with this case.

this week i have asked all of my children to sign a form wether they would want life support in case of an emergency.

i am sure that if i went in front of any one of these judges, with several friends and was being charged with driving without a license, no matter how many times my friends would say to the judge, he has one, they would not accept it without me showing a license, under any circumstance.

why then has it been accepted without proof, that terri has told her husband she would not want life support? (143) Anonymous, March 26, 2005 I feel that Terry's husband is doing the right thing.

It is hard to see someone you love laying there helpless.

This has been going on for 15yrs.

If she was going to improve it would have happend long before now, so let her rest in peace.

Her husband is strong for making this decision.

It would be very difficult but people need to think of his feeling also.

I would hope that ALL of her family can find some sort of peace within themselves.

(142) mikhail shamayev, March 26, 2005 She should be kept alive if they did so intill now, otherwise it is murder Let HaShem bless all Tora scolars who teaches us right from wrong.

And they say it is a murder to starve person to death.

(141) Larry Y, March 26, 2005 Right...

to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

all three, not just one or two! There is an old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover." So what do you use to judge a book? Its words of course… its message.

What so fascinates me by all of the discussions I've seen on numerous sites is the wording of the comments.

Live or die: one person says she deserves to die with dignity or that her husband has a right to carryout her death wish (if there was one) and another person approaches it from the opposite direction, that she has a right to live.

The focus on death instead of life is most revealing.

This right to die vs: right to live mentality has clouded our reasoning and it really isn't even the primary issue in this case except for Terri and her family.

For the rest of us, at least until we find ourselves in the same situation, it is merely an emotional bone of contention.

The vast majority of us only know what the media has decided to tell us… not just the quantity but quality of the story.

From this we base our emotions and our beliefs regarding what should happen to Terri.

We do Terri a grave disservice.

This poor woman is constantly described in the media as being in a permanent vegetative state.

How many of us have even bothered to look up what doctors consider vegetative? I did, and she doesn't fit the definition.

Not even close.

And what is meant by permanent? Some doctors claim she can interact with her environment.

One person I know has poo-poo'd that statement with the simplistic observation that a carrot also interacts with its surroundings.

Yes! It does… but it doesn't follow a balloon around the room with its eyes.

Terri can.

That carrot can't speak… but Terri can.

What you say, she can speak? Oh I know… it is only seven or eight words so I guess it doesn't count.

Terri might just be able to do better than that but rehabilitation has been withheld from her.

That is the respect her loving husband has bestowed upon her since he received the close to two-million dollars earmarked to take care of her… not for his legal battle to keep from taking care of her, which is what he has used it for up to now.

This lady can't eat or drink on her own… that is a fact.

Neither can a baby, or a person who has lost all use of their arms.

There are (former) staff members who have signed sworn statements that they have given her ice chips and she did not aspirate them into her lungs.

So why can't she have ice chips today? It is also reported that she has had Jello in the not too distant past.

Why not now? Why? Because it doesn't fit in with what someone wants for his beloved wife, that's why.

Terri hasn't been on life support since she left intensive care right after her alleged "accident" unless we are all on life support when we have dinner tonight.

Friends, we have yet again been fed a bunch of B.S.

by the media and we are too lazy to check out the information and develop an informed opinion.

Perhaps in this rush-rush-rush world we can be excused for not checking out every thing that comes to us through the "Boob Tube" no matter how tragic.

What we cannot be excused from is projecting our ignorance into other people lives on the flimsy basis of a reporters two-minute cough and spit story on the evening NitWitness News..

Terri has enough problems right now… thankfully one of them isn't that any of us will make this decision.

If she were just a wee bit luckier, perhaps a certain judge and a certain loving husband wouldn't be involved either.

(140) Hannah Joy, March 25, 2005 My heart goes out to Terri & her family....

Terri's life hangs in the balance, I am really having a hard time with this debate, here's why; I lost both my parents to Cancer, their last few years were filled with terrable pain, nothing the Medical people tried helped them, there was no hope.

My parents loved life, loved their family and would have rather not been in this state they found themselves in, but they also felt they were ready to die, they prayed for death as they were very uncomfortable having others take care of them.

They wanted to die with dignity.

During their last few months neither one was able to eat, drink or talk.

They starved to death, but it wasn't the starving that bothered them, but the cancer it's self.

They begged us, their children to help them die, but we had to stand by and watch them die a slow horrable death.

If they had been dogs or cats or some other animal, we could have helped them.

I know that if I was Terri I'd want to be helped to die, but as the law is now I'd likely have no say in the matter, this I think is very cruel and unfair.

Terri can't speak for herself, but if she were my daughter, I'd kiss her goodbye and allow her to die in peace.

Also I'm sure she loved her husband- out of respect to her I think it is unfair to judge him & his motives, it's been a long hard road for him also.

(139) Dorothy, March 25, 2005 Terry has the right to live like any other normal person even though she is considered differently.

If Terry has a slim chance of recovery or not is not important.Life is always precious even under cicumstances like Terry's.

No one has the right to decide when to die this rests solely in the hands of our Creator If the desicion is left into the hands of human beings desicions could be made to suite either another person or the state.Who is the best judge if not God Himself.

Let no man try to be God,even if it is done with good intentions.

(138) vicki latham, March 25, 2005 I think if she has people willing to be with her the feeding tube should stay.

Her husband has went on with his life so why after 15 yrs is it so important now she die? Also he she be strapped to a chair and sat in her room and be forced to watch every minute of his wife death! (137) Anonymous, March 25, 2005 Let Terri Live I think that Terri should live, even though she is 'unable' to interact with us who are not 'braindead' she still is a human being and I really feel sorry that she has to be caught in the middle of this.

But it still is her life on the line.

(136) Irwin Cohen, March 25, 2005 Did Terri Schiavo die 15 years ago? The relation of the mind to the brain is not a matter of scientific knowledge - it is discussed in philosophy, but with no answers.

In Jewish tradition, human life is even more importantly related to possession of a soul, but the soul doesn't come automatically with biological life.

This was the meaning, perhaps, of God breathing into Adam to bring him fully alive.

The facts we have indicate that Terri Shiavo's body is at least in some biological sense alive.

But only the lower reflexes are there: no emotion or understanding or thought or love.

Did her soul leave her body long ago? Is Terri Sciavo really there or is it only her mortal remains that breathes but doesn't in a human sense really live? I believe there is no way to know.

It is a tragedy that this deeply personal human problen has become fodder for politicians and "news" programs.

(135) Yochanan (before Juan), March 25, 2005 Amazing wisdom and mercy I was Christian, now a Jewish proselyte and every time I read an article of certain complexity and depth like this one I remain speechless.

As a former Christian I can compare the teachings of both christianism and Judaism, and despite the same goal of defending life at all cost in Judaism I found always a direct angle from the scriptures and not an interpretation.

I just want to congratulate you Dr.

for this article and bless HaShem for giving his chosen people all the wisdom to be the example to the nations.

I will continue to pray that all the nations soon will hear.

(134) Tim & Niki Kuhn, March 24, 2005 We have started this petition, to have Terris feeding tube reinserted.

Please sign? (133) Nathan, March 24, 2005 INHUMANE!?!?!?!?! Ok, if you were in a bad crash like she was and you were plugged up to machines keeping you alive would you want to live?!?!?!? Yes?!?!?...

personaly I wouldn't, unless you could find a cure within 6 months...

however if there was no cure found by then I would want to have the plug pulled on me...

Now then its inhuman to let a person die peacefully when there have been laying on deaths blade for years and years...

that right there is inhuman...

how would you like to be alive able to feel every poke and every inch of pain on you body but not being able to say anything...

how would you feel if you had to spend you life unable to get up out of bed unable to feed yourself, unable to, tell your family that you loved them, unable to tell them your tired of die'in each day, how would you feel after you knew in the back of you mind there was no come'in back and you knew you were goin to die but your family kept you alive because they thought its what you would want when in reality its only what they want and their affraid to let go.

After years of this pain you would start to lose your mind you would go insane your pain would be worst then before.

If you ask me thats more inhumane then 2 weeks without food.

God Bless Terri (132) Tim Hartley, March 24, 2005 Would YOU want to live life this way? Let Terri go for GOD sake.

Just because the parents want to keep their daughter alive for their own sake doesn't mean that she should have to suffer.

Just ask yourself or anyone with any self respect: Would you want to live life the same way? (131) Aurelia Ford-Carey, March 24, 2005 I have a sister in a similar condition.

My sister has been in a very similar condition as Terri Shiavo.

My sister had what the doctor's termed as "sudden death" in 1996.

Fifteen minutes or so had passed before the perimedics were able to defibrulate and begin a heart beat.

She has lost oxygen to her brain and is still in a nursing home due to her condition.

She had had a feeding tube incerted but because of therapy she can now swallow.

She has to have all of her food pureed and she can not feed herself.

She was at the time and still is married.

Her husband will not divorce her and is living with another woman and has not been to the nursing home to visit her in 5 years.

I often wish I could talk to Terri's family because I feel so close to them and I pray for their family.

(130) Yosef Mendoza, March 23, 2005 Judiciary? When it is the judiciary that caters to the whims of the times in so obvious and callous a fashion, when life is equated with the "pursuit of pleasure", then even the most benighted should realize that Sodom and Gomorrah are not a myth but a part of the here and noww.

(129) Anonymous, March 23, 2005 They should let this woman die.

There's is no doubt in my mind that she would not have chosen to be kept in a vegetative state for this long .

Her husband is right in asking for her tube to be removed....

(128) Yulia, March 23, 2005 Should that even be a question???!!! Poor woman!!! It shouldn't even be a question, of course, she should live! She still has a chance to recover...a slim chance, but there is hope! She's not just dying right now, she is dying slowly of starvation! This is terrible! My heart goes out to her parents! I read that the husband is suppose to inherit a lot of money after her death...Should one's greed be a reason for a helpless innocent woman to die?! Is that even a question?! Just imagine that it's your child laying there, and her life is in judges' hands...and then calmly state that she should die, Hannah....God help that poor woman.

(127) Suzan, March 23, 2005 Starving a person is murder It's inhumane for people to starve someone to death.

(126) Debbie V., March 23, 2005 It's murder if they don't reinsert her tube!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can the courts, judges step in and decide what's best for Terri? It should be left up to the Parents in the decision of Terri's fate.

The husband can just get a divorce and leave them alone.

He's cruel for wanting to let her STARVE TO DEATH!!! This has me very upset.

How can they just pull her feeding tube out and just let her lay there and STARVE to death?? That is murder in my eyes.

They say Terri cries, smiles and laughs.

I don't think she's brain dead, damaged yes, but I strongly believe she has thoughts but just can't express them.

I SAY REINSERT HER FEEDING TUBE NOW!!! Do they (Congress) have any idea how much Terri will suffer as she lies there and dies of starvation? Why don't they care? I just don't understand how they can pull a feeding tube out of this woman, but they are feeding death row inmates.

What's that all about? Starve the death row inmates and save this Woman.

She didn't commit any crimes.

Meanwhile the prisons are over flowing with lifers and death row inmates.

Starve them, they would deserve it.

Sure would free up some space in the prison systems.

We are always hearing about they need to build more prisons because the other ones don't have enough room to house these Murderer's and Sexual Predators and all the other people who commit crimes.

Why should they get the luxuries of living, being fed, catered too?? This sickens me.

I say whoever votes for her feeding tube to stay removed and not be reinserted should go to prison for MURDER!!!!! Because that is what they are doing to Terri.

They are going to let her lay there and suffer a horrible death.

Granted, we don't know what Terri is thinking, how much pain is she in now, if she is in pain.

We don't know.

But think about it like she's your own daughter.

Would you want her to suffer a horrific death? I know I wouldn't, I am a Parent.

If anything would ever happen to my children and there were no specifications left by them as to what should they do to them in an event like this.

I'd be fighting for her life too just like her Parents are.

Let God decide when her time is up, not Congress.

I'm really mad about all of this and could go on and on about this.

Most of the people in Congress are dirty, crooked any way.

Why let people like that decide your childs fate.

They care more about terrorists, murders, pedophilers and Rebuilding Irag while we sit here and watch our Men die over there, than they do an innocent Woman!! I SAY LET HER LIVE!!! and as for our Troops in Irag, pull em' out.

I don't recall seeing anyone from Iraq coming here to rebuild what they destroyed.

Pull our troops out and let the Iraq's figure out their own problems, let THEM rebuild their own country like us Americans had to do here.

To sum this all up, SAVE TERRI SCHIAVO!! I'll keep praying for her and her Family.

More prayers, the better.

I just don't get how so many people don't care if she dies, BY STARVATION!!!! She's not on her death bed.

So why are they treating her like this? Cruel, very Cruel people out there.

I realize we ourselves can easily say we wouldn't want to live like Terri is.

But think about her family.

Just think about that.

Focus on the pain they are going through.

GOD BLESS the Schindler family.

We'll be praying for your daughter.

(125) Anonymous, March 23, 2005 Vegetative State I don't understand why some people choose to ignore the facts.

There have been many cases where Terri responded to the people around her.

Of course, the cruel media rarely finds it worthwhile to report any of these.

Did you hear of the time (recently) that her parents' lawyer told her, "Terri, if you say 'I want to live' this will be all over." ? And in the cases where they told her to follow the balloon, she was only able to do it part of the time.

Yet does anyone take into account that she was partially blinded by her brain damage.

She only could follow the balloon to the extent she could see it.

The whole question of allowing people in vegetative states to continue to live or not is irrelevant.

She is alive and aware, and should get all the rights that every citizen is granted.

(124) Shira, March 23, 2005 Evil cruel Terri has the right to live.

She only needs a feeding tube.

Is that too much to ask? Only Hashem gives and takes life.

Not Michael Schiavo and not a court order.

You wouldn't even starve a sick dog to death....

(123) Melissa, March 23, 2005 Let the poor woman die in peace! She will not suffer, as a lot of people are persuaded to think.

Dehydration (which is ultimatetly what she will die from) is not a painful death for a patient in this situation.

My mother recently passed away from alzhiemer's disease this very same way.

She lost the ability to swallow, and instead of torturing her by extending her life by artificial means, we decided to let her die a peaceful death.

I was there every day with her.

While at times I thought, maybe she knows what's going on, the reality is SHE DIDN'T.

She could no longer feel pain because of the severe damage to her brain.

Her hands, like Terri's were posturized.

She very peacefully went to sleep, and didn't wake up.

She's no longer suffering.

Her soul is free from her body.

Doesn't Terri deserve that same respect? (122) Barak, March 23, 2005 A clear example of BAD judgement I have watched the unfolding Terri Schiavo case on CNN with much concern.

I have the following difficulties with the recent (23 march I think) ruling of the Full Appeal Bench: 1).

Terri's husband's evidence as to her wishes cannot be corroborated by ANY secondary source - we only have his word; 2).

Terri had NO legal representation.

Her husband is her appointed guardian (as her surviving spouse).

I think its quite clear that there is a conflict of interest here.

I find it laughable that in such matters that concern the life or death of a human being that the applicant and respondent are not represented by seperate legal council.

The Judges have essentially only heard one side of the argument.

With respect, while I do not doubt their capacity as Judges, I do think that to make a fair ruling they NEED to hear arguments from BOTH sides; 3).

According to the medical professionals involved in her case, Terri's cerebral cortex (I'm not 100% sure that thats the correct spelling but I think its the front part of the brain near your forehead) has gradually been 'disintegrating'.

My understanding is that this part of the brain deals with the assessment and subsequent reaction to outside stimuli (Thats the impression that Doctors interviewed on CNN left with me).

I watched a video clip on CNN of Terri's parents telling her 'sweetie we're gonna take you for a ride on the hospital grounds after lunch so you can get some fresh air'.

Terris eyes lit up and she even managed a very very weak smile.

I'm not a doctor, and I have no medical training, but it seems to me that, at least in that instance, which was fairly recent, Terri reacted to that outside stimuli.


Lastly, this matter needs to be distinguished, as the article states, from cases where the patient requires life support and essentially cannot live without the help of such life support.

As the article makes clear, Terri is not on life support, she only has difficulty injesting food.

Her heart and lungs function well and she CAN breath without assistance.

She is clearly, NOT dying and is NOT 'on deaths door'.

There have been some cases where patients in her condition, or similar condition, have not recovered fully.

On the other hand, there have been cases where such patients have made some progress and recovered, some to a large extent and others less so.

The point is simply this: surely we owe it to her to give her the benefit of the doubt, because truthfully, we simply do not know with any CLEAR certainty, whether she will recover or not (irrespective of the degree of that recovery)? Starving someone to death, especially considering that she could go as long as 2 weeks without sustenance, is certainly going to cause them a lot more pain than they would otherwise be in in the normal course of events.

The doctors, as I understand it, are not 100% clear whether she is in fact suffering any sustained pain.

The ruling of the Full Bench, with respect, is simply ridiculous, illogical in its reasoning, and above all, inhumane.

(121) Bill P, March 23, 2005 Torn It is an awful thing what has happened to Terri.

I'm sorry that she has to go through all this nonsense, and she is in my prayers.

However, which is worse: a one to two week death, or a prolonged "life".

Removing her tube was very wrong, but isn't reinserting the only thing keeping her on this planet also wrong? This is a real tough ethical problem, a fight between medicine and religion.

I'm very torn.

My spirituality tells me that she should be given a chance at life, but what sort of life would that be? True no one knows if she is suffering, or if she'll ever recover, but if various doctors don't believe she will then maybe it is best to let her spirit go Home to Heaven.

I don't know, personally I wouldn't want to "live" the way she is living now.

This whole story has motivated me to write down my intentions if I were in this situation, sign the paper and give it to my mother so she wont have to fight for the life of her child without knowing for sure if she is doing the right thing.

God, please be with the Schiavo and Schindler familes now in their time of need.

(120) Anonymous, March 23, 2005 helpless witness to murder I am terribly saddened by the courts decision to reject the appeal.

To watch this go on and know that they are murdering that poor woman with her parents looking on in the name of "justice/law" makes me realize that what kind of people I live around.

A good argument for Aliyah.

Better yet may G-d please send Mashiach NOW..

oh I wonder how these so called judges would feel if they were examining this case without food or water for 3 days..

My heart is burning...

(119) Jenny, March 22, 2005 I Think That Yes Terri Should Die.

Yes,I thunk Terri should die.

I'm not being rude or anything but i believe it is probley just her body alive.Her soul is really gone.Anyways, if that is not true, she probley does not wanna live that way, how yuold you fell if you had to love that way?I know if I was like Terri, I would want to die.Be in peace, in Heaven.

(118) JESSICA, March 22, 2005 FACTS AND OPINIONS In my understanding about this tragic case, I've only come to one conclusion.

In my opinion, Teri should have the right to live, but the fact remains that no matter what religion you are, you do not have the authority to decide whether a person should live or die, unless you have been appointed to by the person in question.

Doctors and surgeons can try to save lives all they want, and still God sometimes intervenes.

I believe that God will take Teri when he wants, and hasn't taken her yet, so she is here for a reason.

Let us all support Teri's parents.

They seem to be the only ones who know what is best for her.

And to those who oppose the motion to keep Teri alive, ask not what you would want if it were you, ask yourself what you would do if it were your most loved one.

And remember, there will be a judgement day for everyone, by someone with the correct authority.

(117) Gary Feldman, March 22, 2005 Confused about conclusions Even after reading the related article, it's not clear to me how one can reach any conclusion, based on public information, as to whether or not Mrs.

Schiavo falls into the category of goses, as described in that article, or whether such conclusions can only be made by a posek who has studied the specifics.

Or pehaps Dr.

Eisenberg is relying on an medical understanding of the feeding tube being used, in a way that lay people can't without further explanation.

I think I'm bothered more by the assertion that it's the "denial of the Jewish ideal of the fundamental value of life" driving the forces to remove the tube.

I'm sure that's true of many of the people speaking out in public, but the issues seems so complex and subtle that I'm also sure there are others with great respect for life who differ solely on interpreting the details of the situation or who, perhaps as non-Jews, disagree with some of the distinctions made in halacha without disagreeing at all with the core values.

While I don't believe I would want removal of the tube if I were in either Mr.

or Mrs.

Schiavo's situation (G_d forbid), I'm hesitant to judge those who do so harshly.

(116) Anonymous, March 22, 2005 I think Terry should be allowed to die peacefully.

No young woman wants to live like that.

(115) Anonymous, March 22, 2005 A reason to let her go I'm not a laywer, a doctor, nor a family member to Terri.

I think she was suffering before she became in the state she is in now.

She was bulimic which had so much to do with the state she is in now.

Bulimic's are suffering for whatever reason they have in their life and she suffered before.

Can we stop her suffering now? (114) Michelle P, March 22, 2005 Let Terri die If I was in the state that Terri is in I would hope that my family would not let me live like this especially it it is my wishes not to be keep alive like this.

Terri has no quality of life let her go and stop suffering the eneviable (113) John R.

Hart, March 22, 2005 Solomon threatened to split the baby in half.

The culture of death has choosen Terri Schiavo as an example of a life not worth living.

The fact she left no such direective, the confilct of interest of her husband and the love of her parents has made this the worst posible political choice for those seeking to advance the "right to die".

(112) Ethan Feagan, March 22, 2005 why i think that the parents should have the right to say.

There are some poeple out here in this world that would love to stay alive on treatments and food tubes.My grandfather could have been one of them, he had the same condition that she had.

He had a heart attack and he could havve stayed alive for many years after the fact but he never liked the hospital and he told my family that he didn't want to be kept alive by any other means than the natural ones.

so when he got to the hospital we said our last wrods and he got his very last wish.

! So if she can blink her eyes to answer a question ask her if she would rather die or live ! (111) Anonymous, March 21, 2005 This case really infuriates me!!! We are taking the life of a woman because she can't feed herself.

Think about it.

Terri is living and breathing on her own.

There have people in death row longer than she's been in a "persistent vegetative state".

A life is a life...let it be lived in whatever form it may be! She sees and smiles at the world around her, and to me, that is enough! (110) DIANE M., March 21, 2005 A mothers daughter Why would that man want to kill terri,oh my golly,its not his daughter,he didnt give birth to her.Let the parents have her,to her husband he wants to kill her so he can carry on with his life,in that case,why dont he just close the door on her,let her live.To the parents of terri,my thoughts are with you and your family.I hope that maybe someday your life can be returned to terri.let peace be with this family please.As for her husband go live your own life and leave them in peace.

(109) Margaret G Paul, March 21, 2005 Should Terri Schiavo live or die Yo remove the feeding tube was so cruel.

I thought that it was written into the American Constitution that there should be 'no unusual or cruel punishment' Why can't her husband just get a divorce and stop tormenting the Schindler family.

My very best wishes to them.

Would it be unrealistic to pray for a miracle? (108) Hannah, March 21, 2005 How would you want to die if you were terri????? I think that terri should die...

if you were like that in that Vegetated state would you want to live like that.

if that was me i would want to die i wouldnt want to put myself and my famuily through that.

shes never gonna come back to as we say "life" well thats my opinion and thats what i believe i know god knows what she wants and hell do the right thing.

(107) lora w, March 21, 2005 Let her live There is no reason why Terri should'nt be able to live, its her right.

There was no living will for her, so it should be her parents right to keep her if they so wish.Her mom gave birth to her not her husband.its simply murder when they took her off her feeding tube!! (106) J.

Green, March 20, 2005 In New York Hospitals, Patient's Like Terri Are Being Killed All The Time! In New York hospitals, patients like Terri are being killed all the time.

Some times even when the patients or their health care proxies desperately want to prolong life, medical care is declared futile and patients are being allowed to die, in order to protect them from the prolongation of a life that their health care providers would not be willing to live.

We are aware of many deaths of orthodox Jewish patients who, with their loved ones, fought for the prolongation of their lives despite extreme pressure from hospitals to allow them to die.

The hospitals often benefit financially from these deaths because prolongation of hospital stays are often not fully covered by any form of health insurance, in such cases.

Are such deaths as common in other cities? (105) Diane, March 20, 2005 would you starve an infant? My Feeling on all this is I pray for all in volved .

Terry's Husband thinks he is doing the right thing by trying to carry out his wifes wishes .

But the time for that has long passed.she is Not Brain dead her body functions it is her mind that can not communicate .

She is to me like an infant they cannot feed them selves we must provide them with nutrician or they would starve to death.The TErry that was is no longer there from the brain damage she does not know she is in a vegitavive state she feels and survives and just is just like a baby she is a perpetual infant to purposly withold food from an infant would be wrong.

(104) Wendy Williams, March 20, 2005 My heart goes out to all who love Terri Schiavo I hope that everyone who watches this tragedy unfold finds compassion in your hearts for everyone involved in making such heart wrenching decision and remembers to save your own loved ones from being put in a similar situation by making your own living will and making sure your family members are all very clear about your wishes In such circumstances.

1989 was a very hard year for my family.

My grandparents, whom we all adored, both became very ill.

My grandmother fell and broke her him and had to undergo surgery to fix it.

When she woke up she was a different person.

According to the doctors, she had Alzheimer disease and the anesthesia had caused it to progress much faster than normal.

We did all we could to make her comfortable as we watched her deteriorate over the next year.

My mother moved into my grandparents' house to act as a full time nurse for her mother because my grandfather was not strong enough to care for her alone.

About 4 months after my grandmother's fall, my grandfather was working outside in his beloved garden when he began to have chest pains.

He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital where they discovered blocked arteries to his heart.

At first we were told that they were going to try medication because at 86 years old they did not believe he was strong enough for open heart surgery.

Within a few days the doctors had changed their minds and said with out the surgery he would only have a few days to live.

They performed a quadruple bypass on him and he seemed to come through it ok.

Unfortunately, a few days after surgery they discovered that his kidneys were not functioning properly.

We asked what could be done.

The doctors said normally they would do dialysis, but because of his age and health they would not consider it.

After a couple of days they changed their minds and started him on dialysis.

During the dialysis he had a stroke and slipped into a coma.

We were told that the longer he stayed in a coma the less likely he would be to wake up.

My mother was left with the decision of what steps we should take to keep my grandfather alive.

Luckily, she was an only child so there was no other family to argue with her, to make her second guess herself, and to make the most difficult decisions of her life even more difficult.

She decided to let them hook up a machine that would help him to breathe but would not breathe for him.

She decided against any machine that would keep his heart pumping artificially, and issued a "Do Not Resuscitate" order.

And we waited and hoped that he would wake up.

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